Wednesday, October 31, 2012

New Modern Crib Design by Cranial Pod

Granted, the Pod Crib Mattress by Cranial Cradle doesn’t look like the conventional crib mattress you had in mind, but hear us out for a second.

The Pod Crib Mattress stands out from other traditional crob mattress because of its revolutionary pod design. The mattress is made of six inches of high-density foam, featuring its trademark contoured shape right in the middle. Part of the mattress was contoured to provide maximum support and comfort for a growing infant. The mattress features interior contours that safely cradles an infant’s head and body without increasing the chances for suffocation, thus creating a safe and controlled environment that’s good enough for infants to sleep in.

The hollowed out pod removes most of the pressure placed on the baby’s head, which is usually a downside for firm flat spaces. Some parents might invest in sleep positioners for their baby’s cribs, which is actually not recommended by experts and fortunately becomes unnecessary with the Pod Crib Mattress.

Aside from the obvious benefits to your child, the mattress also sports a moisture resistant cover to help with easy cleaning, making things a lot easier for the ‘rents. It also weighs a very reasonable 5.8 lbs to facilitate convenient sheet change and regular flip overs.

The Cranial Cradle Crib Twin Mattress is a variant of the Cranial Pod Crib Mattress, and can accommodate not only one, but two infants in one. This is a rather prudent investment if you have twins, as the mattress features two hollowed out contours, providing support and safety for both your infants. If you have one child, the Cranial Cradle Crib Twin Mattress can also be used to reposition your baby after some time in just one pod, increasing air circulation and allowing your child a change of scenery.

Living Room Tables by Greenington LLC and Guidecraft

If you’re not much into modern décor, you’ll love furniture with Greenington LLC gives you the Magnolia Nesting Table, an ingenious piece of furniture that will appeal both to your need for beauty and functionality. It consists of a set of individual nesting tables that can be arranged one inside another. This makes the whole set easy to store when you only need a few tables in your home, and gives you the option to whip out the extra ones should you need them.

Part of Greenington LLC’s Magnolia collection, the nesting table is constructed out of solid bamboo—every single inch is made of 100% Moso Bamboo, which is fully sustainable and renewable as an energy source ( that’s one thumbs up for the environment). The table’s design gives it a very rustic feel that’s nonetheless sophisticated and very classy. The whole set also sports a caramelized finish that also gives it a sleek look, but still retaining its natural, organic appeal, with a tiger exotic bamboo inlay.

This unique combination makes the Magnolia Nesting Table a great piece to have for homes that have either modern or classic décor styles. While it won’t store a lot of items, the table makes a beautiful accent piece that can house a couple of mementos and small, important items like keys.

If you’d rather have just one table for your centerpiece though, then you’ll like Guidecraft’s Audio Center Table. Built with a unique bent wood design and a curved metal frame, the Audio Center Table is excellent for long years of constant use, with a powder-coated finish that’s more resistant to stains over the long haul. The Guidecraft Center Table is recommended for children ages three and older.

Activity Tables by Anatex

The Anatex Building Block Activity Table exceeds expectations for your regular playroom or nursery table, and provides endless hours of entertainment for your child. The table features four colorful DUPLO compatible panels on the top of the table that allow kids to build away to their heart’s content. The bottom part of the table contains four plastic storage bins that can be easily removed to store all sorts of play items, like blocks and toys. The table is ideal for kids aged two years and older.

The Anatex Building Block Activity Table is made of the best quality wood and was especially built to be sturdy. It’s a great investment if you want a table you can get the most out of in terms of creativity, functionality, and storage. This table will be right at home in your child’s room, the playroom, or even classrooms.

Another cool product from Anatex is the Flip Top Dry Erase and Chalk Table is an all-around art table that also serves as a major storage area for drawing utensils, art supplies, and accessories. The table is built for kids ages three and older, and features a natural wood finish that is safe and non-toxic. It also comes with a bench that allows kids to sit at an appropriate height while at work on the table.

