Monday, October 29, 2012

Furnishing Your Child’s Bedroom with True Modern

Getting your kid his first bed? Invest in furniture by True Modern. The 11 Ply 3-Piece Bedroom Set by True Modern seamlessly combines both style and functionality in a practical combination of all essential bedroom furniture that any child’s bedroom needs.

The bedroom set features a twin bed that exudes nothing but up-to-date practicality. The twin bed features Danish style legs and exposed plywood edges, adding to the bed’s overall style. The 11 Ply Dresser offers a lot of storage, along with the 11 Ply Night Stand. What’s particularly interesting about both the Dresser and Night Stand is that they both feature cutout handles on each of their top drawers, as well as the sides of their other drawers, providing a nice consistency to the whole set. All the pieces in the 11 Ply collection also feature laminate tops, coming in white, blue, orange, or gray, and are made of sustainable birch plywood.

If you’re looking for a particularly functional piece of furniture, True Modern doesn’t disappoint. The 11 Ply Changing Table Dresser is another great piece of furniture by True Modern. It features the same tuned Danish style legs and exposed plywood edges, and offers the same functionality that the 11 Ply collection has.

The 11 Ply Changing Table can be easily converted into a more compact dresser by removing the changing table tray to free up space. Simply detach the tray to use the flat surface on the table and store it away.  The trademark Danish style legs can be found on the changing table as well, and is made of sustainable birch plywood. It sports a laminate top and cutout handles, and comes in the same color options as the 11 Ply collection: white, blue, orange, and gray.

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