Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Give Your Child a Great Building Experience with the Homebuilder Lite by Jekca

It is important that the young and creative minds of children are stimulated. Also, it is just as essential to provide them with furniture that is apt for certain use as well as to their small sizes. The Homebuilder Lite by Jekca is a revolutionary creation that combines these two great needs into a single must-have piece.

With the use of a screwdriver, this toy and furniture can be easily tweaked to create three kinds of furniture: step stool, toddler chair, and kids stool. So whether you are looking for a step stool to help your child reach his bookcase, a toddler chair to sit on to watch his favorite movie, or a kids stool for your preschooler; you can simply come up with any of them in no time.

These are very realistic building blocks that your child will ever have, creating flexible and sturdy handmade furniture with just a few manipulations. This is definitely a new concept of furniture, toys, and design. Such a perfect combination should give you great value on space, money, and time.

The best part about these pieces is that they all come with their own storage space which can fit a wide variety of things that you kid will need, from drawing supplies to books to toys. Plus, they come in an array of vibrant colors, filling any kids room, playroom, or nursery with the life and pop of color that it so needs.

The Homebuilder Lite comes with building manuals to help you and your child build and rebuilt these three pieces with ease. With the great building experience that it can give, this can even be a great bonding moment for both of you. Building furniture has never been so easy and fun!

Get Crafty with Anatex’s Standing Easel for Kids

Kids are known for their wild and creative imaginations. As parents, our job is to foster this, using every facility there is, so they can explore and look into their unique talents and abilities. One of the simplest ways to do so is to give them a piece of paper and some crayons and letting them draw practically anything that they want. But because you only want the best for them, the Standing Easel by Anatex would be perfect.

The beautifully designed Standing Easel makes for a great art center for crafty kids. Made from high quality Birch plywood, this creation features a dry-erase board on one side and a chalkboard on the other. This gives your child a choice to pick what they want to work on their drawings. This will also allow them to share it with their sibling or friends.

On the top of the board is a dowel where easel paper can be attached, allowing creative kids to come up with as many masterpieces as they can to hang on your refrigerator. Each side of the easel has room for 2 storage cups and additional space to hold drawing supplies. Each side also has a bottom that can hold 3 plastic storage bins, which is able to carry a wide variety of art utensils and accessories that they will need.

And this is not only perfect for your home; these will come in very handy in playrooms, classrooms, children clinics, and practically any place where a child stays. Now your kids will be busy creating their very own artworks and will surely enjoy while doing so. The Standing Easel has been built to last so your kinds can use them for as long as they can for their development and enjoyment.

A Beautiful Crib and Dresser for Every Modern Nursery by Oeuf

Any parent would always want the best for their precious babies in just about anything. So when you are out looking to furnish the nursery for with the best crib and dresser there is, the Sparrow Crib and Dresser Set by famed furniture brand Oeuf would be a very good choice for your little one.

The clean and simple design of this set should work well with any nursery, whatever style you are going for. It comes with additions so that you can make use of it for a number of purposes. For one, you can put a changing pad atop the dresser for a prefect place to change dress them up. You can also acquire a toddler conversion kit that converts the crib in to a big bed for your growing child.

The Sparrow Crib has three adjustable mattress positions so that you can find the perfect one that will work for your baby. Its low overall height allows easy access, making it convenient for you to feed and play with them while they are enjoying the comfort of their crib. It comes with small footprints for space efficiency. The purchase of a conversion kit converts it into the Sparrow Toddler Bed. Assembly is also very easy that even you can do it all on your own.

The Sparrow Dresser has 3 deep drawers for ample storage and comes with an anti-tipping strap and counter weighted back panel, ensuring safety for both you and your baby. By adding a pad that is sold separately, it can instantly double as a convenient changing station. You can also just use the current changing pad that you have as it can fit a standard changing pad.

Both of these pieces are made with solid Birch plywood with non-toxic finishes. They are also made under European environmental standards, making the Sparrow Crib and Dresser Set a safe and environment-friendly choice.

Functionality and Savings with Nurserywork’s Uptown Crib to Twin Bed Conversion Kit

Babies grow up so fast. In only a matter of months, their old clothes and shoes will become too small for them and you will have to buy them new ones. This is exactly why you have to be prepared to buy new things in placement for those that they have outgrown after only a short amount of time. For some months, you can easily tuck them away in their cribs and before you know it, they will already need a bed.