The main draw for the Flip Top is its chalkboard top, which allows your child to draw on to his heart’s content. The Flip Top also contains four whole storage compartments underneath the chalkboard, where it’s easy to access art materials when you need to.  Made of high quality plywood, the Flip Top Chalk Table is a nifty investment in playroom furniture, and it can still be used as storage when your kid outgrows the bench and table.

Extraordinary Beds by Cedarworks

The Cedarworks Rhapsody Bed 4 by Cedarworks isn’t just your ordinary bed set. It’s a playground and creative center all on its own. It features a loft bed and a number of panels that you can customize to create the perfect bed for your child.

The Rhapsody Bed 4 features a slide, door, chalkboard, steering wheel, rope, and bucket, all designed to scale, so your child can make use of all the play items on the bed. The bed (also called the Loft Bed 45) might feature two clouds-wide and four cloud above panels, tree-wide below deck panels, and a bubbles-clear panel for the door.  Playdeck 30 features a slide and arched ladder.

The whole unit is made of furniture grade solid hardwood and only the best multi-plywood Baltic Birch. The panels are laminated panels, and coated all over with Rhapsody natural stains. The stains used for the bed are water-based and non-toxic to guarantee child safety. The bed also doesn’t utilize plastic components, so that’s one point in favor of mother earth.

Another notable bed by Cedarworks is the Rhapsody Bed 3. With more of an underwater explorer theme, the Rhapsody Bed 3 will fuel your child’s imagination for the deep blue under.

The Rhapsody Bed 3 is also built to scale, featuring accessories like a fire pole, fish-wide panels, a whole climbing wall, and a fish-wide nook. The bed is made of furniture grade solid hardwood, and premium multi—plywood Baltic Birch laminated panels. Like the Rhapsody Bed 4, the Rhapsody Bed 3 is coated in water-based, natural bed stains and has no plastic components. The Rhapsody Bed 3 is custom built to order, and you can be as flexible with the customization and accessories as you want.

Monday, October 29, 2012

The Little Things in Playroom or Nursery Design

Design is all about the little things, and Twinkle Living nails this with its Brush Stroke Modern Children’s Rug.

Twinkle Living Rugs feature 100% hand tufted New Zealand wool (often considered one of the best types of wool used for carpets or rugs) offering the kind of nice softness you’d like to feel between your toes when you get up in the morning. Other than feeling great under your feet, the Brush Stroke rug fulfills an area rug’s basic  functionality, preventing slip ups in tricky areas like the bathroom entrance. For kids old enough to go to the bathroom on their own, this is a definite plus.

The Brush Stroke Modern Children’s Rug features bold, solid black and white colors that zig zag across the fabric. It’s a good addition to any playroom or nursery sporting a contemporary style. Other modern children’s rugs by Twinkle Living feature a variety of dyes, ranging from soft pastel colors to bold, rich patterns. What’s more, Twinkle Living is great for quality too, featuring soft, springy fibers  that are strong enough to last a long time. If you want a rug that’ll stand the test of time, the Brush Stroke Modern Children’s Rug – with its natural resistance to dirt and crushing – passes with flying colors.

The Classic Espresso Table and Chairs Set by Guidecraft doesn’t have any fancy add-ons, but its appeal lies in its simplicity and straightforward functionality. While it won’t catch your eye when you walk into the room, the Espresso Table and Chairs Set adds to the overall feel of the room, effectively contributing to the essential little details.

Guidecraft’s Classic Espresso Table and Chairs feature a table and two chairs, as well as sturdy double bolt construction on the table legs. The chairs feature angled legs to lessen the incidence of tipping. You’ll need to assemble the unit first, but once you’ve easily done, the set is an excellent long-term addition to any playroom or nursery.

Chillin’ on The Sofa with TrueModern

If you want a sofa to serve as the focal centerpiece for your living room, the Hamlin 130 Sofa with Chaise by TrueModern will be a sure hit.

