Thursday, August 30, 2012

Entertaining and Educational Wall Decals

Children have very wild imaginations. And while this may get them into troubles some times, this is actually a way for them to discover and develop the talents and skills that they are endowed with. As their parent, a great way for you to enhance and facilitate their minds is to provide them with an environment that will foster creative and imaginative thinking. And what better method to do so than giving them a fun and stimulating room through wall decals.

The wall decals at My Urban Child have been designed to not only make a child’s room colorful; it will also allow them to learn more about the world that they are living in. Decked in a variety of colors with prints of animals, plants, and interesting pictures and prints; it will surely create an environment that is apt for the developing mind of a child.

One example is the Avalisa collection. It offers a refreshing look on animal faces and will surely brighten up a room with their energizing and inviting designs. The designs are printed on canvas and are ready to hand in any part of your home.

There is also the Emma Jeffs Adhesive Window Film. With collections of aquatic creatures and outer space elements, to name a few, these films can be stuck in mirrors or any glass surface to provide privacy while letting light shine through it. They are easy to remove and leave no residue so installation is a breeze.

These, along with many other collections at My Urban Child from well-renowned designers, promises to provide any bland environment with the life and energy that it needs. And this is all for the welfare of the growing mind and imagination of your little child. Whether in children bedrooms, playrooms, daycare centers, and even children’s hospital; this will make for an energizing atmosphere for kid.

Bond in the Kitchen with the Modern Accessories

Doing an activity with your kid is a great way to bond and strengthen your parent-child relationship. A great endeavor that both of you can get into is cooking. But the typical kitchen utensils that you have for cooking right now might prove to be a hazard to kids. This is why My Urban Child offers a collection of modern kitchen accessories especially made for their safety and pleasure.

Drab your child in full chef regalia with children’s sized apron and hat sets by Princess Linens. It has personalization options for the bussing chef, this cute set will make for a great gift. It also comes in a variety of colors so they can get to wear their favorite color.

To help you and your child whip up the most delicious recipes with your child, the Scandinavian Child Beaba Kid Cookbook would be a great companion. It contains 25 recipes of simple and healthy fruit and vegetable dishes that any kid can easily create. It has 64 pages of full-color pictures to better facilitate their cooking.

Another interesting kitchen accessory that would definitely make cooking and eating more fun are the kids’ chalkboard placemat by Princess Linens. While waiting for their food or after enjoying their meal at home or in a restaurant, your kid can keep busy by drawing in the placemats. You will have no worries because it cleans easily, offering both practicality and enjoyment.

From the getup down to the littlest cooking utensils, My Urban Child has got you covered when you are looking to bond with your child in the kitchen or dining area. You will not have to worry about safety so you can be on your merry way allowing them to explore and foster their cooking talents. You just might have a chef in the making!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Knifty Privacy Screen Doubles as Divider

Privacy screens are all the rage these days, mostly because they create different spaces within spaces—a little spot of quiet individuality in the middle of the helter skelter of the day.
The Knifty Privacy Screen features levelers on the bottom that make it easy to move the screen around and adjust as needed. It is also available in six different low-VOC veneers, though the dark brown is a beautiful shade and is highly recommended.

The Knifty Privacy Screen is ideal as a divider, particularly in rooms with more than one function. The screen could divide the bedroom into a sleeping space and study area, or a sleeping space and a vanity, and other variants. In the workplace, a privacy screen could shut out the world for a bit while you take a lunch break or a moment from all the busy-ness.
A privacy screen could also hide any unsightly portions of the room, or other architectural oddities that mess with the furniture dynamic. Used strategically, a privacy screen or divider can add a level of efficiency in the room as well.

The screen is solidly built, with the kind of finish that looks like it was meant to last—great value for your money. While it can adequately serve as a room divider and does offer a measure of privacy, it’s not the kind of screen you can use for changing, or for extra privacy, owing to the strips in the screen walls. It might also look a little bulky for those of you who prefer a certain touch of delicacy in your furniture, and there’s really nothing very fancy about it, athough functionally it does just fine.

However, the Knifty Privacy Screen blends well into any kind of décor, and its unassuming style might just be what you need if you’d like to cast emphasis on other parts of the room.

Ferm Dishes Out Cozy Knitted Covers

Add a personalized touch to your vases with a knitted vase cover by Fern Living. It’s definitely not a new concept, but knitted things always take you right back to memories of home and its comforts, at least to most of us.

The vase cover comes in a lovely blue, though there are probably other colors available, not to mention sizes. It’s made of cotton rope, too—stable and not fuzzy enough to have any dormant allergies acting up. The vase inside giving the cotton structure is made of glass, so a little care when handling is in order.

