Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Living Room Tables by Greenington LLC and Guidecraft

If you’re not much into modern décor, you’ll love furniture with Greenington LLC gives you the Magnolia Nesting Table, an ingenious piece of furniture that will appeal both to your need for beauty and functionality. It consists of a set of individual nesting tables that can be arranged one inside another. This makes the whole set easy to store when you only need a few tables in your home, and gives you the option to whip out the extra ones should you need them.

Part of Greenington LLC’s Magnolia collection, the nesting table is constructed out of solid bamboo—every single inch is made of 100% Moso Bamboo, which is fully sustainable and renewable as an energy source ( that’s one thumbs up for the environment). The table’s design gives it a very rustic feel that’s nonetheless sophisticated and very classy. The whole set also sports a caramelized finish that also gives it a sleek look, but still retaining its natural, organic appeal, with a tiger exotic bamboo inlay.

This unique combination makes the Magnolia Nesting Table a great piece to have for homes that have either modern or classic décor styles. While it won’t store a lot of items, the table makes a beautiful accent piece that can house a couple of mementos and small, important items like keys.

If you’d rather have just one table for your centerpiece though, then you’ll like Guidecraft’s Audio Center Table. Built with a unique bent wood design and a curved metal frame, the Audio Center Table is excellent for long years of constant use, with a powder-coated finish that’s more resistant to stains over the long haul. The Guidecraft Center Table is recommended for children ages three and older.

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