The Hamlin 130 Sofa, also known as simply the 130 Sofa, exudes both simplicity and elegance, and is large and visually striking enough to draw the eye to it. The sofa features a down and feather-filled kidney-shaped back pillow that provides optimum comfort. It’s the perfect option for a comfortable sofa, the kind you laze around in on easy Saturday afternoons in front of the TV or with a good book.

The entire sofa features a classic baseball stitch that criss crosses over the sofa’s back pillows as well as the back rest. The sofa comes in six different colors, ranging from Mouse, Charcoal, Chocolate, Dolphin Grey, Ivory, and Sea Blue. The 130 Sofa is made of 100% polyester, with legs made of steel tubes, and sporting sleek brushed nickel. For those of you looking for a modern yet playful sofa with a lot of character, the Hamlin 130 is one of the top of the line options, and it’s pretty sturdy too.

Another large sofa by TrueModern Dane Corner Sectional Sofa. The sofa features a bumper, for extra space and flexibility. While it’s mainly marketed as a sofa, the Dane Sofa makes an excellent lounge, sporting a good, sturdy pair of Danish legs and extra comfy back cushions. The back cushions, in particular, feature top stitching, and were designed to slant gently back, contouring to the sitter’s body shape. A single slim arm provides a nice finishing touch to the whole piece. The chaise can also be arranged to face the left or right, adding to flexibility. The Dane Corner Sectional Sofa is available in Chocolate, Dolphin, Mouse, Ivory, Wheatgrass, and Charcoal.

Furnishing Your Child’s Bedroom with True Modern

Getting your kid his first bed? Invest in furniture by True Modern. The 11 Ply 3-Piece Bedroom Set by True Modern seamlessly combines both style and functionality in a practical combination of all essential bedroom furniture that any child’s bedroom needs.

The bedroom set features a twin bed that exudes nothing but up-to-date practicality. The twin bed features Danish style legs and exposed plywood edges, adding to the bed’s overall style. The 11 Ply Dresser offers a lot of storage, along with the 11 Ply Night Stand. What’s particularly interesting about both the Dresser and Night Stand is that they both feature cutout handles on each of their top drawers, as well as the sides of their other drawers, providing a nice consistency to the whole set. All the pieces in the 11 Ply collection also feature laminate tops, coming in white, blue, orange, or gray, and are made of sustainable birch plywood.

If you’re looking for a particularly functional piece of furniture, True Modern doesn’t disappoint. The 11 Ply Changing Table Dresser is another great piece of furniture by True Modern. It features the same tuned Danish style legs and exposed plywood edges, and offers the same functionality that the 11 Ply collection has.

The 11 Ply Changing Table can be easily converted into a more compact dresser by removing the changing table tray to free up space. Simply detach the tray to use the flat surface on the table and store it away.  The trademark Danish style legs can be found on the changing table as well, and is made of sustainable birch plywood. It sports a laminate top and cutout handles, and comes in the same color options as the 11 Ply collection: white, blue, orange, and gray.

Unleashing Your Kids’ Creativity with Guidecraft

Has your child hit that age where arts and crafts seem like their sole source of entertainment? Conversely, the parade of crayons, construction paper, and even building blocks can spell a headache for most parents, so Guidecraft has come up with these godsend furniture to help keep everything in its proper place.

The Deluxe Art Center by Guidecraft is a 47 by 30 inch tabletop that houses a whole collection of organizers. The Art Center features a paper roll holder (that accepts up to 18 inches of roll), canvas storage bins, and a couple of top storage cubbies that make the perfect setting for your child to unleash his creativity. The tabletop itself is rather spacious too, so there’s less chance of knocking crayons over and leaving pencils scattered all over the floor.

The Deluxe Art Center is supported on sturdy wooden legs that sport clean birch wood surfaces. The tabletop is coated in a UV-resistant finish, and on the sides there are drawers for maximum arts and crafts storage. The whole unit also comes with two stools, and a starter roll of paper – everything your kids need for a great artistic experience, and you’re good to go.

