Thursday, July 3, 2008

We Love Quinze and Milan TV

All these great-looking pieces of furniture? Of course you can sit on them.
Put your feet up, lean back, dip a chip, sip a Seltzer, and chill out on an original
Quinze & Milan. Just keep in mind that Quinze & Milan collections go beyond
furniture design. Our products prompt you to spin tales, to dream and to shape
a reality all your own.
Created by Arne Quinze or in collaboration with guest designers from various
disciplines, Quinze & Milan collections encompass parts of a whole rather than
existing as solitary objects. These are designer pieces that imbue a space with
meaning by skirting the edges of all that is obvious. Pieces that exude energy
and push the envelope of design.
All of their collections are rooted in specific projects, including public schemes,
thus guaranteeing an extensive development phase and thoroughly tested results.
Furniture designs are available in a standard range of 24 QM FOAM™ colours,
as well as with leather or fabric upholstery.
In addition to producing furniture at their in-house factory, they work in close
collaboration with specialized manufacturers that make use of Quinze & Milan’s
proprietary equipment when producing their designs. In both cases, the result is
a quality product that has the added advantage of flexibility – particularly important
when serving clients with special requirements.
They can make exactly what you want in short order. Variations in size, colour
or finish? It’s all yours, down to the smallest detail.