Monday, October 29, 2012

Spot on Square’s Awesome Bedroom Sets

Make your toddler’s transition to his own bed as smooth as possible. For the best in children’s furniture, you’re going to love the Hiya 4-Piece Toddler Bedroom Set by Spot on Square. Featuring an up-to-date look that’s undeniably child-friendly, the set was clearly designed to appeal to both child and adult in terms of style and functionality.

The Hiya Toddler Bedroom Set takes on both a clean and sophisticated look, sporting wither a white or birch finish. All the units are coated in environmentally-friendly, non-toxic paint, and are made of sustainable hardwood for extra durability. The bedroom set consists of a toddler bed, a dresser, a shelf, and a night stand—an easy all-in-one deal that saves you a lot in terms of time and effort.

The toddler bed can fit a standard crib mattress of 28 (width) by 52 (length) by 6 (height) inches. The dresser sports two roomy shelves that can be used to store clothes and other essentials, and a shelf for books and other what-not. The night stand would go perfectly beside the toddler bed, and holds a drawer or two to hold a favorite book, stuffed animal, or a night light.

A similar bedroom set by Spot on Square is the Hiya 3 Piece Crib Set. If you’re looking for the perfect set to furnish your baby’s nursery, this will do nicely. The Hiya 3 Piece Crib Collection set comes in white or birch as well, and is covered in non-toxic paint that’s eco-friendly as well.

The Crib Collection set features a crib, a dresser, and a changing tray. The crib sports a three-point height adjustment for the mattress that makes it easier for you and your child as he puts on a couple of inches. The changing tray goes right on top of the Hiya dresser, and can easily be removed for extra storage space.

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