Cribs and bed are not cheap purchases like clothes and clothes so any money-saving solution for this is appreciated by consumers. One of these solutions is convertible beds. Top baby brand Nurseryworks has come up with their own take on this with the Uptown Crib to Twin Bed Conversion Kit.

Taking inspiration from the striking furniture architecture and design of 15th century Britain, this twin bed is every bit a beautiful display of the intricate and detailed pieces from one of the best architectural times of Britain. And because they are for your precious little kid, this bed is given a modern twist with its sophisticated yet playful colors, which is something that they should very much appreciated.

The bed comes in two color combinations of lacquer: cream with black molding and black with cream molding. It is adorned with high contrast reveals and come accessorized with over-scaled brass hardware. To make this a cozy sleeping spot for your little one, you can purchase twin components that will add to the Uptown Crib.

Nurserywork’s Uptown Crib to Twin Bed Conversion Kit is an ingenious solution to parents who are looking to save up on money without compromising the quality of the things that they give to their baby. This is a perfect display of any parent’s good choice in furniture which will hopefully be passed on to their baby.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

DwellStudio’s Transportation Duvet Sets

Add a dash of color to an immaculate nursery or bedroom with DwellStudio’s Transportation Multi Full Duvet Set. The Duvet Set features numerous transportation icons dotted all over its cloth, and bold colors that will subtly keep your child’s brain visually and cognitively stimulated. They also look really good, with just enough color to keep it modern, but enough classiness to give the set a sophisticated vintage feel. On that front, both child and parent is adequately satisfied.

The Transportation Multi Full Duvet Set features a comfortable 200 thread count in long staple cotton. The set is composed of a duvet cover and two standard French back shams. The dye used to color the cloth is long-lasting, and will survive numerous machine washings over the years. The full duvet measures 88 by 90 inches, whereas the standard shams measure 20 by 26 inches.

The Transportation Multi Duvet Set is a variant of the Full Duvet Set. Instead of just a duvet cover and two French back shams, it also features a twin flat sheet, twin fitted sheet, and one standard pillow case. The set is also available in full sheet variants. If you want to, it’s also possible to purchase additional sham and pillow cases for extra pillows, or if you have another child who’d like the same transportation theme for his bed.

The Multi Duvet Set offers the same artsy pattern of transportation vehicles all over the sheets, and is machine washable for convenience as well.  Both the Full and Multi Duvey Sets have passed the necessary standards for safety and do not contain any lead, dyes or formaldehyde, giving parents their peace of mind.

Whether you decide to get the Multi or Full Duvet Set, the bright cars add a splash of imagination to otherwise ordinary bedroom furniture.

Bassinets – Stylish, Functional, and Convenient

Cribs are the more traditional forms of beds for babies and young children, but as you move around the house with your child, you’ll find that you might need an extra place to lay the baby down once in a while. The convenience of a bassinet is that, compared to a full-on crib, it’s much easier to lift and move around.

The Cariboo Folding Bassinet is the perfect kind of bassinet to install in your home, especially if you don’t have a lot of space to go around. When not in use, the bassinet fold up easily and can be stored away in small corners. It is made of sustainable new Zealand radiate wood—an environmentally friendly option.

The Cariboo Folding Bassinet comes in a clean, minimalist white. It’s whole design is compact and yet stylish in its simplicity. It features a baseboard and a colgate mattress (available with the bassinet on purchase) that’s PBDE-free and meets all the necessary safety regulations. The bassinet bag can be zipped off as well and is machine washable for convenience. When your baby outgrows the need for a bassinet, it can be converted to an extra toys or clothes chest.

On the other hand, if you’ve got a bit of space to spare, the highly stylish Baby Sleeping Hammock by Hushamok will do perfectly. The hammock is visually striking, featuring a sophisticated stand that holds the mattress, two fitted sheets, and a leaf spring.

The hammock is made of organic Turkish cotton—soft and comfortable for your child to sleep in. The Okoa stand comes with purchase of the hammock, and is made of sturdy European beechwood, reinforced with stainless steel castings. An optional lambskin liner is available for optional purchase, and can be placed under the mattress for extra comfort.