Thursday, August 29, 2013

Emma Jeffs Adhesive Window Film: The Modern Solution For Window Coverings!

EMMA JEFFS - Window Film
British designer, Emma Jeffs, combines the chemistry of synthetics with the print stylings of a master artist. Since the year 2000, she has been creating custom surface designs using a variety of techniques from hand drawn to digital images to cater to the demands of her clients. These films allow light into the room but gives a blurred view of the outside through it, giving the illusion of a frosted glass. With an internal light, it is possible to see its diffused shapes and designs. All films have white printed patterns with a frosted etched effect, perfect for any home, offices, and other establishments. They bear an all-over pattern so they can be installed vertically or horizontally. The window films of Emma Jeffs are all made from non-PVC and phalate-free (non-vinyl) materials, assuring quality and safety which is a main concern for My Urban Child.
Emma Jeffs Adhesive Window Film, Fishy Fish
The Fishy Fish Adhesive Window Film by Emma Jeffs is a delightful collection of aquatic creatures and the shells that populate their home. Turn a bathroom into a beach scene. This privacy film lets in full light while creating privacy. Step-by-step instructions are included. Measuring and cutting to size is made simple with grid system on the backing sheet. The whole process is normally completed in less than 10 minutes. Allows light in but blurs the view when looking in or out. Not affected by condensation, but use not recommended near intense heat or water (behind a cooker, sink or shower door for instance).
Emma Jeffs Adhesive Window Film, Orba
The Orba Adhesive Window Film by Emma Jeffs combines modern materials with elegant surface design to create a window film that will convince everyone you've spent a fortune on antique etched glass or lacy textiles. This frosted window covering will ensure that you never have to close blinds or roll down a shade again. Simply add water and adhere to a window. The film gives total privacy while letting full light shine through! It is easy to remove with no residue. You can also attach it to mirrors or any glass surface, such as cabinet doors or tables.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Emeco is Modern Aluminum Furniture for Adults Available at My Urban Child!

EMECO | Modern Aluminum Chairs - 1951 Chiar
The Electrical Machine and Equipment Company (Emeco) was founded in 1944 in Hanover Pennsylvania utilizing the skills of local craftsman. They were given a big assignment by the US Government during WWII, to make chairs that could withstand water, salt, air and sailors. These chairs were made lightweight and strong to last for a lifetime. They were designed by real people and engineered for practical purposes.  Aluminum was the obvious choice for materials. Emeco simply named the chair with a number: 1006.  It is also knows as the Navy Chair. There are 77 steps it takes to create any Emeco Chair including forming, welding, grinding, heat-treating, finishing and anodizing just to name a few. There is no other company that makes chairs this way because no one can. It truly takes a human hand and a human eye to know when the process is done right. Emeco's goal is to make products that last and to make recycling obsolete and My Urban Child loves their philosophy.
Emeco Navy Chair
The Navy Chair was first built in 1944 for use on submarines and has been in continuous production ever since. Emeco craftsmen take soft and recycled aluminum and then hand form, weld it, then temper it for strength. Finally, the chair is anodized for a durable finish. These are all part of the famous 77 step process. These Navy Chairs are guaranteed for life.
Emeco 1951 Bar Stool
The 1951 Bar Stool provides a blast from the past!  It is a modern upgrade from the chairs that were originally used in Navy hospitals back in 1951. This bar stool is cost-effective while remaining highly durable.  The seats are made of ABS sturdy plastic and come in seven different exciting colors. It includes a brushed and anodized aluminum frame which contributes to its sturdiness.  Also, these bar stools can be stacked six high to conserve space. 

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Cranial Cradle: Sleeping Position is Critical to Proper Development of the Cranium!

Cranial Cradle
Cranial Cradle visionaries Vince and Sheryl Lake previously operated a 6000 sq. ft. childcare center in Maryland. During this time, they began their research regarding plagiocephaly (flat head syndrome) and they were determined to make a difference since the only therapies were corrective, expensive and long-term. There were no preventative measures that parents could take, so the Lakes set out to create cutting-edge products that ensure babies have a surface to sleep on that may reduce excess pressure to the developing cranium. The result of their efforts is Cranial Cradle available at My Urban Child.
The Cranial Cradle Bassinet Pad is a customized high-density foam replacement pad for your bassinet with a 2.75 depth for ultimate comfort and support. Each bassinet pad is crafted with our revolutionary contoured pod design that was inspired by parents for parents who want their baby to sleep in a safe, controlled and supportive environment. This design was produced to relieve the external pressure on the baby’s head and body. Each pad has a sculpted contoured pod that cradles your baby’s head and body as gently as you. The replacement pad is recommended for infants 0-3 months. Firm Support in accordance with pediatrician and Consumer Product Safety Commission firmness recommendations.
The Cranial Cradle Pod Crib Mattress for Twins is the first of its kind in the marketplace. This design was inspired with twice the creativity to ultimately allow parents to maximize their twin baby’s sleep patterns. This customized 6-inch, high-density foam crib mattress was crafted incorporating our revolutionary pod design, but with 2 pods to accommodate co-sleeping for twins. The dual pod crib mattress has two sculpted, contoured pods on a diagonal at each end of the crib mattress to provide the infants with a safe, controlled and supportive co-sleeping environment. The dual pods also allow you to reposition your babies each time you or your caregiver lay them down to rest.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Princess Linens: Personalized Gifts at Their Finest!

