Monday, September 10, 2012

Artecnica’s Super Stylish Nursery Lighting

Night lights have never gotten this classy with Artecnica’s penchant for exquisitely designed lighting fixtures.

The Icarus Pendant Lamp by Artecnica was likely inspired by the mythological character of the same name, the boy whose father gave him wings so he could fly. The Icarus Pendant is a multi-layered extruded polyester pendant light, and the design’s resemblance to a bird’s wing is a testament to human aspiration to flight. It was designed by Tord Boontje, who intended to “[explore the realms of nature”, with the lamp.  It’s a beautiful lamp that banks a lot on the poetic simplicity of its design.  The Icarus Lamp is made entirely of white, and (quite aptly) weighs very little. It runs on a maximum lamp rating of 60 watts, and a conical safety protector for extra durability.

No less artistic is the Midsummer Light Pendant Lamp in White, also by Artecnica.

The Midsummer Light Pendant Lamp is made of two layers of a special kind of paper called Tyvek, which was especially reinforced to make it resistant to moisture. The pendant lamp lends a softness to any nursery, not to mention gives an undeniable sense of style as well. The Midsummer Light Pendant Lamp runs on a maximum lamp  rating of 60 watts. Its Tyvek material also makes it a bit more impervious to normal wear and tear than most lamps. It is resistant to constant changes in temperature, as well as water.

Should you ever need to clean it, don’t chuck the lamp into the washer with the rest of the laundry. It can be handwashed, though extra care needs to be taken.

While the model featured here is in white, it is also available in four colors: Lilac Fading, Red Fading, Green/Yellow, and White/White. The white is a good pick for minimalists, and holds a certain level of sophistication as well.

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