Sunday, October 21, 2012

Cool Accessories for Your Baby’s Stroller

Give your baby’s stroller a bit more swag with accessories that’ll undoubtedly give your baby the coolest ride on the block.

Baby Bling Design gives you the Liquid Stroller Bottle Holder Holster, or Liquid Holster. Aside from giving your stroller a fun and modern look, the holder is a great addition for convenience and efficiency. It functions as a self-leveling drink holder that’s unlike any other. Instead of remaining fixed to the side of the stroller, the holster was built to move along with the stroller, molding to its movements to help prevent spilling the contents – pretty street-smart.

The holder can be adjusted to the stroller with round or square tubing, and was built to be compatible with nearly all strollers on the market, or even baby buggies, golf carts, boats, bikes, and wheelchairs. Simply clamp the holster to the frame and use two screws to secure it to the stroller. The screwdriver is included in the package upon purchase for easier assembly.

Another great accessory is the Lightweight Portable Baby Stroller Speakers, also by Baby Bling Design. Help foster a love of music from an early age with this totally awesome Portable iPod Speaker System that you can easily attach to your MP3 player, and boom, walks in the park just got that much better.

The Portable Baby Stroller Speakers are an excellent attachment to any stroller, and you can play your child all sorts of music, from lullabies to calm him down or his favorite nursery rhymes on easy Saturdays without having to use earphones.

The Baby Stroller Speakers were built to be compatible for the Metamorphosis stroller (also made by Baby Bling Design), and is available in either sleek, modern black or bright, fun-loving red.

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