Princess Linens
At Princess Linens, they create the most unique gifts and classic monogrammed clothing for children and they love what they do!  After moving the business to Atlanta they grew by leaps and bounds.   Today, they have an office staffed with friendly faces where they create the personalized gifts that you have grown to know and love.  They believe that every gift is special and they want to help yours be the most unique that is loved for years to come.  They also know that the best gifts are for your little ones which are why they go to great lengths to ensure the quality and safety of all of their products.  Check out what they have to offer at My Urban Child today!
Princess Linens Doodle Bag
  • Washable crayons, Pad of Paper, 5 pieces of Chalk, Mini Chalk Board, and Front pocket perfect for stickers.
  • It opens to reveal a pad of paper and 10 washable crayons with additional pockets to hold your child's favorite colors.
  • Turn the page and start a whole new adventure with chalk and a mini chalkboard.
  • Even has a front pocket perfect to hold stickers and a zipper closure to keep everything in place when not in use.
  • Personalize with your child's name for a special touch.
    Princess Linens Garden Princess Dress in Green Hibiscus
  • This dress is perfect for a picnic in the park or that special occasion.
  • With a high waist, lined bodice and covered button shoulder closures.
  • May be personalized in your choice of embroidery styles.
  • •    Manufactured by: Princess Linens
    •    Material: 100% cotton.

    Friday, August 23, 2013

    Foamnasium: Soft, Safe, Shapes For Kids!

    Foamnasium by Foamcraft Logo

    Foamnasium designs foam play products and furniture exclusively for kids. Their products are safe, durable, soft, colorful, and environment-friendly, using their more than 60 years of experience in dealing with polyurethane. They are manufactured to allow kids to have fun, develop their motor skills, and explore and expand their imaginations. This product line offers a wide range of modern playroom furniture that has been uniquely designed and superbly constructed, perfect for play and rest. Their array of foam playroom furniture includes safe and durable chairs, sofas, pillows, and tables that will also be great fixtures in schools and daycares. Foamnasium ensures that they stay on top of the line at all times by keeping themselves abreast in the latest upgrades in technology. Their line of foam playroom furniture available at My Urban Child allows kids to use some focused stimulation for their own development, focusing on creating pieces that are attractive, functional, and fun.
    Foamnasium Straight Back Sofa Blue
    The Straight Back Sofa in Blue create areas for conversation and socialization. This piece was created to help promote good posture for your child. It can be combined with the Foamnasium chairs or blocks to create conversation pits. The soft vinyl and foam has antimicrobial & antibacterial protection. This piece meets all US flammability standards and contains only CPSIA compliant materials.
    Foamnasium Mailbox in Yellow
    The Mailbox in Yellow will help spark your child's creativity.  It includes a handle for easy toting around.  This item can be used to improve their balancing skills.  Also, it fits under the optional Tunnel.  It can be combined with the wedge, blocks, tunnel, and other Foamnasium items to create a soft and safe play area. The material is easy to clean, tough and resilient vinyl.

    Thursday, August 22, 2013

    My Urban Child is Pet Friendly Offering Great Dog and Cat Houses from DenHaus!

    Denhaus  - Denhaus Pet Furniture
    DenHaus seeks to enrich the human-pet experience by honoring your pet as a unique member of your family and celebrating your home as a beautiful shared space. Every day you come home to a wagging tail. Every day you seek comfort and appreciate beauty. You share your space with your pet and they with you. How can you create a home that you both love? This was the inspiration behind DenHaus, and we are proud to have them amongst or product offerings at My Urban Child!
    DenHaus BowHaus
    Your pet longs to curl up in a comfy cave. You prefer furniture with modern pedigree. Good thing the BowHaus is equally irresistible to comfort-loving animals and the design hounds who adore them. Give your pet the best. The smooth and easy-to-clean interior boasts a super soft cushion and playful peek-a-boo holes for ventilation demanded by our finicky four-legged product-testers. Be sure to add the comfy bed that fits perfect inside the BowHaus. You and your pet will love it.
    DenHaus TownHaus
    The TownHaus classic look will add warmth to your home. There is durable, solid wood construction and excellent ventilation for your companion inside. Also available to add is the optional pet bed. These custom cushions are made of high quality foam with a removable, washable outer cover made of soft microfiber. Change your fabric with your mood. The versatile pet bed has stripes on one side and solid microfiber on the other side.
    DenHaus ZenHaus
    The ZenHaus blends with your surroundings and your style. This unique den integrates a sleek, oval design in four modern colors to create a unique style that helps you make a statement. Each piece is handcrafted by artisans, shaped and polished in fiberglass to create a sleek, shiny exterior. The colors are vibrant. The look is sophisticated. The optional pet bed has blue microfiber swirls on one side and a solid tan microfiber on the other side.

    Tuesday, August 20, 2013

    The Nursery Works Vetro Crib and Changer Set Has It All!

    The Nursery Works Vetro Crib and Changer Set includes an ultra-modern crib with sleek and curved lines. The choice is clear!  Inspired by a love of acrylic furniture, Nursery Works continues its legacy as a pioneer in children's design with this one-of-a-kind crib.  This is the first and only crib in the market to be made entirely of acrylic.  Nursery Works patented design features beautiful curved edges and three level mattress heights. The Nursery Works Vetro Changer is the perfect companion piece for the Nursery Works Vetro Crib.  The Changer features either a peek-a-boo door with acrylic cutouts and shelf, or simply all drawers.  Check out the entire Vetro Collection at My Urban Child today!
    • The crib is crafted from non-toxic and recyclable Lucite.
    • The crib features beautiful curved edges and three level mattress heights.
    • The changer is available with cabinet and drawers or just all drawers.
    • The changer has a removable tray that fits a standard changing pad.
    • The drawers are stacked but connected for stability.
    • There is a shelf inside the cabinet.
    • There are acrylic cutouts on all drawers.
    • The crib dimensions are: 53" H x 28" W x 35" D
    • The changer dimensions are: 34" H x 44" W x 19" D

    Thursday, August 15, 2013

    The Oeuf Perch Bunk Bed Saves Space While Still Being Ultra Modern!

    Oeuf - Oeuf Crib - Oeuf Nursery
    Oeuf literally translates to “egg” in French.  They use only clean and simple design to create environmentally safe yet design conscious furnishings for the baby nursery. The company lives by the belief that babies do not need many items, they only need safe and practical essentials in order for them to grow well. This modern baby and children’s furniture maker has now grown to become a leader in the industry. Many parents have already attested to the style and curability of its structure, the reason why it is guaranteed to last for a long time. These items can be used for years, ensuring customers get a good return on their investment.  We are always here to help at My Urban Child!
    Are you in need of the most modern looking Bunk Bed but are short on space? What used to be large enough for a cute and cozy baby nursery is now a tight fit for that big kid room. Never worry about space issues again with the Oeuf Perch Bunk Bed. Double decker furniture and bunk beds have retained much of their same functionality over the years, and are a practical and fun space saving choice for when two children are sharing a room. The Oeuf Perch Bunk Bed doesn’t only help you maximize your space; it offers a level of versatility that you don’t find in ordinary bunk beds on the market. This Oeuf Bunk Bed is a compact, sturdy unit that is extremely safe for kids as well as enhances the modern look of the entire room. If needed, the single unit even separates into a loft bed and standalone twin. The angled ladder and hand rails significantly minimize the safety risks when utilizing the top bunk. Made of Baltic birch plywood, this bed was built to last your family through many years or many sleepovers!
    •Easy to assemble.
    •Sturdy frame and solid rails on top bunk.
    •Angled ladder with safety tread for safer climbing.
    •Lower than a conventional bunk bed.
    •Improving accessibility.
    •Loft and twin bed can be separated at any point.
    •Made of Baltic birch plywood and eco-MDF.
    •Finishes are non-toxic and free of VOC health hazards.
    •Loft and twin bed can be separated at any point.
    •Ladder can be assembled on either side of the bed.

    Wednesday, August 14, 2013

    Get Your Ubabub Pod Crib Now! New To The US Market!

