Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Modern Contemporary Infant/Baby/Kids Rugs!

When it comes to designing for children, this is something My Urban Child places as a priority! With many colorful designs, our childrens rugs will enhance any room and brighten your little one’s day. Modern style and durability represent our baby nursery rugs so that your home design is reflected from the living area to the kids bedroom furniture. Childrens rugs with patterns, solids, and a diversity of shag length will offer options for any style desired. My Urban Child offers kids area rugs that enhance just that, the “kids area.”

DwellStudio Rugs

KoKo Company Rugs

notNeutral Rugs

Twinkle Living Rugs

Friday, September 24, 2010

Girls & Boys | Infant & Toddler Toys

Everyone has their favorite toy, the toy that you never forget. For some it may be their wagon, for others it’s their stuffed bear with the sewed on eyes. As years go on and you have your own children, you realize toys only become more advanced, and somehow seem more fun than anything you ever had! My Urban Child offers an extremely wide array of toys, ranging from designer toys and musical instruments, to play kitchens and riding toys. Infant toddler toys should be made of durable materials that last, and provide your children with hours of fun and opportunities for their imaginations to flourish.

Activity Tables

Arts and Crafts

Doll Houses

Riding Toys

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Smart Gear Toys: Eco-Friendly, Fun, Innovative and Educational Products

Smart Gear designs, develops, manufactures and distributes eco friendly, fun, innovative and educational products for children ages birth to five years old.

Smart Gear is a strong advocate of protecting the environment. They take pride in bringing safe, fun and educational products to children around the world. They are committed to the highest standard of safety & quality for all of their products and packaging. Smart Gear confirms that all of the products they sell are tested by a certified laboratory. Throughout the entire production phase, they rigorously test all of their products for compliance under these regulations and standards, utilizing factory testing facilities as well as independent and internationally recognized testing laboratories. They have been and will continue to be proactive in the testing of their products.

Smart Gear Toys Wonder Cooker

Wonderworld takes great pride in bringing both enjoyment and education to children through high quality wooden toys that are specially designed and created for the age range of birth to five years old. For over twenty years Wonderworld has offered their products all over the world and they are recognized for excellence in design, as well as having the highest safety standards.

Smart Gear Toys Giraffe Walker and Shape Sorter

Giraffe Walker and Shape Sorter By Smart Gear is a great walker for your child! Wonderworld uses only Water-based paint for our wooden toys so to minimize: child exposure to chemicals, a health factor use of underground fossil fuel, reducing CO2 emission, industry refinery reducing CO2 emission and chemical waste release to the environment.

Smart Gear Toys Smart Balance Bike - Classic

Smart Gear wooden Balance bikes, often referred to as “run bikes or “training bikes, which are pedal free and without training wheels, first and foremost help a child develop the most important skills necessary to later ride a 2 wheel bicycle with pedals: BALANCE and MOTOR SKILLS.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Baby Strollers, Kids Strollers & Stroller Accessories

The modern family finds themselves on the go often, going to the park, the library, or out to lunch. A Baby Stroller is essential to the family on the go, providing a safe way to transport you child and store the necessities you need while ‘on the road’. Kids strollers can offer a variety of features, and we at My Urban Child select options that offer state of the lines safety features, functional accessories, and a stylish flair with different colors, patterns, and designs.


are an essential for the modern family. Whether you are taking a trip to the grocery store or walking through the park on a beautiful day, baby strollers allow you to do so in ease while your child is in comfort. The more versatile and easy to use the better, and with a variety of lightweight baby strollers you will always be able to pack up and go!

Stroller Accessories

The family out on the town or spending a day at the park knows that it is important to keep things organized and moving as smoothly as possible. A
stroller travel bag is a great accessory that allows you to store your stroller as well as a few necessities in one easy piece. Once at your destination, your little one can ride in style in a variety of state of the art strollers that ensure comfort and safety.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Crib/Baby Mattresses & Changing Pads

You’ve thought of every touch for your nursery – the paint color, the shelves, the bedding, and the crib. A lot of time and thought has gone into making these decisions, and now you must decide which baby mattress will suit the needs of your precious baby. Whether you’ve purchased a bassinet, a cradle, a crib, or a toddler’s bed, My Urban Child has a wide selection of baby mattresses that will ensure your little one gets the best sleep possible. An infant sleeps up to 70% of their day, so it is vital that crib mattresses are comfortable and safe.

Foam Contoured Baby Changing Pad with Safety Strap Designed by David Netto by Maclaren Nursery:

Organic Bassinet, Cradle, & Portacrib Mattresses by Naturepedic:

Organic Crib Mattress by Oeuf: