Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Gifts for Modern and Stylish Toddlers

There are a lot of products to choose from when it comes to gift ideas for toddlers or kids. But what is important is to choose the ones that are useful or functional as well as fun for kids. There is an online store that will give you a great selection of toddler accessories and furniture. It is called, “My Urban Child.”

A feeding high chair is an example of a perfect gift. My Urban Child has a lot of high chairs to choose from. You could check out its Boon Flair Modern High Chair. This sleek and modern high chair is available in different colors. You could choose the orange and white combination. It has 2 tray covers and a removable waterproof pad. It has a 5-point harness and a safety post. It includes 6 urethane casters to protect the floor. It has continuous height positioning and it can even fit easily under a table with a pedestal base.

You could also shop for a Quick Change Pouch. It is a great gift idea because it is very useful when both the Mom and the child are outdoors. The Mom could carry this pouch with all the child’s changing needs in it. Baby Star has a lot of designs for its Quick Change Pouch. It is the perfect accessory to carry the child’s wipes and diapers. It has gusset sides with reinforced base that can be expanded to fit 4 large diapers and a wipe case. It is formaldehyde-free making it safe for the child and the environment.

Potty training can be fun too. You could give a toddler a Levels of Discovery It’s “Potty” Time Potty Toddlers Chair. It includes an actual working timer. It has a removable plastic container that easily lifts off seat for a quick and easy clean-up. Its insert can be replaced with a wooden lid for it to become a regular chair.

You will have the perfect gift when shopping at My Urban Child. It is the perfect store for furniture and accessories for babies and toddlers.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Cool and Trendy Outfits for Your Pretty Little Girls

You could dress up your pretty little girls with the latest and trendiest outfits in town. You could shop for these outfits at It is an online store that gives you a variety of choices to make your little ones cool and trendy. Browse in their well-organized catalogue for pretty toddler girls dresses and accessories. You will be amazed with their beautiful designs that your kids will love.

You could check out their Princess Linens line of Bon Bon Corduroy Dress. Its Chocolate color corduroy dress can be worn during fall or winter. The dress has a baby pink ric rac. It has a high waist and with shoulder snap closures. This adorable and practical outfit is made from soft featherwale baby corduroy with fabric covered elastic finish.

During picnics, little girls could wear this Garden Princess Dress in Green Hibiscus, also from Princess Linens. It also has a high waist and lined bodice. It comes with covered button shoulder closures.

For a special occasion, she could wear the Garden Princess Dress in Orchid with Camella Trim. It is made of pique fabric. You could also have it personalized with her name embroidered on the dress.

Your girls would love to wear the mini scrubs from Princess Linens. It comes with faux drawstring pants with a snap shoulder closure. It is available in pink, green and blue colors.

You could bring with you extra clothes for your little girls whenever you and the girls are out of the house. For emergencies, you could have the Babysparewear Toddler Sparewear Outfit to Go – Girl. It comes in a set that includes 1 short sleeve tee and 1 cotton karate-style pull on pants. It is in durable zippered clear bag with a hanging loop and a plus-sized rubber ID tag. It is made from 100% cotton and it is available in fuschia color. It is very lightweight and portable as well.

Your adorable and pretty toddler girls will have fun and will enjoy wearing these comfortable and stylish outfits from My Urban Child.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Cool Step Stools for Cool Kids

You could add some cool and stylish kids step stool to your child’s bedroom or playroom. You could find different designs of step stools at an online store called, “My Urban Child.” It has a great selection of various stools that you and your precious little one will surely like.

A perfect example of their step stool products for kids is the Iglooplay Mod Topper. This multi-use furniture can be used as a table for reading or drawing or a step stool. It is available in walnut, maple or contrasting cherry or maple veneers. It has a molded ply construction that has steel fasteners. It is extremely durable and meets ASTM and Consumer Product Safety Commission standards for child safety.

You could opt for the KidKraft Flip Step Stool for Kids. It is very versatile since it can be used as step stool or a chair. It is easy to clean and easy to carry. The material used is MDF and it available in white and natural finishes.

You could buy him the colorful Levels of Discovery Wild Side Step Stool. This appealing piece of furniture can complement contemporary or traditional designs. It has cheetah and zebra prints in ivory and black colors. It has a two step design.

You could give him this adorable Levels of Discovery Toad Stool. You could help your child put everything within reach in a fun and colorful step stool. This toad stool “croaks” when he steps on it. It comes with non-skid pads on the bottom. It has a special under stamp that can be personalized with your child’s name on it.

Make him feel like a little surfer and give him something to step on while having fun with the Li’l Surfer Stool by Levels of Discovery. This stool safely rocks back and forth with ocean wave details on its sides. It has non-skid pads on its bottom. It also has a special message on the top of the step stool.

Your kid and even you would love these colorful childrens stools from My Urban Child.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Pamper Your Furry Pet with Modern Cat Accessories

Most cats are affectionate with their owners, although building up affection would usually take time, but they could shower you with tons of affection. They will jump into you or into your lap. They could let you rub them and they will rub on you as well. Some cats will also follow you wherever you go. Those are the things that cats do to show their love for you. But how will you show your love to your cat? Aside from rubbing your cat, you could buy this furry creature some cat accessories, such as the Fatboy Cat Lounge.

Just like humans, cats need the pampering that they truly deserve. This cat lounge is perfect for your pet cat. It is made from a strong material, which is Nylon that can repel moisture and it can shut out unpleasant odors. The cat lounge is filled with virgin polystyrene beads for comfort as well as versatility.

You could buy your furry friend a Holden Designs Pet Feeder. This attractive and modern design pet feeder has a water-resistant laminated exterior and has a veneer hardwood interior. It is available in walnut and cherry finishes.

It is not only a dog that has a dog house cats too can have their own modern caves. Just like the DenHaus ZenHaus, this modern design and chic house for pets will surely make a statement. It has a sleek and a shiny exterior that is polished in fibreglass. It has an oval shape and has a vibrant color. This sophisticated little box has a well-ventilated environment. It is easy to assemble and very lightweight. It includes a removable door so that your cat can come and go. You can even add a ZenHaus bed in it to make it more comfy and cozy for your pet.

You can by your cat a lot of accessories because there are a lot to choose from in pet stores and even in furniture stores, such as bean bags, pet beds, cat bags and many more. Your pet will surely be happy.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Enhance the Look of Your Child’s Room with a Stylish Rug

You could enhance the look of your child’s bedroom by decorating it with baby nursery rugs or kid’s rugs. Colorful rugs can make the room attractive and beautiful. Shopping for these rugs, you could find them at My Urban Child. This online store has a variety of chic rugs your child will surely love.

One of their products is the Alma Kids Area Rug. It is made of New Zealand wool and it is available in different sizes. It has a striking design. It is hand-tufted in India.

The Chandra Rug Ambiance Collection has a contemporary look. Also made of New Zealand Wool, it is available in different sizes. This chic rug is hand-made in India.

The DwellStudio Zinnia Rose Rug is soft and colorful that will surely enhance your kid’s bedroom. It is made of 100% New Zealand wool. It is hand tufted and durable.

Check out the notNeutral Transport Area Rug 4 x 5. It’s a 100% wool rug that has a loop construction and a cotton backing. A non-slip rug recommended for a tile floor or a hardwood floor. It is GoodWeave certified, meaning, no child labor was used in the manufacture of the rug.

The Magis Puzzle Carpet is made of a soft and an expanded polyethylene and polyester fabric. It is available in sand, water or grass. It is a 1 part puzzle and a 1 part carpet or rug.

Check out the Twinkle Living Poker Rug. It is made of New Zealand wool which is considered the best wool in the world. It is 100% hand-tufted. It has soft and springy fibers that are strong and uniform. This type of rug is resistant to crushing and dirt.

The Koko Company 2’ x 4’ Floormat Floral Dual Tone is perfect for a kid’s bedroom. It is plastic woven with Green and Purple colors. It is durable and can be easily washed.

Your child’s bedroom will be transformed from a simple one into a stylish one with the colorful childrens rugs from My Urban Child.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Soft and Colorful Blankets for Babies

Let your little one sleep peacefully with a cozy blanket at home or in his stroller. These colorful baby girl or baby boy blankets are made from soft and durable materials. You could shop for these blankets hassle-free at The online store has a wide range of designs that will definitely amaze you.

One of their blanket lines is from Aunt Bucky. The Ga-Ga Cowboys Modern Baby Quilt will make your baby feel like he or she is in a rodeo. It is made of 100% cotton fabric with a poly or cotton batting inside. This 30” x 40” baby’s quilt can be perfectly matched with your baby’s crib bumper set.

The Baby Star Balloons Blue on Blue Nursery Poodle Blanket will make your baby coo and giggle while snuggling his soft blanket. This tres luscious fabric is soft and inviting that will make your baby want to cuddle it. It is machine washable and in beautiful Blue color. It is Formaldehyde-free making it safe for your baby and the environment.

Give your baby a blanket that is vibrant and colorful with the Gio Stroller Blanket from DwellStudio. This animal pattern whimsical blanket has a pattern on 1 side and plush velour on the other side. It is made of 100% cotton. It is available in Aqua or Lemon colors.

Check out the Inspired Crib Bedding Geo Stroller Blanket that has a Geo pattern on the front and a soft minky on the reverse. It is available in Pink, Aqua and Sage colors. Soft, comfortable and machine-washable, this blanket will surely make your baby warm especially during a stroll outdoors.

You could buy him a notNeutral Season Throw Quilt that is made of 100% organic cotton. It has non-toxic dyes that are safe for your baby. This reversible quilt has a poly fill. It has a combination of Persimmon Orange and Lotus Green colors, while the embroidery and edging are of a Sable Brown color.

You will never go wrong when shopping for baby boy or baby girl blankets at My Urban Child.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Pretty Little Outfits for Your Little Girl

Make your little girl look more adorable with stylish and cute outfits from My Urban Child. They have a great collection of pretty outfits for all occasions. These toddler girls dresses are very comfortable to wear and will make her look more adorable. Aside from that, the dresses are made from safe and non-toxic materials that are safe for kids and the environment as well.

You could dress her up with a Princess Linens Bon Bon Chocolate Corduroy Dress with Pink Trim. This Chocolate Brown dress is perfect for fall or for winter. It has a trimmed baby pink ric rac and a high waist with a snap closure in the shoulders. It is made in the US. The material used is soft featherwale baby corduroy cotton and has a fabric covered elastic finish.

The Princess Linens Garden Princess Dress in Camellia with Babies Breath Trim is perfect for picnic or for visiting grandpa or grandma. It has a high waist, lined bodice with a covered button shoulder closures. It is made of 100% cotton. It can be personalized with her name embroidered on it.

She will love to wear the Garden Princess Dress with Midnight Pansy Trim by Princess Linens. She could wear this in any occasion. It also has a high waist and lined bodice. It comes with a covered button shoulder closures. It is made of a pique fabric and can be personalized too with her name on it.

The Princess Linens Garden Princess Dress with Orchid Trim is also perfect to wear during picnics or any special occasion. It is also made of a pique fabric and it will be very comfortable to wear. Have her name or initials embroidered on the dress to make it more special.

Your little princess will look more adorable with the toddler girls dresses from My Urban Child. These will make your little girl happy and proud of her pretty dresses. You, as a parent will also be proud that your little angel will be a style star even at her young age.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Let Your Child Have Fun During Meal Time with a Cool High Chair

There are times that a child does not want to eat. He could be a picky eater. However, every child must eat to get the appropriate amount of nutrition that he needs for his growth. To encourage him to eat and to let him enjoy his meals, you have to provide him with a stylish and cool baby high chair.

When it comes to high chairs for toddlers, My Urban Child is the store to rely on. It has a variety of high chairs to choose from for your little one. Scandinavian Child has a chic and ergonomic high chair both for infants and for toddlers. The Svan Modern Wood High Chair can be adjusted either horizontally or vertically. Its footrest can be adjusted to suit your growing child. It comes with an easy-to-clean wooden tray and dishwasher-safe plastic tray cover. It brings the baby to the family table and it can be converted into a youth chair. It is made of a sustainable birch wood and it has a bisphenol A-free and phthalate-free plastic with a PBDE-free foam. You can put a cushion on it and you can choose from its 9 available colors.

Also from Scandinavian Child is the Anka Feeding High Chair. It has an adjustable seat and an adjustable footrest for the baby’s ergonomic support. It can be converted into a booster seat for kids up to 5 years old or 50 lbs. It can be easily folded for an easy storage. It is made from sustainable wood and it is available in three finishes. This environment-friendly high chair is perfect for your child.

For a sleek and a moden-looking high chair, check out Boon Flair Modern High Chair. It includes 2 tray covers, a removable and waterproof pad and 6 urethane casters. It has a 5-point harness and a safety post. It has a single step braking system. Its height position can be effortlessly adjusted.

Your baby will be able to have an enjoyable meal time with a cool feeding high chair.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Awesome Add-ons for the Baby and the Nursery

Your child doesn't only need a baby nursery furniture but he also needs some awesome add-ons. He requires a blanket to maintain him warm always wherever he might be. He needs a pacifier especially when he is out with you in a stroll or in a restaurant. You might supply him with having a bib and burp set especially throughout and after his feeding time. You will find various kinds of toddler accessories that you ought to buy for the baby and make certain to purchase the safe ones always.

In designing your baby’s nursery, it's quite common that you simply began searching for his crib. Your baby’s crib should have a crib bumper set. The Aunt Bucky Crib Bumper Set Sunshine Road includes 2 pcs. of 10” x 80” crib bumper pads. It features a bumper spend made from 100% cotton. Additionally, it has polyester twill ribbon ties with appliqué finishing trim along with a polyfil batting.

Your child should be safe always especially throughout outings or when travelling along with you. You have to supply him with having a vehicle chair. The Recaro ProBooster - Misty includes a quicklift head restraint along with a mesh place for air ventilation. It features a recline adjustment bar that will permit a simple adjustment and also the proper positioning of the baby. Additionally, it includes a soft touch chair cushion.

If you're planning for traveling your child soon, then you should purchase him a Diaper Dude Baby and Toddler Add-ons Altering Station. It's best for problems you need to improve your baby’s diaper or clothes. You can place it within your baby’s baby bag or any kind of bag. It arrives with a detachable shoulder strap along with a detachable card or key holder. Additionally, it features a padded altering area and in addition it has 3 compartments for the baby’s baby wipes, diapers, etc. It will come in 3 different colors, for example camouflage, red and yellow.

Parents ought to be smart in searching for accessories for babies and make certain they only purchase the high-quality ones.

Trendy Baby Cribs for Trendy Babies

If you're a trendy mother that has today's taste, you would rather decorate your baby’s nursery with trendy baby nursery furniture. You'd look for baby items that would come with infant cribs, night stands, sleeping sacks, altering tables, cradles and much more. Apart from searching for items which are trendy and modern, it is advisable that you ought to know when they are safe and chemical-free. Your baby’s health insurance and his safety will not be jeopardized.

For modern and trendy baby cribs for babies, My Urban Child offers quite a bit to provide. You could discover the famous label, Babyletto using its Harlow 3-in-1 Crib. It features a two-tone Navy and Whitened finish which are non-toxic. It features a metal bed mattress support also it can be modified into 4 levels for the growing baby. It features a toddler rail. It is simple to convert it right into a toddler mattress because it features a toddler guard rail package. The crib consists of a brand new Zealand Pine. It's safe for the baby since it is lead free.

The DwellStudio Century Crib includes a solid European Beech wood. This Canadian made crib comes with an optional toddler gate for transition right into a toddler mattress. It's adjustable sides with 3-position bed mattress support. Most of all, it features a non-toxic finish.

The Litto Kids Manhattan Crib includes a stylish and striking European contemporary design. It features a Zebra wood stained finish. It arrives with a 3-position bed mattress support and glued rails to have an added stability. It features a guaranteed polished steel frame that's rust protected. Additionally, it includes a non-toxic whitened discomfort.

You can choose the Maclaren Nursery Louis Crib Collection Created by David Netto. It offers a variable bed mattress platform and glued side-rails. Additionally, it includes a non-toxic and non-VOC giving off finishes. This contemporary crib is ideal for your modern nursery as well as for your trendy baby.

The various brands and designs of trendy and modern baby cribs you could find in the online shop, My Urban Child are perfect. They're guaranteed safe for the child.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Cool and Comfortable Blankets for Your Little One

A baby must have the right amount of sleep that he needs for his growth and development. In order to get the right amount of sleep, he needs a comfortable and safe sleeping environment. To create a cozy nest for your baby, you got to decorate it with a snugly bedding set and that includes a soft and comfortable blanket. Shopping for baby boy blankets, you could rely on one store, My Urban Child. This store offers you a wide collection of blankets, bedding sets, clothing, accessories and different kinds of products for babies and kids.

You could browse on their baby blankets collection. They have the Baby Star Balloons Blue on Blue Nursery Poodle Blanket. This tres luscious fabric will make your baby coo and giggle. It is soft, cuddly and at the same time, inviting. It is safe for babies because it is formaldehyde-free. It is easy to clean and it is machine washable.

Also, from Baby Star is the Soy Organic Knit Blanket. It is perfect for all seasons. This 100% soy organic cotton is imported and machine-washable. This cozy blanket is reversible with 2 panels of luscious soy and a certified organic cotton blended fabric. This product is formaldehyde-free. So it is safe for your baby and for the environment.

Check out Scandinavian Child’s Puretec Blanket. It is available in two sizes and five different colors. It is made from 100% New Zealand wool. It is hypoallergenic, anti-itch and anti-prickle. The eco-dye colored blanket is quick drying and naturally fire-retardant. Its warm earth tone colors will surely make it look cozy and inviting.

The Olli & Lime Charlie Blanket is a soft cotton blanket in mustard and brown colors. It is made of a 100% cotton percale or cuddle fleece. It can be used as a receiving blanket and doubles as a snuggle blanket or a stroller blanket.

You will be amazed with the different baby boy or baby girl blankets from My Urban Child. This online store guarantees you that you’re buying safe products for your baby.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Bedding Sets for Your Child’s Room

A crib or a bed will look beautiful because of the bedding. It enhances its look. It can be transformed from a simple one into something stylish and elegant. Beddings are like clothes, they should be trendy and chic. A kids bedding or crib bedding should match the look of the bedroom or nursery.

An example of chic or trendy crib bedding is the Aunt Bucky Crib Bumper Set. The reversible crib bumper set is made of 100% linen in a geometric red or black design. The set includes 2 pcs. of 10-inch x 80-inch crib bumper guards, 4 ribbon ties sewn along the top and bottom edges for each of the bumper guards. The crib sheet set add-on is available.

The Baby Star Four Square Pink Four Piece Crib Bedding Collection is very stylish and cool. It includes 1 standard size crib bumper, 2 fitted sheets and a flat front crib skirt. For easy washing, it has a zip out insert. The insert is a combination of 100% cotton and polyester filling. It is tested formaldehyde-free.

If you have a toddler who sleeps on a bed and no longer uses a crib, you could buy him a stylish sheet set for kids. Just like the Ollie & Lime Billie Toddler Sheet Set in crisp white on burnt orange. It comes with a matching drawstring bag. The material of the sheet set is made of 100% cotton with a 204 thread count.

The DwellStudio Squares Dove Grey Full Sheet Set includes a flat sheet, a fitted sheet and 2 standard cases. It has a 320 thread count. The sheet set is azo and formaldehyde-free and have not been contaminated by lead and any other toxic chemicals.

Check out DwellStudio’s Pointelle Full Sheet Set. It has a great design with hip colors and playful patterns. Your child will surely grow up in style with this sheet set.

Whether it is infant bedding or a child’s bedding, your kids will definitely have a cool and stylish bed with the colorful and attractive bedding sets mentioned above.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Delightful Step Stools for Kids

Kids at a certain age are becoming very active and curious. They want to run around or reach something. If you have a child, you could provide him with a kids step stool for him to reach something that is above him, like a toy above his bed’s headboard. You could teach him to be independent through the step stool and make him try to do things on his own.

There are a lot of step stools either in the internet or in a local furniture store in your area. When you shop for kids products, make sure that they do not contain harmful chemicals and they should have a water-based finished. A famous children’s furniture manufacturer is KidKraft. It has a two-step stool for kids. It is wide with a low center of gravity to prevent kids from tipping. It has built-in handles and it has a lacquer finish, so it is easy to clean. It is available in natural and white colors. The material is MDF – Rubberwood and Veneer.

It also has the KidKraft Large Flip Kids Step Stool. It is very versatile since it can either be a chair or a step stool. It is easy to clean and easy to carry. It is available in white and natural colors.

You could buy your little one with the cool Levels of Discovery Toad Stool. This is very useful for your kid to wash his hands, brush his teeth or for him to sit on to tie his shoelaces. It can be personalized with your child’s name on it. It “croaks” when you step on it. It is available in green and white colors. It has non-skid pads at the bottom. It is recommended from toddler to 3 years old up to 50 lbs.

The Iglooplay Mod Topper is very useful for him. He can use it for reading, sitting, stacking and drawing. This wooden stool is available in cherry, maple or contrasting cherry/maple veneers.

The childrens stools above are not only beautiful pieces of furniture but they are very useful as well.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Stylish Wall Decors for Modern Kids

Your kids would want a room that is fun and attractive. A wall painted with pastel color paint might be too boring for them. Enhance their bedroom with kids wall décor. The wall décor’s vibrant colors will make your children’s room alive and it will make them happy. There are different types of wall décor or wall art that you could buy. Just pick the ones that will reflect the individual personalities of your kids.

The Jungle Party Kids Baby Nursery Wall Décor from A is for Art has a lively jungle scene design. It has a beautiful and colorful Glicee print on a canvass. Each of the print is wrapped around the custom-made wood stretcher. It is one of a kind and each is crafted one at a time. It includes a special guide to identify the animals printed on the canvass.

Another type of wall décor is from DwellStudio. The Garden Multi Baby Nursery Wall Décor has an adorable and beautiful garden pattern. It is screen printed and it has a gallery wrapped frame with no staples on it. Most importantly, it is fade resistant. It also has a FSC approved wood frame.

The Graham & Brown Eco Peony Wallpaper Designer Wall Décor is great for kids or for teenagers. This wall paper is eco-friendly with a large floral design that will surely bring life to a kid’s or teenager’s room. Its modern and chic design will fit perfectly to a modern design bedroom.

The notNeutral Season Surface Graphics Wall Décor is perfect for a kid’s room. It includes 2 sheets of multi-colored tree, flower, leaf, birds with butterfly decals. The decals will let you create a forest. It is made of a removable and a reusable vinyl. It can be even removed or re-applied to the wall without leaving any marks. It comes with 2 pieces of 19-inch x 24-inch sheets of decals in every pack.

A children’s wall décor or a nursery wall art will help enhance the room of your kids. It will make every room attractive and fabulous.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Modern Strollers and Accessories for Your Precious Baby

It is nice to walk in the park with your baby in a stroller while enjoying the scenery. Thus, you will need a durable and functional stroller and accessories for your precious little one. There are different types of modern kids strollers and you have to be wise in choosing the one that is sturdy and versatile.

A famous kind of stroller is the Baby Bling Design ATS Safety Stroller. This type of stroller is very versatile. It includes a diaper bag with a diaper bag holder, first aid kit, UV sun screen, footmuff, raincover, bicycle pump, matching head support, matching seat belt covers and a master carry bag with 3 wheel bags. It comes with a dual direction seat unit so your baby can either face in or out. You can always keep an eye on your baby because of its clear-view window. It also has a large pocketed hood to adequately protect or shade your baby from the sun. It also has a mesh-around backrest for the stroller to have built-in ventilation.

Have a baby’s stroller and a changing table in one product. Check out the Abbie G2G BabyDeck in Black color. For mom’s who are on-the-go or who would love to bring their baby around. This stroller will provide your baby a sanitary or a clean place to change his diaper right at the seat of the stroller. It has a “safety bump” technology that prevents the seat of the stroller from accidentally folding. It has a removable and a washable diaper pad. It has a sun and rain wide-angle canopy that has an extra-large peek-a-boo window. It comes with a shock absorber on its 4 wheels. It also has a front adjustable 5-point harness. It comes with a lightweight aluminum frame. It also has a built-in storage compartment and an infant car seat adaptor.

There are strollers accessories that you could buy together with the stroller. Such as cellphone, Blackberry or iPad holders, portable speakers, etc. Have fun with your baby outdoors with these functional strollers and accessories.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Decorating Your Baby’s Nursery with Modern and Chic Baby Furniture

You want to create the perfect nursery before your baby arrives. That is why you have to start shopping for baby nursery furniture and accessories, so that you could put all these pieces together and create the best nursery in town. Aside from infant clothing, bathing accessories and feeding bottles, you have to buy the major pieces found in a baby’s nursery.

Cariboo Folding Changer

Starting with the infant crib, some parents would prefer with the traditional ones. AFG Baby Furniture’s Spring 3-in-1 Crib is made of solid wood. It includes a drawer beneath it and it can be converted into a toddler day bed or a full size bed. It has a guard rail and it has a 4-level mattress height adjustment.

For your modern type home, you could go for the Maclaren Nursery Moderne Crib Collection Designed by David Netto. It has a simple yet modern design that will truly match your modern taste. It comes with fixed side rails and an adjustable platform. It has a sliding shelf below it and it is constructed using high-quality materials. It is made in the EU.

Your baby will need a modern bassinet. The Offi and Co. Nest Modern Bassinet has a bent plywood and chrome finish. It has a 100% brushed cotton slip cover and a 100% polyurethane foam pad mattress that has a moisture resistant Tyvek cover. This will give your baby a comforting, cozy and warm place to sleep.

For your baby’s changing time and storage for his clothes, you could go for a baby’s changing table and dresser in one. The Maclaren Nursery Louis Dresser Collection Designed by David Netto has a changer and a dresser in one unit. It includes a partition tray on the top for the baby’s changing essentials. It comes with five drawers below it.

You could also add a baby’s hammock to help him sleep. There are hammocks that can be used for indoors or outdoors.

There are different kinds of modern baby furniture and choose only the ones that are useful and functional.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Cool and Chic Lighting for Your Child’s Room

Most of the time, a lot of kids are afraid of the dark. When you put off the lights at night, kids would usually be scared. So, it is important to provide them with a lamp shade or a night light. This will help them sleep well and without feeling scared and frightened. There are different types of kids lighting that have different designs.

Just like the GloMate Plus by Mobi Technologies which is soft to touch, durable and kids friendly. It has a 15-minute dim to sleep mode in different colors. It has a long-lasting Li-Ion battery and an Auto-On if it’s lifted or when there is a power outage.

Also from Mobi Technologies is the GloMate Jr. It emits a soft glow of Blue, Red, Green or rainbow colors. It is great for travels or during mom’s breastfeeding time to her baby. It is bright and it is energy-efficient. It is safe, at the same time durable. It has a soft-touch surface. It has a heat-free LED. It comes with 3pcs. AAA batteries.

The Offi & Co. My Pet Lamp Kids Begging Buddy – Children’s Table Lamp or Nightlight is made of a non-toxic and an odorless plastic that has a low voltage, 12 volts replaceable bulb. The charming dog design will complement a child’s room and it is available in two colors: Warm Milk and Light Chocolate.
Check out the Offi & Co. My Pet Lamp Kids Howee Pup – Children’s Table Lamp or Nightlight. The charming Howee Pup Jr. design looks very adorable and children will love it. Also made of odorless plastic that is non-toxic, it uses a 12V, low-voltage replaceable bulb. The kids can also mark on the plastic lamp using washable markers. The lamp is available in Soft White, Mellow Yellow, Sky Blue, Misty Green and Sunset Orange.

These children’s or nursery lamps will surely enhance a child’s room. These lamps will not only make the room chic and cool but it will make the children feel safe and secure. These will make them feel at ease.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Delightful notNeutral Children’s Furniture and Accessories

Sometimes kids will not appreciate furniture and accessories. They often think of toys, fun and games. However, there are certain types of furniture and accessories that will catch their attention and they will surely love them. Fun and attractive products such as notNeutral accessories and furniture will surely make them happy. There are a lot to choose from and you will have fun browsing through their line of eye-catching products.

The notNeutral Links Area Rug will look great in your kids’ bedroom. Hand tufted in India, it is made of 100% wool with a loop construction and a recycled cotton backing. It is GoodWeave certified so you get the assurance that no child labor was used in making the rug. The rug is available in two colors.

Add a notNeutral BB2 Set to your children’s bedroom. This Baby Boomer Too set was designed for the trendy youngsters. It includes a table and 2 chairs. It is oil-resistant and it is easy to clean. The set is suitable for kids’ ages 3 to 6 years old.

Make your kids’ beds more alive and chic with a notNeutral Letters Throw Pillow. It has a silk screen pattern available in orange, red and blue colors. It has a down feather insert and has a zipper closure. It is made of 100% cotton. Your kids will have a fabulous bed with these throw pillows.

Your children’s bedroom will look stylish with a notNeutral Tetra 1 Children’s Modern 10 Drawer Contemporary Custom Cabinet. It is made of Birch Europly. This 10-drawer unit is available in white, persimmon orange, ozone blue and lotus green colors. It can be used as a dresser in your kids’ bedroom, a linen cabinet in your dining room or it can be used as a storage unit in your office. It is indeed very multi-functional.

Your notNeutral furniture and accessories will definitely enhance your kids’ room or play room. They will love and enjoy its fun and modern prints and designs. These products will definitely look great in your home and in your kids’ bedroom.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Create a Stylish Room for Your Child with a Stylish Wall Art and Décor

Decorating or re-decorating your child’s room you must have a theme. Planning the theme of the room, do consider your child’s preference. If he is too young to decide on that, put yourself in your child’s shoes, what would you want in a room? If you think your child would love flowers, then you can have a floral theme. You could start decorating the walls. A great kids wall décor would be an attractive wallpaper. You could put the perfect wallpaper using the Graham and Brown Chinoise Wallpaper. It has a grid-like pattern that uses line and shape to create the letters of the alphabet. It brings sophistication and style to your child’s bedroom. You could choose from its 8 different colors. Your little boy will love the Soma Wallpaper also from Graham and Brown. It has multi-colored pattern with geometric vivid pastel colored shapes. They are neatly joined together that create a varied and abstract pattern.

You could also decorate the walls with an A is for Art Kids Baby Nursery Wall Décor. It is made of premium Giclee canvass prints and each of the print is wrapped in a custom-made wood stretcher. It is made exclusively and one-of-a-kind.

You could also opt for the DwellStudio Garden Multi Baby Nursery Wall Décor. Its beautiful garden pattern will enhance your child’s room. It is screen printed and it is fade-resistant. Embellish your child’s room with this adorable wall décor.

Add an Olli and Lime Little George Poster to have a playful and bright room for your little one. Its Little George design is a perfect addition to your child’s wall décor. It is made from 100% recycled paper.

You could also opt for the notNeutral Season Surface Graphics Kids Wall Décor. It is made from reusable and removable vinyl that comes in two sheets of multi-colored tree. You could change the trees as the season change.

Your kid will surely have a fun and stylish bedroom with these children’s wall décor and nursery wall art pieces.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Durable and Safe Play Sets for Your Kids

Having active kids around, you would want them to have a place to play and run around without you worrying about their safety. You do not want them to go to the streets or the neighborhood and loiter around. It would be too dangerous. Having a backyard or garden, you could decorate this part of your house with durable and safe outdoor playsets. You will be able to see them play and check on them once in a while.

You could install a Gorilla Playset Blue Ridge Riverview. It is made from factory-stained and sealed wood. This type of material is resistant to decay, rot and even from insect damage. It comes with an upper-level clubhouse with a working Palladian style shutters. It has a safe entry ladder and a rock wall that has a climbing rope. It includes a wave slide, swing beam, belt swings, trapeze swing, rope ladder, sandbox area, buit-in picnic table, steering wheel, telescope, tic tac toe panel, flag kit and safety handles. It is available in Cedar that has an Amber finish.

To add to your Gorilla Playset, you could have their Free Standing Tire Swing. It is made from preserved Southern Yellow Pine. It has a 360 turbo tire swing with plastic coated chains. Your kids will surely have a great time with this durable tire swing.

Your kids will also enjoy the Play-Zee-Bo from Gorilla Playsets. It has a factory stained and sealed wood. It is multi-color and durable that comes with a sandbox. It has a fire-retardant polyester roof that is resistant to mold and it is also waterproof. It comes with a 3-D illustrated instructions and manual.

Make your kids’ playtime more complete with a KidKraft Backyard Sandbox. Its corners double as a convenient seating. It is large enough to accommodate multiple children that can play at once. Your kids will surely be busy playing during school breaks or the weekends with these play sets. They will never be bored and they will have a great and safe play time in your backyard.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Modern Children's Furniture For Their Playroom

When it comes to a child’s bedroom parents should always bear in mind that children do not consider their bedroom as a place to rest. More often than not they also consider their bedroom as their playroom, therefore as parents we also must try to consider our kids when we design their bedrooms. It should not be the bedroom which will suit our taste but it should be a bedroom that kids would love and enjoy. Therefore you can turn your kid’s bedroom into an all-in-one bedroom, meaning it would be a bedroom at the same time a playroom. To turn this dream into a reality invest in attractive and durable modern children furniture which you can purchase online.