    Ubabub Pod CribUbabub Pod Crib
    The Pod Crib is a cozy cocoon-shaped crib with smooth, rounded edges for a distinct modern look. Innovative clear acrylic sides with star-shaped cutouts allow for an impended view inside the crib, making checking on baby simple. Plus, it's easy to assemble, clean and maintain. This Ubabub crib also includes a custom-fitted mattress and features two adjustable mattress positions.

    Clear Sides: Clear sides allow for greater visibility, assisting with checking on and settling baby. A series of carefully-designed shapes have been laser cut out of the clear sides to allow for additional airflow while still being small enough to keep little fingers safe.
    Low-Height: Designed with a low profile to make it easy to lift your child in and out of the crib. 

    Upper and Lower Mattress Positions: The upper position is suitable for when your baby is young and less mobile. The lower position is used when your baby becomes mobile and can sit up. 

    Eco-Friendly: The Pod Crib has great eco-credentials. The timber plywood components have been sourced from renewable plantations. It uses non-toxic finishes and all plastic and metal components have been selected for their recyclable properties. The mattress is also hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial, anti-dust mite, anti-mold and anti-mildew. 

    Advanced Design: Unlike any other crib its unique ultra-modern aesthetic offers a luxurious clear view of the world for baby. The Pod Crib is a stunning piece of furniture that will inspire an equally beautiful nursery setting to complement your modern home.
    Ubabub In General: Über stylish and practical, Ubabub offers a line of ultra-safe, durable and ecologically friendly cribs and furniture. With a distinctly modern aesthetic, the carefully designed and constructed pieces not only add a streamlined modern edge to the nursery, but also bring extra comfort and freedom to parents and babies. Ubabub (pronounced über-bub) is a line of Australian designed premium-end nursery and children’s’ products. Initially only available throughout Australia, this high-end brand has now come to the US, via a new partnership with The MDB Family, and now available at My Urban Child!

    Tuesday, August 13, 2013

    Novela Daniel, Ela, Nevo, Rose and Tamar Crib Bedding Sets!

    NOVELA - Novela Crib Bedding - Novela Blankets
    Novela is a baby company that creates lovely organic cotton designs, perfecting a good combination of elegance and color. This ensures that every baby’s bedding is as natural and soft as the baby’s skin while being stylish and colorful. The offerings of Novela include organic baby bedding sets, organic comforters, organic sleeping bags and organic blankets. All Novela Bedding is made from the softest organic cotton that is adorned with lovely cotton designs, combining elegance and color to create an exclusive and unique product. Their products will give your baby a good sleeping environment which is a primary focus of My Urban Child.

    Novela Ela Bedding Set

    Novela Ela Bedding Set

    The Novela Ela Bedding Set is perfect for the little girl in your home. This bedding set is nice and bright. The beautiful damask design in pink and green looks great in any style nursery. The elegance and style of the design on this crib bedding set will enhance your little ones sense of sight. The set includes a Bumper, Crib sheet and Crib Skirt. It is made of 100% pure organic cotton and the bumper has polyester filling.  The crib skirt has four sides which fits around the entire crib. The material is soft and gentle with a 204 thread count. The dimensions are as follows: Crib Bumper: 10” x 160″ - Crib Skirt: 28” x 52″ with 16″ drop length - Fitted Crib Sheet: 28 x 52″.  Machine wash cold, tumble dry low, iron on low if necessary, and do not use bleach or detergents containing bleach. 

    Novela Nevo Bedding Set

    Novela Nevo Bedding Set

    The Novela Nevo Bedding Set is both gorgeous and modern with animal designs. This crib bedding set is perfect for little boys. With the animal design this crib set combines a classic and unique style that will create a magical place for a baby boy. The set includes a Bumper, Crib sheet and Crib Skirt. It is made of 100% pure organic cotton and the bumper has polyester filling.  The crib skirt has four sides which fits around the entire crib. The material is soft and gentle with a 204 thread count. The dimensions are as follows: Crib Bumper: 10” x 160″ - Crib Skirt: 28” x 52″ with 16″ drop length - Fitted Crib Sheet: 28 x 52″.  Machine wash cold, tumble dry low, iron on low if necessary, and do not use bleach or detergents containing bleach. 

    Friday, August 9, 2013

    Introducing the Recaro Performance Series of Car Seats!

