Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Extraordinary Beds by Cedarworks

The Cedarworks Rhapsody Bed 4 by Cedarworks isn’t just your ordinary bed set. It’s a playground and creative center all on its own. It features a loft bed and a number of panels that you can customize to create the perfect bed for your child.

The Rhapsody Bed 4 features a slide, door, chalkboard, steering wheel, rope, and bucket, all designed to scale, so your child can make use of all the play items on the bed. The bed (also called the Loft Bed 45) might feature two clouds-wide and four cloud above panels, tree-wide below deck panels, and a bubbles-clear panel for the door.  Playdeck 30 features a slide and arched ladder.

The whole unit is made of furniture grade solid hardwood and only the best multi-plywood Baltic Birch. The panels are laminated panels, and coated all over with Rhapsody natural stains. The stains used for the bed are water-based and non-toxic to guarantee child safety. The bed also doesn’t utilize plastic components, so that’s one point in favor of mother earth.

Another notable bed by Cedarworks is the Rhapsody Bed 3. With more of an underwater explorer theme, the Rhapsody Bed 3 will fuel your child’s imagination for the deep blue under.

The Rhapsody Bed 3 is also built to scale, featuring accessories like a fire pole, fish-wide panels, a whole climbing wall, and a fish-wide nook. The bed is made of furniture grade solid hardwood, and premium multi—plywood Baltic Birch laminated panels. Like the Rhapsody Bed 4, the Rhapsody Bed 3 is coated in water-based, natural bed stains and has no plastic components. The Rhapsody Bed 3 is custom built to order, and you can be as flexible with the customization and accessories as you want.

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