The whole thing needs some assembly right out of the box, but a manual has all the needed instructions. The Guidecraft Deluxe Center is best for children three years old and above.

If you’re looking for a simple table and chair set, Guidecraft’s Moon and Stars Table and Chairs Set offers straightforward functionality and an attractiveness steeped in elegant simplicity. The hardwood table is equipped with two chairs, and all the units feature double-bolt construction on the table’s legs. For better balance, the chairs feature angled legs to lessen the incidence of tipping. The Moon and Stars Tables and Chairs Set provides a clean, no-frills space for your kids to draw to their hearts’ content.

Spot on Square’s Awesome Bedroom Sets

Make your toddler’s transition to his own bed as smooth as possible. For the best in children’s furniture, you’re going to love the Hiya 4-Piece Toddler Bedroom Set by Spot on Square. Featuring an up-to-date look that’s undeniably child-friendly, the set was clearly designed to appeal to both child and adult in terms of style and functionality.

The Hiya Toddler Bedroom Set takes on both a clean and sophisticated look, sporting wither a white or birch finish. All the units are coated in environmentally-friendly, non-toxic paint, and are made of sustainable hardwood for extra durability. The bedroom set consists of a toddler bed, a dresser, a shelf, and a night stand—an easy all-in-one deal that saves you a lot in terms of time and effort.

The toddler bed can fit a standard crib mattress of 28 (width) by 52 (length) by 6 (height) inches. The dresser sports two roomy shelves that can be used to store clothes and other essentials, and a shelf for books and other what-not. The night stand would go perfectly beside the toddler bed, and holds a drawer or two to hold a favorite book, stuffed animal, or a night light.

A similar bedroom set by Spot on Square is the Hiya 3 Piece Crib Set. If you’re looking for the perfect set to furnish your baby’s nursery, this will do nicely. The Hiya 3 Piece Crib Collection set comes in white or birch as well, and is covered in non-toxic paint that’s eco-friendly as well.

The Crib Collection set features a crib, a dresser, and a changing tray. The crib sports a three-point height adjustment for the mattress that makes it easier for you and your child as he puts on a couple of inches. The changing tray goes right on top of the Hiya dresser, and can easily be removed for extra storage space.

Stylish Entertainment Furniture by Offi and Co.

The Coosh Lounge and Ottoman by Offi and Co. is an ingenious piece of furniture created from high density foam, with a sophisticated shape that trumps your ordinary lounge chair.

The Coosh Lounge and Ottoman sports a distinctive interlocking curving chaise that’s both modern and insanely comfortable, a combination that has given it a “gamer’s chair” reputation. The lounge was constructed from a single block of high-density polyurethane foam, which also has fire-retardant properties. It can be used individually as a lounge chair or with the ottoman, or both as an interlocking curving chaise.

The Coosh is available in urban gray, with the ottoman matching the lounge’s interlocking curving design. The way the furniture is built allows both the lounge and ottoman to fold into each other, resulting in a space-saving ball that’s a lot easier to store. For homes with a limited area to work with, the Coosh Lounge provides an alternative that doesn’t compromise space for design, and vice versa.

Whether you want the Coosh Lounge as a gamer’s chair or just a place to sit back in the living room while you enjoy a couple of movies, it would go nicely with the Duoplane DVD, also by Offi and Co. The Duoplane DVD is a CD shelf that’s one of Offi and Co.’s more popular furniture pieces. It’s a convenient DVD storage shelf that can either be hung horizontally or vertically on the wall.

The Duoplane comes in white, orange, or black, all of which come in powder coated steel. The shelf can hold up to 55 individual DVDs in full height. It’s a very sleek, functional DVD storage unit, and would look right at home in your livingroom next to the Coosh Lounge and Ottoman.

