Thursday, August 30, 2012

Bond in the Kitchen with the Modern Accessories

Doing an activity with your kid is a great way to bond and strengthen your parent-child relationship. A great endeavor that both of you can get into is cooking. But the typical kitchen utensils that you have for cooking right now might prove to be a hazard to kids. This is why My Urban Child offers a collection of modern kitchen accessories especially made for their safety and pleasure.

Drab your child in full chef regalia with children’s sized apron and hat sets by Princess Linens. It has personalization options for the bussing chef, this cute set will make for a great gift. It also comes in a variety of colors so they can get to wear their favorite color.

To help you and your child whip up the most delicious recipes with your child, the Scandinavian Child Beaba Kid Cookbook would be a great companion. It contains 25 recipes of simple and healthy fruit and vegetable dishes that any kid can easily create. It has 64 pages of full-color pictures to better facilitate their cooking.

Another interesting kitchen accessory that would definitely make cooking and eating more fun are the kids’ chalkboard placemat by Princess Linens. While waiting for their food or after enjoying their meal at home or in a restaurant, your kid can keep busy by drawing in the placemats. You will have no worries because it cleans easily, offering both practicality and enjoyment.

From the getup down to the littlest cooking utensils, My Urban Child has got you covered when you are looking to bond with your child in the kitchen or dining area. You will not have to worry about safety so you can be on your merry way allowing them to explore and foster their cooking talents. You just might have a chef in the making!

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