Thursday, February 28, 2013

Perfect Crib for your Little One by Spot on Square

Preparing for a newborn baby’s arrival into the world is a very exciting time for parents to be. Some of the things a newborn baby will need are feeding bottles, diapers, baby clothes and his or her very own sanctuary, a crib. As parents to be, you want the best crib for your precious one that is sturdy, functional and at the same time safe. Are there any cribs that cover these concerns?
Look no further than the Spot on Square Roh Crib. It is made with the best materials for your baby’s needs. Its modern design with high siderails will look good in any room as time passes. Most importantly, the Roh Crib ensures that there are no toxins in any part of it. It is 100% recyclable acrylic, non toxic, baby-friendly, BPA and phthalate free. Your mind may rest easy as all Spot on Square products have met and even exceeded the safety standards developed by ASTM in the US. Your baby will sleep comfortably and be in perfect health in his or her own Spot on Square Roh Crib.
Spot on Square designs their cribs to grow with the child. So instead of buying a new toddler bed for your growing baby, you can just update the present Roh crib to a Roh Toddler Bed Conversion Kit. By using this kit, you can save a lot of money and home space. The conversion kit will have lower siderails that will still keep your toddler safe but will allow more freedom for exploration for him or her. You can even remove the siderails to transform it into a day bed! How flexible and functional is that?

Decide to choose a quality crib for your infant now! Choose a Spot on Square crib!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Imagination will Run High with bObles Animal Furniture

Playing is an important part of a child’s life because it develops a child’s motor, emotional, intellectual and social skills. It is through playing that a child can let their imagination run wild and create their own little world where they can unleash their creativity and practice their decision making skills, leadership skills, interaction with other kids and exercise the freedom to do anything that they set their mind to do.

bObles multifunctional furniture aims these things to achieve with their child. bObles’ Table and Chairs set 3 pieces is a colourful set furniture that contains a purple snake as a table, one 6-layer turquoise fish and one 6-layer lime green fish. The furniture set can change into a play set by making it as an obstacle course or turning the purple snake table into a boat or rocking chair. Let your kids’ imagination run freely and allow them to use the furniture and turn it into anything they want it to be. These three pieces of furniture are colourful and fun to look at, make no noise, do not damage the floors or walls of your home and most importantly, they are toxic free. These fun pieces of furniture are also very easy to clean and do not absorb water.
If you want to give your kids extra fun, take a look at bObles’ Large Obstacle Course set 8 pieces. Aside from the fact that these can be used as your kids’ furniture, this large set obstacle course will challenge the motor skills of your kids. This set includes one 6 –layer turquoise fish, one 3 layer turquoise fish, 1 purple elephant, 1 purple crocodile, 1 purple chicken and three lime chickens.
Let your kids romp up and down the furniture without worry! Get a bObles animal furniture today!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Dress your Precious Little One with DwellStudio Baby Clothes

Dressing up your baby properly is very important to keep him or her safe and comfortable. Comfortable gear will keep your baby fuss free and happy. Sometimes, parents will dress their baby with clothes that look cute just to make a statement and forgo the baby’s comfort level.

Parents should stop dressing their babies with uncomfortable clothes but instead choose DwellStudio’s Cars Grey Playsuit. DwellStudio has created baby’s clothes that are both stylish and super comfortable. Your baby will look very cute while crawling and exploring his or her environment.  DwellStudio playsuit is made from luxurious 100% organic cotton grown in Portugal to keep your baby from experiencing any allergic reactions that can be caused by other materials. This playsuit is designed with ribbed cuffs, lap shoulders and with snap closures. Since it is designed with long sleeves and long pants, it will keep your baby warm and keep the skin safe from scratches while he or she explores the environment.
When it is time for bed, try out DwellStudio’s Galaxy Dove Night Sack-Flannel. This adorable baby clothes for sleeping is designed with shooting stars and galaxy bursts that can inspire wonderful dreams. It is made with 100% comfortable cotton and its lining is made with the softest flannel material to help keep your baby sleep in utmost comfort.

DwellStudio baby’s playsuit and night sack flannel are easy to clean and maintain. Just throw them in the washing machine and tumble dry low. Do not use bleach though as it will damage the fabric.
DwellStudio continues to make things that are safe, comfortable and stylish for your baby. They adhere to the standards of safety and quality for every child’s needs. Share the wonderful products of DwellStudio to your family and friends who have babies of their own.

Friday, February 22, 2013

An Updated Version of the Classic Playhouse by CedarWorks

We all remember that time when we played house with our friends back when we were little. What joy was it to pretend cooking, grocery shopping and caring for your baby dolls? Those playhouses that we once played are not already around these days but you can definitely get your child to experience the joys of pretend play today.

With CedarWorks’ Modern Playhouse, your little girl can once again dream of playing house together with her little friends. Such kind of play can be a big help in not only enhancing their imagination but also to build camaraderie and build friendships with their playmates.
The Modern Playhouse comes equipped with a full wall chalkboard, inviting breezeway, sneaky entrance and exit circles, and a roof held together with holes. This should give your child and her friends all the activities that they will need to go on playing for hours on end. The great thing about this – as well as all other play sets from CedarWorks – is that you can get this custom figured to match your space and the things that your kid likes to do.

For your peace of mind, this playhouse is designed with optimal materials, finish and scale. This means that it is made from furniture grade solid hardwoods and premium multi-ply Baltic Birch laminated panels, colored stains exceed all state and federal VOC emission regulations, and natural stains are water based for added safety. And because it has no plastic components, this product is earth-friendly.

Pass along the excitement of playing house with friends to your kids with the Modern Playhouse. So when your kids cannot play because it’s raining outside, this playhouse will give them a great area to play and learn in together with their friends.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Give Your Child’s Playroom a Great Addition with CedarWorks

A child’s playroom is more than just a place for them to run around and tinker with their toys; this is also a place for them to widen their imagination and hone their skills. This is exactly why, as parents, you need to make sure that you provide as much learning and stimulation to your child. This can be done by adding toys and other educational elements.

Over the years, CedarWorks has consistently done a great job in providing children with enjoyable and educating toys and play sets. From the simple add-ons to the gigantic creations, they offer a variety of play sets that is proven to be a bit hit among the kids.

If installing a big play set is not a practical move for your small house, or if your child already has a play set and is just in dire need of an addition or update, fret not. CedarWorks gives you the perfect solution for such a problem with the Rhapsody 1 Indoor Playset. This play set might seem very insignificant because of its size, but it is a great example of what CedarWorks can provide you and your child.
Featuring all the basics in a small footprint, the Rhapsody 1 Indoor Playset can easily be nestled into practically any corner of your home. With its clean look, this indoor slide will definitely be a perfect in any home décor. This play set is completely customizable, allowing you to add or remove accessories as you please.

It is made from furniture grade solid hardwoods and premium multi-ply Baltic Birch laminated panels, ensuring stability and durability all the way. Also, its colored stains exceed all state and federal VOC emission regulations. It also is earth-friendly and contains no plastic components.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Tuck Your Baby to Sleep Under DwellStudio’s Night Sack and Blanket

Sleeping time is a very important part of your baby’s daily activities. In fact, they spend most of their time sleeping. This is because sleeping is the way for the brain to integrate the information that they have acquired during their waking hours. And because their brain is absorbing so much information, they also need more time to integrate it, thus the longer sleeping time.

Considering that sleeping is very important for the growth and development of your baby, it is important that they sleep soundly, free from any distractions and discomforts. And what better way to ensure this than to give them a cozy place to sleep?
DwellStudio, a world-renowned brand for baby furniture and supplies, gives you a stunning set of essentials that will accompany your baby in his sleep. Their line of Galaxy Dove is composed of a towel, night sack, blanket, pillow, and crib set, among many others. Featuring the design of the dreamy night sky, this line will inspire bedtime stories to places with pearly hues, galactic bursts and shooting stars.

For one, there is the Galaxy Dove Night Snack. Made for babies 0 to 6 months, this is the perfect place to put your baby in while you cuddle them up or read a story to them before sleeping. Lined with the softest flannel, this night sack will keep your baby nestled in safety and in style.
And when they fallen asleep in your arms, lay them with the Galaxy Dove Play Blanket. The great thing about this blanket is that it is perfect practically anywhere, from the playroom floor to a toddler bed. Made with 100% cotton with poly fill, this soft blanket should send your little one to dreamland.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Comfy and Warm Babies with DwellStudio Bodysuits

Many parents are fond of dressing their babies in cute and colorful outfits – as if the babies themselves are not cute enough. And in this time and age where pictures of babies in sunflowers or princess costumes are all the range in social media, some parents are pressured to do the same.

But have you ever thought of the comfort of your kids while wearing such costumers? Why dress them in such clothes where their comfort is not assured? It’s a good thing that there are baby companies who have dedicated their time and expertise in creating cute and stylish clothing that also assured comfort and warmth. One big favorite is the DwellStudio Starburst Chocolate Bodysuits.
These bodysuits come in two kinds. The first is the Starburst Short Sleeve Bodysuit. This is an all-occasion once-piece that comes with a beautiful print with solid contrast binding, lap shoulder and snap closures.

And for those chilly days, get your little one to make a fashion statement with the Starburst Long Sleeve Bodysuit. Just like its short sleeve counterpart, it also features solid contrast binding, lap shoulder and snap closures along with its signature print.
Made in Portugal from 100% organically grown cotton, these Oeko-tex Certified bodysuits are available in 3 sizes, allowing you to pick the size that best fits your baby. It is also machine washable so you can easily toss them in your washing machine if they get soiled. And, of course, just like all the products of DwellStudio, these bodysuits are made top quality. They are built to last for as long as your kid will need them, and even can be passed down to the next.

So for an adorable photo of your baby, garb them in these Startburst bodysuits and snap away!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Multipurpose Stacking Box for Just About Any Storage Needs

Children’s rooms seem to always be filled with a mess of toys, clothes, books, and many others. And no matter how you try to organize them into the neat little areas, it seems that the mess just keeps coming back. This is why homes should not be in a shortage of storage spaces. Since buying additional cabinets or building more shelves is not exactly the most practical solution these days, buying storage boxes is your best bet.

The market today is laden with numerous choices for storage boxes. But if you are looking something that is of the best possible quality, choose the one offered by Magis Furniture. The Multipurpose Stacking Box is a 4-set storage system that will tidy those messes in no time.
Designed by Jasper Morrison, these simple storage boxes with lid offers a space saving and compact storage for practically anything. This means that this is not only something that can hold your kid’s toys and books. You can definitely use this in your room to hold old clothes, or your office to store important documents.

The storage boxes are made from polypropylene, ensuring that they are durable and safe to be used by anyone. It is available in colors matt orange and matt white. So if you are into something clean and classic, choose white. And for a touch of color and whimsy, opt for orange.

The great thing about this set of Multipurpose Stacking Box is they can be stacked one on top of the other, giving you so much more space that you initially had. So if you are looking to have a cleaner, tidier and more organized space, these stacking boxes from Magis Furniture will not disappoint.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Fun and Whimsical Chairs by Magis Furniture

Chairs will always be a staple in any area, whether indoors or outdoors. And while there are those who will settle for even the simplest chair just so they can sit down; there are people who would want to show off their unique personality with their furniture design choices. In other words, they want chairs that are far from the shape and design of the ordinary.

Still, despite their one-of-a-kind looks, you also need to make sure that you pick those chairs that offer a comfortable place to sit in. And if you are on the lookout for such a piece of furniture, the Julian Chair by renowned brand Magis Furniture is definitely one great pick.
True to their philosophy, Magis Furniture takes you to where most furniture manufacturers have not risked going into. Designed by Spanish designer Javier Mariscal, the Julian Chairs represents the whimsical designs of Mariscal. Taking inspiration from the intelligence and imagination of a child, Mariscal created the chairs so that it will be both a chair and plaything in the eyes of a child.

Made of rotational molded polyethylene, these useful, functional and tasteful chairs are essentially simple pieces of furniture, but with a unique and unexpected twist. They will be a perfect addition to any home design, adding happiness and colors wherever needed. They are great for both indoor and outdoor use and are available in colors yellow, green, white and red.

The Julian Chair, along with all the products of Magis Furniture is a result of sophisticated industrial design that posses the elements of familiarity, user-friendliness and cheerfulness. They will add attraction to any domestic landscape. Indeed, the Julian Chairs has the personality and friendly look that will beckon anyone to sit on them.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

A Splash of Art in Your Child’s Bedroom Wall

Sometimes, walls can be too plain and is in dire need of some decoration. This is especially important among the rooms of children. A colorful and lively room can do wonders for the growth and development of your child, and spark their imagination. It’s a good thing that there is a variety of decors that can adore a wall, from frames to paintings.

But when you are tired of the typical wallpapers and other wall adornments, it can be a pain to look for a unique piece that is perfect for you’re a child’s bedroom. You need to consider that it should not only be artistic; it should also be child-friendly. It’s a good thing that famed children’s brand Spot on Square has a collection of wall art, the Animal Series Wall Art.
Featuring cow, bunny, dog and monkey designs, these creations will definitely do a good job of spicing up the creativity levels of the nursery or playroom of your child. It should also properly introduce your child to some of the world’s most wonderful animals and transform the room into a whole new place for adventure.

The pieces come with an interesting array of colors – white, birch, and orange – and designs to choose from. The Animal Series Wall Art is an ingenious product that will excite and inspire the imagination of your kid for hours on end.

They are all built using eco-friendly and toxic materials – making it the perfect pieces for your child. It should also give you the peace of mind knowing that your kid is away from any potential dangers. So if you are dead tired of the typical wall decors, these wall art pieces from Spot on Square is definitely a good pick.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Create the Best Nursery with Spot on Square

Any parent would want the best for their baby, from their clothing down to their toys. When it comes to creating the perfect nursery for them, it is not only about the color scheme or decorations; it is also about furnishing it with the right pieces to ensure that your baby is safe and comfortable in their little sanctuary.

This is not only about their safety and comfort, of course. This is also about your peace of mind, knowing that your precious kid has the right kind of furniture for them. And speaking of furniture, there is that one brand that has famed itself in manufacturing and selling furniture for babies and children. For your baby, Spot on Square just has the right set for you: the Hiya 3 Piece Crib Collection Set.
This set is composed of a crib, dresser and changing tray. Available in colors White or Birch/White, this collection set will be a great addition to any contemporary nursery. It is made from recycled MDF or sustainable hardwood so you will not have to feel guilty about contributing harm to the environment.

In the Hiya 3 Piece Crib Collection Set, the crib has three position adjustable mattress height while the dresser comes with two drawers. Sitting on top if the dresser is the changing tray through two removable hidden brackets. The tray is able to accommodate the standard changing pad.

With its modern and stylish look features clean lines that will definitely be a big hit to fashion forward parents everywhere. This line is eco-friendly and has non-toxic paint that is completely safe for your baby. Spot on Square is definitely your one stop shop for all the basic needs of your baby and his nursery.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Cool Chairs for Little Kids

Who says only the big kids get to have all the fun?

KidKraft offers toddlers a great place to lounge around the playroom with the Denim Velour Rocker with Slip Cover. The rocker is comfortable and ergonomically stable, making it an excellent place for small kids to rest without having negative effects on their posture—definitely a plus for growing toddlers.
KidKraft’s rocker was made especially with denim velour to increase comfort; the material is softer than commercial denim and is combined with thick cushioning underneath. The rocker comes with a solid wood base that prevents inadvertent movement around the room. What’s more—the rocker requires no assembly and is ready to use right out of the box.

Not to be left behind, Jecka’s Homebuilder Lite is a clean and yet interesting vision in white. Its main merit is its customizability, allowing you several variations of the same piece of furniture. The Homebuilder Lite transforms into a Step Stool with Storage I, Toddler Chair with Storage I, Kid Stool with Storage I, a tea table, a lower or upper book rack, Book Rack II, and a Twisted Side Table. From somewhere to sit to a spot to store books to even a place to have tea, the Jecka Homebuilder Lite really takes the cake when it comes to versatility.
The Homebuilder Lite consists of several building blocks that you can get creative with, and you can spend time with your child experimenting with the best configuration you need for the day. While the Homebuilder Lite entails a lot of taking apart and putting back together, the whole unit remains quite sturdy, no matter what the configuration used. A manual is included upon purchase to make assembly easy, and all you’ll need to get down to business is a handy screwdriver.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Creative Desks for the Playroom

Put a unique spin on ordinary playroom furniture with these tidbits from Anatex and Levels of Discovery.