Hanging Bassinet and Stand by Ianco Baby

Bassinets are a stylish, and often practical, alternative to cribs. If you don’t have the space or time to lug a crib around in every part of the house, consider installing a Baby Dreambur Designer Hanging Bassinet in a couple of rooms instead.

Designed by Ianco Baby, the Dreambur Bassinet is a vision in elegance, sporting a white-on-white color scheme that results in a very clean look. The bassinet itself is covered by a soft, open-wave fabric canopy, to keep mosquitoes, dust, and other external unpleasantness away from your child as he sleeps. The unit also features four large windows on the bassinet, just so you can keep your eye on the baby all the time. These also promote maximum circulation within the whole bassinet.

Inside the bassinet itself, a memory foam mattress keeps your child comfortable, featuring a modern plush dual layer velvet cover and a DuPont Active Layer that provides the right comfort and support for an infant.

The Dreambur Bassinet is easy enough to assemble—all you need is a sturdy point from which to hang the bassinet. One of its main advantages, however, is its portability. The unit can be detached by removing the hanging points, making it much easier to take your baby with you to the kitchen, the livingroom, or any part of the house with minimal effort.

The Dreambur Bassinet is held up by Ianco’s Baby Growstand, a free-standing, multi-function hanging stand. The stand is made of heavy-duty tubular, stainless steel hardware, with an eco-friendly powder coating that’s both safe and offers durable support for the bassinet. The Growstand is also designed to hold a baby seat or swing, so you can still make use of it once your baby outgrows the Bassinet.

Practical Nursery Storage Options by Spot on Square

The really cool thing about Spot on Square’s stuff is that you don’t need to make that dreaded compromise between space and design, style and practicality, or about a dozen other combinations that parents tend to make when picking out furniture for the nursery.

Spot on Square combines style, functionality, and even price in the quaint but modern-looking Hiya Dresser. The dresser comes in a white or birch white finish that looks very clean, and features a pair of roomy drawers that can store all sorts of bauble that can’t fit in your child’s main closet. What’s more, the Hiya dresser also serves as a changing station, and a changing tray can be placed on the top for convenience when the baby needs changing. If you don’t need the changing tray, it can easily be removed to utilize the two extra spaces on top of the dresser, making it a great investment in children’s furniture for beyond the crib years.

The Hiya Dresser includes a wall-mount safety strap to help maximize stability. It is built out of recycled MDF or sustainable hardwood for extra durability, and features an eco-friendly, non-toxic finish—just because there’s really no such thing as “too safe” when it comes to your child.

If you’re looking for shelving, Spot on Square doesn’t disappoint with the Hiya Shelving. Also part of the Hiya collection, the Hiya Shelving features upper left and lower right doors—plenty of space to store objects that need a little extra measure of safekeeping. On the other hand, the Shelving also features open shelves that can hold, toys, books, and other items you can put on display. Like the Hiya Dresser, the Shelving comes with safety strap that keeps it well attached to the wall.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Getting Your Toddler’s First Wheels by Airflow Collectibles

Your toddler may still be a long way from legal driving age, but he’s definitely not too young to get his first car.

Introduce your kid to a whole new world of transport with the Pink Speedster Pedal Car by Airflow Collectibles. The car is powered by the sheer power of toddler pedals, for which there are three positions that allow your child to use the car even as he or she grows. The Pink Speedster Pedal Car features a comfortable padded seat that offers plenty of support. The exterior is coated in lead free powder coat paint and is non-toxic to your child.

The Pink Speedster Pedal Car offers a more vintage feel, and is a nod to the classic cars of the early to mid 1900s. However, if you’d like a more modern kind of play car, then you could opt for the Vintage Red Sport Racer Airplane Riding Toy.

The Sport Racer Pedal plane is pretty nice eye candy, and its bright red exterior is sure to draw your child’s attention even from the onset. The plane sports a red and cream finish complete with racing graphics painted all over the outside. You’ll need to do a bit of assembling at first, but once you’re done you’re all set for the years of enjoyment your kid will get from this. It features wheel pants, a custom padded seat (for maximum comfort), and a front engine cowling, not to mention custom decals. The pedal car was built to be safe and long-lasting, passing the necessary U.S. safety and quality tests with flying colors.