It should be noted that not many people nowadays bother to deck their vases in cotton covers, though if you are meticulous in keeping dust off all furniture surfaces (or if you have a particularly delicate vase that you don’t want to see the light of day), the Ferm vase cover should do just fine.  n any case, the vase can be used to store a variety of materials, making for good storage regardless.

Ferm also has another similar knitted product, though for baskets, and it’s not just a knitted cover for baskets, it’s literally a knitted basket, made of the same cotton rope as the knitted vase cover, and in a darker shade of blue. Again, nobody thinks about covering furniture in knitted things anymore, much less baskets, but it’s nice to know that it’s there for when you need it.

Regardless, when you do need them, these Ferm knitted covers more than serve their purpose. They also create a very homey feel to your furniture, and you can achieve that without even having knit the covers yourself. To top it off, you can never go wrong with a little extra storage. 

Monday, August 13, 2012

Monster Storage Options from Babyletto

Few companies have ever nailed that one-stop storage furniture unit, but Babyletto definitely has. To start off, there’s the Modo Kids Modular Storage Horizontal Set, available in a lovely espresso finish.

The merits of this particular storage unit are numerous. For one thing, there are several drawers, cubby holes and surfaces on and in which you can store various what-nots—from sheets to toys to extra pillows. For another, you can actually rearrange the entire unit to fit your organizational preference, as well as for saving space. The whole unit is made up of nine stackable units that you can arrange whatever way you like, or you can use them as separate storage in themselves.

If you need the same level of organization that doesn’t necessarily take up more space, you might want to check out the Modo Open Cupboard, which features four open cubbyholes in a square formation. You can purchase more than one of this and stack them one on top of the other.

While either of these options is a pretty good deal, if you’re looking for more heavy-duty storage, consider getting the much larger Modo Modern Modular Storage “The Wall”. Rightly named for the amount of space it tends to take up, The Wall makes up for its bulkiness in its extremely diverse and roomy storage space.

It features nine stackable wall units, specifically three three base drawers, four open storage cubes and two storage cabinets. You can do whatever you want with all the space, and like the Modular Storage Horizontal Set, you can take these pieces apart and use them as inidivual storage units by themselves. One unit features a corkboard, as well, an extra plus in organization, where your kids can pin reminders and assignments.

Stylish Travelling Accessories from Dwell Studio

Thinking of going travelling? DwellStudio has an excellent selection of bag products and accessories that can make travelling with your child much more efficient.

Take for instance the Dots Chocolate Madison Diaper Bag. This particular product has everything you need from a diaper bag—roomy, efficient, and bursting with style. It features a coated canvas exterior and a patterned interior lining, as well as multiple pockets to store all kinds of baby what-nots. The Madison Diaper Bag also comes with a changing pad, in case you need to change diapers on the go, as well as stroller attachments, for easy mobility with a baby stroller.

Another good Dwellstudio product to have on the road is DwellStudio’s Dots Chocolate Travel Case. This travel case was designed to hold more essentials than your average diaper bag, and is a great choice for when you’re going to be away for a while. Made of canvas, it flaunts the same chocolate dot design of the Madison Diaper Bag. This traveling case comes in either a small size, measuring  8" W x 5.25" H x 2.5" D, and a large Case measuring 11” W x 7.25" H x 2.5" D. With that much room in one compact case, you can store anything from baby bottles to extra diapers to just about any baby essential that you might need on the go.

Store your food in a much more conducive case, a good example of which is the Dots Chocolate Lunchbox from DwellStudio. It offers just enough space to pack everyone a good meal while on the road. The lunchbox also has special insulation on the inside, keeping your food hot and tasty for longer periods. Also, the Dots Chocolate Lunchbox goes great with other Dots Chocolate cases from DwellStudio.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Stylish Lamps by Nuevo

What you’re really going to love about the Nuevo Living Armando Floor Lamp is that its design has a very modern feel to it. It flaunts a look that would go excellently with contemporary décor, though I suppose it could also work for classic or vintage homes if you spun your decor just right. It measures 19.75 by 17 by 21 inches, relatively convenient to move around, though it is by no means a small sort of lamp. One thing’s for sure though, this lamp—with its steel frame in a distinct half curve—was designed to make a statement.

Another similar product from Nuevo is the Apollo Pendant Lamp. This one is part of the same collection as the Armando, and it’s easy to spot the same kind of sophistication in the design. Still, the Apollo differs in a key number of ways, one of which is the very classy, sophisticated black shade, through which the light bulb and small, stylish accents hang through. It comes across as rather posh, and is attached to the ceiling via a three-rod steel frame—the kind of lamp that would most probably match the living or dining room. The lamp looks pretty high maintenance, but is fairly easy to install.

