Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Great Escape

There is something about escaping reality that intrigues us all. You could probably relate to the need to get away from the usual insanity of our everyday lives. As adults we have the opportunity to pack up and jet off to a secluded area, but have you thought about your captive little one?

Bet you never realized that he/she is dependent on your willingness to escape. With the help of My Urban Child and Gorilla Play sets’ Gorilla 2007 Highlander I you can provide the perfect escape for him/her. You know, what us “adult escaper’s” would call a hiding spot.

Gorilla 2007 Highlander I stands at 12'6", end to end - 18', front to back - 21'. This giant playground includes: safety pads, trapeze bar, swing beam, green wave slide, built-in picnic table and a rock wall with climbing rope.

It’s designed to keep your children on their toes and while your little one has a one-way-ticket to “la-la-land” they actually never left the house.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Stretch Your Baby’s Wardrobe Not Your Wallet

We’re all tired of hearing about the recession, foreclosures and layoffs but that doesn’t mean that the worries of the world need to affect your child’s wardrobe! Of course every parent wants the best for their child and sometimes it does cost a pretty penny. Here at MyUrbanChild, we are all about helping you stretch your wallet, but in a stylish way of course.

The Oopie Owl Chocolate Forest Smock Dress by Aunty Bucky is fun and great for this coming season. This cute detailed design is available in two sizes and starts out as a dress, which easily transitions to a smock tunic top that can be worn with jeans or leggings. The elastic sleeves are comfortable and ideal for a beautiful flourishing baby girl. Now lets not forget its100% cotton, so don’t be scared to pop it into the wash for a simply and fast clean!

Get ready moms and dads, now your little baby girl can refuse to wear anything but dresses and you can save yourself the headache.

See I told you we would help you out!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

"Mom, Look What I Did!"

The Problem:
You love Benjamin Moore paint and of course three-coat touch-ups, but your child scribbling on the walls is slowly, but surely, becoming a thing of the past! We want to help you, but understand that solving one problem doesn’t mean creating another. So sending your toddler from the wall to millions of pieces of scrap paper is not our plan. Plus, we are green-minded at My Urban Child.

The Solution:
notNeutral Season Elements makes reusable vinyl land surface graphics, which can be removed and reapplied to wall without leaving marks. This great set includes 24 decals of multi-colored ducks, bunnies, frogs and ladybugs with grass, flowers, lily pads and a pond. Arranging and rearranging the decals will keep their imagination going wild.

Side Effects:
Including, but not limited to your own urge to join in on the new-found, wall fun. Don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone you went AWOL.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Kreative Kid? Imaginary Spaces

You can see it in their eyes, you already know what to expect. Your child prodigy is on his/her (circle one) way to becoming the next _______ (fill in the blank).
Encourage their inner expressions and create a space that complements their creativity.

Doodling, painting and now cutting silhouettes? If you’re looking for something to spice up their bedroom and trucks and fairies doesn’t interest them try the Aunt Bucky’s Modern Retro Shadow Pillow. These throw pillows are 100% cotton (16x16) and come in different color combinations like the Toopie (pictured), Alfalfa, Pinky, Noogie, Oopie ‘XO’ or ‘OX’ and Moosey.

No more teachers, no more books, no more….that saying was fun to sing with your child pre-professor days! Perfect for your studious one, this Offi and Co. Doodle Desk can fit in the bedroom or playroom and makes for a great indoor piece.
The kid-sized seated desk has a pull-out drawer and is made with Baltic Birch plywood and has orange or blue finishing accents.

You’ve seen the rulers and sketches, their eye for piecing things together is more than impressive – event the neighbors are talking about it. Puzzles are fun for them, but what’s really got _______ (fill in the name) hooked is the Magis Puzzle Carpet. Making interior design challenge the mind, this puzzle-piece assembly rug and comes with seven “put it together” pieces.

Saving worms? Snuggling with frogs? Asking for a new puppy, kitty, horsey and piggy at least once a week? Be sure and steer them away from becoming that crazy animal lover. If it’s too late at least show them how to be one in style with the DenHaus BowHaus. Perfect for any animal, this animal-house is a purebred modern pedigree.

You thought the nightlight was just a “scared of the dark” thing, but in actuality it is more of an “infatuation,” thing. That’s right you have a mini-electrician in the works. With so many lights in your house you don’t know what do anymore. Disguise them in style with the Mobi Technologies Tyke Light. These fixtures come in color hues of pink, blue, green or multi-mode and with designs like pigs, cats, dogs, bears and even ugly ducklings your might be able to pass them off as a new pet. PETA we’re kidding.

If the sound of a bear in the woods doesn’t interest you, we understand. You thought Boy/Girl (circle one) Scouts would cure their itch, but it actually made them that much more into it.
At least let them enjoy Mother Nature in style with the Lucy and Michael Play Tent. The black and white baroque floral print (with yellow accents) is five feet square and five feet tall. The tent also comes in turquoise/white island floral print (alternating hot pink and green trim), retro rodeo print as well as solid and stripe prints.