For better motion, the pedal car includes a sealed ball bearing drive, high traction tires, a moving spring loaded propeller, non-slip pedals, and long lasting lead free powder coat paint – now that’s a sweet ride if there ever was one.

Fun Accessories for Toddlers From Gorilla Playsets

Looking for just the right child’s playset can either be the easiest or most difficult decision any parent has to make. Where are you going to find playsets that combine the right activities for maximum cognitive and physical development, as well as offer a whole lot of fun?

If you’re not ready to commit to a whole playset, try starting out small first. The Accessory Buoy Ball with Trapeze Bar, for instance, would make a great first accessory to a Gorilla playset swing beam. It’s extremely customizable, and you can take the buoy ball out and use just the trapeze bar with the rings. If you do decide to keep the buoy ball, you can also inflate or deflate it to whatever size you want. The whole model is also available in four different colors, if you like having more than one choice.

The trapeze bar includes a couple of spring clips, a plastisol coated chain, and 15 uninflated buoy balls. The unit requires a bit of assembly.

For toddlers, the Half Bucket Toddler Swing by Gorilla Playsets will do perfectly. The Half Bucket Toddler Swing is for toddlers who have graduated from the Full Bucket Swing, but aren’t quite ready for the standard swings on the playground. The set is built for kisd aged three to five years old and is available in three different colors.

Unlike most swings though, the Gorilla Playset Swing features built-in protection from ultraviolet rays, so the swing set doesn’t heat up as easily and its colors stay intact for longer. The seats are supported by electro-galvanized chains coated in plastisol for a stronger, pinch-free grip. The seat itself is quite comfortable, featuring a polymer molded seat. You don’t have to worry about safety issues either, as the swing comes with a safety chain and its own vinyl sleeve to help keep your child in place while in motion.

Cool Accessories for Your Baby’s Stroller

Give your baby’s stroller a bit more swag with accessories that’ll undoubtedly give your baby the coolest ride on the block.

Baby Bling Design gives you the Liquid Stroller Bottle Holder Holster, or Liquid Holster. Aside from giving your stroller a fun and modern look, the holder is a great addition for convenience and efficiency. It functions as a self-leveling drink holder that’s unlike any other. Instead of remaining fixed to the side of the stroller, the holster was built to move along with the stroller, molding to its movements to help prevent spilling the contents – pretty street-smart.

The holder can be adjusted to the stroller with round or square tubing, and was built to be compatible with nearly all strollers on the market, or even baby buggies, golf carts, boats, bikes, and wheelchairs. Simply clamp the holster to the frame and use two screws to secure it to the stroller. The screwdriver is included in the package upon purchase for easier assembly.

Another great accessory is the Lightweight Portable Baby Stroller Speakers, also by Baby Bling Design. Help foster a love of music from an early age with this totally awesome Portable iPod Speaker System that you can easily attach to your MP3 player, and boom, walks in the park just got that much better.

The Portable Baby Stroller Speakers are an excellent attachment to any stroller, and you can play your child all sorts of music, from lullabies to calm him down or his favorite nursery rhymes on easy Saturdays without having to use earphones.

The Baby Stroller Speakers were built to be compatible for the Metamorphosis stroller (also made by Baby Bling Design), and is available in either sleek, modern black or bright, fun-loving red.

Glider Chairs with A Clean, Natural Finish

A glider chair is a great piece of furniture to have in a child’s nursery or playroom. It’s perfect for spending time with your child, whether it’s story time or you just want to sit and hold him for a bit.

If you’re looking for a glider that will match any type of home décor, try the Athena Deluxe Glider Chair by AFG Baby Furniture. The chair comes in a beautiful natural wood finish that makes it ideal for practically any room in the house, whether you’re a fan of modern or traditional design.