Anatex nails both organization and creativity in this one handy piece of playroom furniture. The Anatex Easel Desk Combo with Bench was designed to be every kid’s ultimate art center. Made completely of high quality birch plywood, the desk consists of two sides, one featuring an easel with a reversible chalkboard, as well as a dry-erase board. To make holding paints and other art materials easy, there are two storage cups that can be found on the easel, making artsy endeavors just a tad bit more accessible.
On the other side of the Anatex Easel Desk, you’ll find an art desk that has even more storage options for any and all art supplies your child may have. Included on purchase is a kid-sized bench that matches the desk perfectly, so your kids can comfortably spend hours engrossed in their work.

The Anatex Easel Desk Combo is designed for kids aged three years and older.

Another great desk set is Levels of Discovery’s Race Track Activity Desk Set. If your child is a fan of race cars, this will make the perfect gift. The desk set sports eight garages, with four of them on each side of the desk, holding 1/64th scale cars. It’s a great way to motivate your kids to do some art or writing, with their favorite toys to serve as inspiration.
Aside from being utterly novel in its design, the Race Track Activity Desk Set features plenty of storage options as well—from the “pit” to the space beneath the chair. For safety, the metal hinge on the desk was designed to be kid-friendly, slowly closing to prevent any stubbed fingers. Made of high quality wood, the Race Track Activity Desk Set is sure to be in a playroom favorite for many years to come.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Classic Children’s Desks by Guidecraft and KidKraft

Looking for that old, vintage study feel you used to have? Recreate the experience in your child’s playroom.

There’s nothing quite like a dark brown, official-looking desk to study at, and Guidecraft captures this sentiment perfectly with its Guidecraft Jr Roll-Top Desk. Looking just the right amount of fancy without overdoing it, the Roll-Top Desk provides a number of handy features, including a pull-out writing board, a lap drawer, and two file drawers. The writing board feels quite sturdy, and offers a smooth enough surface for writing, drawing, and other similar activities.
If you’re not satisfied with just the two file drawers, you’ll find that the roll top interior has a handful of storage compartments as well, featuring a couple of pigeon holes and a pencil drawer. Another big plus? The chair is included with the desk upon purchase. It might take a bit of assembly, but it’s not at all difficult, and you’re kid will have a new workstation by the time you’re through.

If you’d rather go with more contemporary playroom décor, consider getting the Kidkraft Avalon Desk instead. While the Avalon Desk may come in other colors, the one in white finish is especially aesthetic, with clean lines and a very nice minimal look to it.
The KidKraft Avalon Desk is made of high quality rubber wood, and only the best construction. The  desk provides additional storage above the table top, and there is also a central drawer at the bottom of the desk that makes storage extremely convenient after your child is done working. The central drawer is an ideal place to store crayons, pencils, art paper, and other similar materials. While the KidKraft Avalon Desk is out of stock for the meantime, it’s still a great desk to put on your list of furniture to get the playroom. There are only a couple of weeks left before it comes right back on the market again.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Organizing the Playroom with Context Furniture and Magis Furniture

The Truss Library Desk & Desk Shelf by Context Furniture are playful and sophisticated, with just the right amount of quirk to pique your child’s attention without compromising its inherent functionality. The library desk and desk shelf are made of durable, high-quality wood, and are both available in red, white, espresso brown, or moss grey. The seat itself is made of birch multi-ply and plastic laminate for extra protection over the years.
Designed by Scott Klinker, the Truss Library Desk & Desk Shelf were designed to inspire imagination, as well as serve as a little beginner’s learning environment. Here, your child can spend several hours at work, drawing, writing, or engrossed in a book. The desk and desk shelf were also intended as part of the Truss collection, so if you prefer you can add on similar furniture to match these in the playroom.

IF you’re looking for a great playroom organizer, check out the 360 Office Container by Magis Furniture. Made up of ten whole units, the 360 Container offers another level of order, as they are basically ten storage containers on wheels. It’s a fun way to teach your kids to put their things away, and the wheels make them really easy to move around the playroom as needed.
Designed by Konstantin Grcic, the 360 Office Container is part of the former’s 360 collection (you can check out the other furniture pieces included in this collection). The 360 Contrainer features a polished aluminum tube that connects all the drawers, as well as allows them to turn 170 degrees outward—pretty nice for convenience. If you’re particular on how big these containers ought to be, the 360 Office Container is available in two sizes that you can choose from. The drawers are made from glossy ABS and come in six fun colors for your child’s playroom.