The Bora Small Pendant Lamp is comparable to the Armando Floor Lamp as well; it was designed with a fancy chrome finish, though you can also get the product in black or white. What I found interesting about the Bora Pendant Lamp was the interweaving mess of white chrome that houses the lightbulb, prompting a feeling of geometric chaos. It’s a great lighting appliance if you like to think about your furniture, and like other similar Nuevo products, this lamp is definitely one step above the rest.

Lights Up! Wall Sconces For Your Home

Wall sconces have an underrated elegance about them. We tend to place them in places that aren’t so easily noticeable for the most part, though I find they play an important role in creating a balanced lighting scheme.

The Rex Large Wall Sconce is part of Lights Up!’s wide selection of lighting products. Like many lighting products on the market, this walls sconce leans towards a more modern design, though I think it would fit either classic or contemporary styled homes nicely. The sconce looks quite classy, with a back plate in shiny nickel finish, as well as a lamp shade that comes in either silk or linen, the former of which I recommend, as the quality of the material is worth investing in. The lamp has relatively low wattage; you’ll need 40-watt light bulbs to get it up and running.

In the same line, the Meridian Large Wall Sconce comes in an interesting array of fabrics that complements its sophisticated style. The shades come in all sorts of prints as well, and you can choose among the various styles, depending on your home’s present décor.

You can find the Meridian Large Wall Sconce in shades that are either linen or 100% silk, good durable quality whichever you choose (though I still stand by the silk option). If you feel like being a little more creative, try looking through the different colors for the shade. I especially like that the lamp also comes in multiple finishes; all in all adding a certain flexibility to your home décor. Aside from the many choices you can make regarding its design, you’ll appreciate the efficiency of the sconce’s 40-watt light output; it offers just enough light without any of that annoying glare, not to mention is reasonably easy on my electric bill.

Knifty Media Entertainment Center for Your Child’s Bedroom

Installing a media entertainment center in your child’s bedroom is often a wise decision. While you could mount a DVD player or an iPod music dock on an ordinary bookshelf, I find it’s always a better (and much safer) alternative to encase your entertainment systems in furniture that was specifically made to house delicate gadgets. In addition, media centers often double as extra storage space, a definite bonus in terms of practicality.

For instance, the Knifty Entertainment Center is a solidly built media center that offers roomy storage in its two shelves. While most media centers are built low to the ground to reduce the tendency for it falling over, this media center holds its own with a tubular steel legs, each of which has its own nickel plated leveler to keep from slipping—an extra measure that always writes good in my book.

Another thing to commend about this unit is the wire management grommet at the back of the shelf, making it easy to keep the wires organized—one big plus for Knifty, as not many media entertainment centers put this kind of thought into convenience. In fact, you’ll find that there is a half-moon cutout on the back edge of the whole shelf, providing an exit for all the wires for your gadgets. This eliminates the unseemly sight of wires snaking down the front of your gadgets, definitely good for aesthetics. Speaking of aesthetics, the unit also comes in six veneer choices, so if you’re hankering for a different shade of brown, you’re in luck, though I find the darker shades to be a tad bit classier than the lighter ones.

The Knifty Entertainment Center doubles as a storage or display center for little collectibles as well, should your child need a place to organize your things.

Great Table Lamps to Place in Your Livingroom

The Flight Table Lamp definitely trumps my expectations of beautiful lamps. For one thing, the shades are made of 100% silk, and the patterns on the shades are those that you will find nowhere else than at Lights Up!.   

The Flight Table Lamp features a convenient on/off pull chain, as well as about 60W of light power, which is a little more than some lamps you can find on the market, though it’s still relatively reasonable. One of the things I first noticed about the lamp, however, was the 12 inch diameter adjustable shade, which comes in multiple fabrics that you can choose from, though normally it’s either made of linen or silk. In fact, you can also look among Lights Up!’s different designs for the base, which I think is good if you’re planning a little mixing and matching in your décor.

Another great lighting product from Lights Up! is the Large Meridian Table LampWhile Lights Up! also offers this product in a smaller size, I recommend getting the large one, as it has a much more striking effect, and it also gives off a lot more light.  Owing to its size and its shade, the Meridian Table Lamp effortlessly draws one’s attention in the room. It has a very sleek look to it, mostly due to the brushed nickel accents, though you can look for other types of finishes as well, depending on your taste, and I find it is an excellent match for both contemporary and classic home décor.

The Cancan Adjustable Table Lampis also a good choice for your livingroom. The lamp has some really attractive, printed shades made of silk (as most of their products are).The lamp is operable via the cord switch, and is run by a relatively higher 75-power wattage. Still, if you don’t mind the higher running power, the pretty design on this lamp is worth it.