Monday, October 29, 2012

Stylish Entertainment Furniture by Offi and Co.

The Coosh Lounge and Ottoman by Offi and Co. is an ingenious piece of furniture created from high density foam, with a sophisticated shape that trumps your ordinary lounge chair.

The Coosh Lounge and Ottoman sports a distinctive interlocking curving chaise that’s both modern and insanely comfortable, a combination that has given it a “gamer’s chair” reputation. The lounge was constructed from a single block of high-density polyurethane foam, which also has fire-retardant properties. It can be used individually as a lounge chair or with the ottoman, or both as an interlocking curving chaise.

The Coosh is available in urban gray, with the ottoman matching the lounge’s interlocking curving design. The way the furniture is built allows both the lounge and ottoman to fold into each other, resulting in a space-saving ball that’s a lot easier to store. For homes with a limited area to work with, the Coosh Lounge provides an alternative that doesn’t compromise space for design, and vice versa.

Whether you want the Coosh Lounge as a gamer’s chair or just a place to sit back in the living room while you enjoy a couple of movies, it would go nicely with the Duoplane DVD, also by Offi and Co. The Duoplane DVD is a CD shelf that’s one of Offi and Co.’s more popular furniture pieces. It’s a convenient DVD storage shelf that can either be hung horizontally or vertically on the wall.

The Duoplane comes in white, orange, or black, all of which come in powder coated steel. The shelf can hold up to 55 individual DVDs in full height. It’s a very sleek, functional DVD storage unit, and would look right at home in your livingroom next to the Coosh Lounge and Ottoman.

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