Monday, October 29, 2012

Practical Nursery Storage Options by Spot on Square

The really cool thing about Spot on Square’s stuff is that you don’t need to make that dreaded compromise between space and design, style and practicality, or about a dozen other combinations that parents tend to make when picking out furniture for the nursery.

Spot on Square combines style, functionality, and even price in the quaint but modern-looking Hiya Dresser. The dresser comes in a white or birch white finish that looks very clean, and features a pair of roomy drawers that can store all sorts of bauble that can’t fit in your child’s main closet. What’s more, the Hiya dresser also serves as a changing station, and a changing tray can be placed on the top for convenience when the baby needs changing. If you don’t need the changing tray, it can easily be removed to utilize the two extra spaces on top of the dresser, making it a great investment in children’s furniture for beyond the crib years.

The Hiya Dresser includes a wall-mount safety strap to help maximize stability. It is built out of recycled MDF or sustainable hardwood for extra durability, and features an eco-friendly, non-toxic finish—just because there’s really no such thing as “too safe” when it comes to your child.

If you’re looking for shelving, Spot on Square doesn’t disappoint with the Hiya Shelving. Also part of the Hiya collection, the Hiya Shelving features upper left and lower right doors—plenty of space to store objects that need a little extra measure of safekeeping. On the other hand, the Shelving also features open shelves that can hold, toys, books, and other items you can put on display. Like the Hiya Dresser, the Shelving comes with safety strap that keeps it well attached to the wall.

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