    Recaro - Recaro Car Seats - Recaro Child Seat
    Recaro is proud to introduce the Performance Series with the Hero harness system. Hero is a new, innovative safety feature that provides superior comfort and resists harness twisting while ensuring proper chest clip positioning. The Performance Series includes the Recaro Safety Stripe System, which is a racing-inspired white stripe that is clearly visible on the outside edge of the 5-point harness. This stripe is designed as an easy alert to parents that a twist could occur, or has begun, thus preventing a safety hazard. Additionally, all-new features include added mesh for breathability, improved comfort pad with memory foam, cup holders and stylish trim details.  These additional features are important to us at My Urban Child!
    Recaro Performance Ride - Sapphire
    The Performance Ride Convertible Car Seat has a 5-Point harness system that holds children from 5 to 40 pounds rear-facing or 20 to 70 pounds forward-facing. It incorporates the Recaro Side Impact Protection technology inspired by four decades of racing seat safety.
    Recaro Performance Sport - Redd
    The Performance Sport Combination Harness to Booster Car Seat is the best choice for your growing toddler. It has a 5-Point harness system that accommodates children 20 to 90 pounds in harness mode and 30 to 120 pounds in booster mode. It also incorporates the Recaro Side Impact Protection technology inspired by four decades of racing seat safety.

    Thursday, August 8, 2013

    Lafer Recliners are Perfect for Rest and Relaxation!

    LAFER | Lafer Brazil - Modern Leather Recliners
    Lafer is one of the most popular furniture companies in Brazil. For over 80 year now, they have created high quality furniture that is well known for their elegance, ergonomics, and comfort. Their best product are their modern leather recliners that have been researched and developed for years in order to come up with designs that are stylish and comfortable. My Urban Child carries various collections of Lafer Reclining Chairs with various colors, finishes, and models. All of them have the exclusive Lafer retractable footrest along with independent fine adjustments for the backrest and headrest, assuring optimal comfort. Interestingly, most of the names of their recliners have been inspired by legendary lady singers.
    Lafer Adele Reclining Chair
    The Adele Reclining Chair by Lafer Brazil has a retractable footrest. This Recliner Chair offers ergonomic and generous spacing with adjustable features. The backrest inclines from 90 degrees (seated) to 170 degrees (sleeping position). The headrest has an angle adjustment and height adjustment. There are articulating armrests with optional power adjustments.  Also, an extra footrest extension is available as an option for all Lafer Recliners.
    Lafer Bjork Reclining Chair
    The Bjork Reclining Chair by Lafer Brazil has a laid back design in soft leather which ensures maximum comfort and relaxation. Depending on your preference, you can easily set the level of recline that you need to enjoy a quiet afternoon lazing in your playroom. A smartly padded headrest gives the head a great deal of support while sitting or lying back. Beautiful, elegant, and comfortable, this Lafer reclining chair can add sophistication to your living space. The adjustment knob in the chair lets you adjust the backrest as well as the footrest. The rounded arms look sleek and enhance the overall look of this lounge chair.


    Tuesday, August 6, 2013

    Babyletto Skip Collection: Mid-Century Details Make These Items Both Stunning And Versatile!

    Babyletto - Babyletto Cribs - Babyletto Storage
    With classic mid-century details, like gently tapered feet and framed panels, the fresh Skip Collection is stunning as it is versatile. Designed by Babyletto in partnership with acclaimed interior and product designer, Jennifer DeLonge, the Skip Collection is destined to be an instant hit that will lend your nursery years of beautiful comfort. My Urban Child is proud to add this new collection to our offerings, and the Skip Crib is on sale for only $299!
    Babyletto Skip 3-in-1 Convertible Crib with Toddler Rail in Chestnut
    The Skip 3-in-1 Convertible Crib converts into both toddler and day beds, so it grows with your baby (toddler rail included). It also takes your baby’s growth into account with four adjustable mattress positions, so baby can always rest at a safe level that is comfortable for mom and dad. The Babyletto lower crib profile style also boosts the comfort and convenience of fixed-side cribs for parents. The Skip Crib is crafted from sustainable New Zealand pine wood, and finished in a beautiful chestnut with white panels. This item pairs exceptionally well with the matching Skip 3 Drawer Changer Dresser.
    Babyletto Skip Changer Dresser in Chestnut
    The beautiful Skip Changer Dresser is a nod to California's modernist movement.  Modern proportions frame the contrasting drawer fronts and tapered feet keep the dresser standing proudly. With a removable changing tray and three sturdy drawers, this Babyletto Changer is a functional and attractive addition to your nursery. Once baby has grown out of using the changer it can be removed to leave a functional dresser. The drawers smoothly and gently slide open thanks to metal glide hardware. Stop mechanisms on the drawers keep baby safe by ensuring drawers can't be pulled all the way out. An anti-tip kit is included with the changer dresser to further enhance safety by attaching the dresser to the wall.