The glider is made of birch hardwood and comes with an optional ottoman that makes sitting with your child a more comfortable experience, not to mention the thick padding on the chair’s arms and seats for maximum support. The easy glide function offers smooth rocking motions that has less tendencies to jolt your baby out of a nap, and is reminiscent of the traditional rocking chair.

The Athena glider chair comes in a variety of wood finishes, such as espresso, cherry, and natural.

Another good glider chair to consider is the Myles Glider by DwellStudio. The Myles Glider is available in a number of colors, but the Dorosuede Cappuccino practically screams sophistication. The glider is made of a sustainable hardwood for extra durability, and is in fact certified by the necessary authorities to ensure that the wood was not acquired via environmentally harmful means.

The Myles Glider is handmade, and this is evident in the attention to detail. The foam cushions were wrapped by hand as well with linen upholstery or 100 per cent cotton. Like AFG’s Athena Deluxe Glider, the Myles Glider comes with an optional ottoman that helps you find the most comfortable sitting position with your child.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Food at the Perfect Temperature for Your Baby Every Time

Save for cold food items and delicacies, we all want to eat food when it is warmed just right. Besides, microwaves, toasters and stoves were not made for nothing. With this in mind, it would be rather logical to say that our babies would also want things warmed up, especially that they still lack the faculties to tolerate anything that is too cold. Famed children’s brand Scandinavian has the perfect solution for cold milk and baby food.

The Beaba Bib'Secondes Bottle and Food Warmer will effectively do the job of putting things in the right temperature in record time. This ultra-fast warmer can heat bottles in under 2 minutes and food jars in under 5 minutes. It comes with a precise time so you know it has the right temperature that is safe for your baby. It is also able to heat baby bottles as well as baby food jars.

Such ability comes from the Bib'secondes’ dual programming that will allow you to pick the starting temperature of the food (either based on room temperature or refrigerator temperature) along with the amount of liquid that you are looking to warm. Its quantity selection corresponds to the quantity of milk or food being warmed. This warmer also comes with a temperature maintenance feature so once the bottle or jar is heated, it will safely keep them in the same temperature for up to 10 minutes.

Whether you are using plastic or glass bottles and baby food jars, the Bib'secondes’ will still effectively warm them up. It comes with a BPA-free bottle adapter to ensure safety for your little one. Another great feature about this is that this virtually runs silently so you and your baby will not have to deal with annoying noises while warming their milk or food.

An Ingenious Way to Teach Your Child to Eat

Teaching your child how to eat can be very tricky. However, it has to be done so you will have to live with it. For most parents, though, this can be a very tiring and frustrating experience. And because children learn in so many varied ways, numerous techniques have been formulated to makes things a little easy for parents. An impressive product from Scandinavian Child should greatly help you.

Aptly named as the 360 Degrees Spoon, this is the speed that has been specifically designed for little kids who are already learning on feeding themselves. it comes with a child-sized handle which should make it very easy for small kids to hold on to them. With this spoon, you will not have to constantly keep watch them and clean up after their mess, allowing them to really learn things on their own.

The key is in the innovative 360-degree rotating handle of the spoon. With such a feature, it is ensured that the spoon will always stay horizontal which should prevent the spillages that are bound to happen when spoons are held incorrectly. Perhaps this is that one feature that will tell them how to correctly hold this utensil. The great thing about this is that once your little one has learned the art of holding a spoon, the rotating handle can then be locked into place, making it the conventional non-rotating spoon.

The 360 Degrees Spoon is made with materials that are BPA and phthalate-free, which should be very important considering that this item will be placed inside the mouth of your child. It also comes in a variety of bright colors that will greatly appeal to little kids: Orange/Pink, Green/Orange and Purple/Green. This will definitely make for a perfect baby registry item.

