Sunday, October 21, 2012

Fun Accessories for Toddlers From Gorilla Playsets

Looking for just the right child’s playset can either be the easiest or most difficult decision any parent has to make. Where are you going to find playsets that combine the right activities for maximum cognitive and physical development, as well as offer a whole lot of fun?

If you’re not ready to commit to a whole playset, try starting out small first. The Accessory Buoy Ball with Trapeze Bar, for instance, would make a great first accessory to a Gorilla playset swing beam. It’s extremely customizable, and you can take the buoy ball out and use just the trapeze bar with the rings. If you do decide to keep the buoy ball, you can also inflate or deflate it to whatever size you want. The whole model is also available in four different colors, if you like having more than one choice.

The trapeze bar includes a couple of spring clips, a plastisol coated chain, and 15 uninflated buoy balls. The unit requires a bit of assembly.

For toddlers, the Half Bucket Toddler Swing by Gorilla Playsets will do perfectly. The Half Bucket Toddler Swing is for toddlers who have graduated from the Full Bucket Swing, but aren’t quite ready for the standard swings on the playground. The set is built for kisd aged three to five years old and is available in three different colors.

Unlike most swings though, the Gorilla Playset Swing features built-in protection from ultraviolet rays, so the swing set doesn’t heat up as easily and its colors stay intact for longer. The seats are supported by electro-galvanized chains coated in plastisol for a stronger, pinch-free grip. The seat itself is quite comfortable, featuring a polymer molded seat. You don’t have to worry about safety issues either, as the swing comes with a safety chain and its own vinyl sleeve to help keep your child in place while in motion.

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