Since kids spend most of their time in the bedroom it would be wise for us parents to make their bedroom as their playroom at the same time. Wiser in the sense that it can also save us a lot of bucks than building another for them to play; all we need to do is to choose furnish their bedroom with playroom décor so create an ambiance not just a bedroom but that of a playroom as well.

When designing or planning for your kids bedroom you need to consider your child’s personality, if your child is a girl then you need to build a kid’s bedroom fitting for a girl however you need to match it with her personality such that if your little girl or son loves to spend most of her time painting or drawing then it would be better for you to create a little space for him to draw or paint, you should make this space brighter and colorful and use a playroom décor that would make her creative time works better. See to it that the wall should be clear to have a little space for him or her to display her works.

Another thing to be considered is the theme of your kid’s bedroom. You should match it with your kid’s passion. Take for instance your little girl loves Barbie, then you must buy bedroom furniture having a Barbie theme, the playroom décor you should chose must also match with your bedroom theme to avoid a mismatch.  If your kid is a boy and he loves Disney Pixar’s Cars, then see to it that the theme of his bedroom furniture as well the bedroom itself should be Disney Pixar’s Cars the playroom décor must also match with the bedroom theme and furniture also. You can enhance it by purchasing a custom bed that would match your child’s bedroom theme.

Tips in Buying Contemporary Bedroom Sets

Bedroom is the most important part of our house due to the fact that is the place where we can be ourselves. It is a place where we can find comfort and respite as well as attain our privacy. Therefore bedroom should be neat and clean, well organized as well as comfortable, and you can only attain this if you can design your room in conformity with your bedroom furniture.

When designing your bedroom you need to include your bedroom furniture, should it be classic or Modern Childrens Furniture. It should always blend with the design so to attain that comfort bedroom and tranquility you are looking for. But before you will purchase any bedroom furniture you need to consider these few tips.

The first thing you need to consider in buying your bedroom sets is your bedroom’s space and size. As bedroom is a place where we seek comfort and tranquility therefore it needs to be spacious an clutter-free, so if your bedroom is small then you need to buy bedroom furniture that would shrink the space instead buy bedroom furniture that would make your room looks wide and spacious such as the most common space saving bedroom furniture designs.

The next thing you need to consider is the theme and design. Bedroom furniture designs always affect the ambience of your bedroom. Thus, if you want to have tranquility then chose a design which would blend with the theme of your bedroom to avoid mismatch. Always remember that there are so many designs of contemporary bedroom sets that really looks fancy and inviting, do not be deceived with their elegant look always go for the quality and the design that would match with your bedroom and its theme.

Quality should also be next in line as well as the ownership of the room. It is necessary to mull over the quality of materials when you buy your childrens furniture as well as the person who will be using the bedroom. Bedroom is considered to be a haven for kids therefore their bedroom should be designed in a way children would appreciate and love and bedroom furniture in this manner is not an exception. It must have the quality that would last long.

Finally your next thing to consider in buying a contemporary bedroom sets is your budget. In order for you to save you need to find discounted bedroom sets or find bedroom furniture on sale. You can find it in a shop near you or perhaps on other bedroom furniture shops. However if you want a fast and easy shopping you can try shopping online since there are variety of bedroom furniture collection found in every furniture online shop. 

Decorating Your Children’s Bedrooms with Delightful Kids Furniture

You may not know this, but your kids might be bored with their respective bedrooms. If you have a teenage son, he might be uncomfortable with his cartoon character-inspired bedroom. He needs a room make-over and needs some new teen bedroom furniture pieces. Your little girl might want to have a castle-inspired bedroom because she wants to become a princess. Your kids have great imaginations and you could provide them with the type of bedrooms that they desire.

To start transforming your kids’ bedrooms, you should begin shopping for new beds. Depending on the type of bed that each of your kids would want, you should ensure that these beds are durable and they are made from non-toxic materials. Your children’s health and safety should be your utmost priority.

For the bed, your little kids would want an Ark Group Steens for Kids Bunk Bed. This type of bed can be split down into 2 twin beds. It is made of solid pine and has a whitewash finish. It is made from Denmark.

You could opt for the KidKraft Charleston Toddler Cot. It has bed rails to keep your child safe and it fits most crib mattress. It is low enough for easy access. It is sturdy enough and it is made of wood.

For a contemporary design, your kid might prefer a Litto Kids Manhattan Twin Bed. It’s made of Zebra wood and has a polished steel frame. It will fit a standard twin size mattress. For added comfort and convenience, the mattress is supported by an all rail system.

A functional bed is the Nurseryworks Duet Modern Custom Children’s Bed with Contemporary Bedroom Storage. It includes 3 drawers for storage, a trundle frame and a mattress system. It also has a single cabinet. The bed frame is made from Dark Catalpa Wood or Natural Catalpa Wood.

Decorating your children’s room with the right modern childrens furniture, such as the bed, will have a great impact on the room. It is because the bed is the focal point of every bedroom.