Sit Your Baby Safely and Comfortably in Car Rides

Your baby might enjoy riding your car but are you sure that they are safely seated in your automobile? The market today is filled with a wide variety of car seats that it can be hard to find the best one for your child. If you are like most parents, you must have found yourself overwhelmed and confused with all the choices at hand. To ensure that you are getting something of high quality, looking at its brand is a great way to do so.

For more than a century, Recaro has been recognized worldwide as a leader in seating safety, comfort, ergonomics, and style. In all their years of experience, they have designed seats for the most prestigious cars as well as child safety restraints. One of their line of children car seats, ProSPORT, is a premium combination harness-to-booster seat that has been designed to provide your precious passenger the safety and comfort that you demand and they need.

Named as Misty, this car seat shows off a lovely grey color that will be perfect for both baby boys and girls. It has the QuickLift Head Restraint to allow you to conveniently lift the lever for easy positioning. It also has ProSPORT’s ergonomic shell and the SoftTouch Seat Cushion to give any child occupant the comfort qualities.

This car seat also features Side Impact Protection that will distinctly protect five vulnerable areas of a child: the head, neck, face, torso and pelvis. Made with EPS foam, it also comes with EasyGuide Belt Guides and the QuickFlip Recline System. And finally, to up its functionality, it has multi-purpose storage pockets. This gives you ample space to stash in snacks, electronics, and other things that you and your baby will need.

The High Chair that Your Child Can Use from Toddler to Teen

We always want the best for babies so any investment is fine enough for as long as their safety and comfort is assured. The problem with this is that their needs grow as they get old and you will have to discard those things that they once used. Children’s brand Scandinavian Child has come up with an ingenious way to remedy this.

The Signet Essential High Chair is an award-winning chair that will grow along with your child. This means that it can transform from a high chair to a conventional adult chair that even adults can sit on. They key is in its ergonomic design. Toddlers and preschoolers can easily climb themselves up come meal time, allowing them to eat and interact with the entire family at the dinner table. And once they have outgrown it, this chair can easily be configured to a full-size chair.

With its maximum adjustability, this chair offers ample support and comfortable seating for any age. This chairs height and depth can be fully and easily adjusted with its marked adjustments points. Its footrest is also adjustable to allow optimal back, leg and torso support. Designed for children 18 months and older, it comes with a five-point adjustable safety harness.

The Signet Essential High Chair is constructed of sustainable birch wood. At less than 15 pounds, it is very lightweight which makes it easy to carry. It also has a small footprint so that it easily fits into any room. The high chair balances on table so that cleaning the floor underneath is very easy. With the Svan Baby Kit (sold separately), you can easily convert it to a Signet Complete High Chair. It is available in Whitewash, Natural, Mahogany and Espresso.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Give Your Children the Perfect Environment for Arts and Crafts

Engaging children in arts and crafts is the best way to not only harness their brewing talents in drawing and painting; this is also a great activity for them to express themselves through shapes and colors. With the wide variety of toys and accessories to provide children with a great place to show off their creativity in the market today, the Easel Desk Combo with Bench just might be one of the best.

Created by Anatex, this two-sided art center should provide kids with hours of enjoyment with their pens and paintbrushes. One side features an easel with reversible dry-erase board and chalkboard for drawing and creative play. The easel also comes with 2 storage cups to fill with paints along with adequate space to hold their drawing tools. On the other side of the Easel Desk Combo is an art desk that is equipped with storage options for just about any kind of art supplies. So whatever art activity they would want to do on any given day, this table should provide them the environment and the supplies for it. These two sides should keep them busy as they come up with the little masterpieces to put up on the fridge.

Along with this two-sided desk is a perfectly sized bench where your kids can sit comfortably while drawing, coloring, or painting. And because the seating is a bench, they can very well do their works with their siblings or friends, fostering closeness and friendship. This art table is the perfect addition to homes, playrooms, classrooms, children’s clinics, and just about any place where there are kids. Since this set is made with high quality birch plywood, you are assured that this is built to last for years of use and enjoyment.