Monday, October 29, 2012

Hanging Bassinet and Stand by Ianco Baby

Bassinets are a stylish, and often practical, alternative to cribs. If you don’t have the space or time to lug a crib around in every part of the house, consider installing a Baby Dreambur Designer Hanging Bassinet in a couple of rooms instead.

Designed by Ianco Baby, the Dreambur Bassinet is a vision in elegance, sporting a white-on-white color scheme that results in a very clean look. The bassinet itself is covered by a soft, open-wave fabric canopy, to keep mosquitoes, dust, and other external unpleasantness away from your child as he sleeps. The unit also features four large windows on the bassinet, just so you can keep your eye on the baby all the time. These also promote maximum circulation within the whole bassinet.

Inside the bassinet itself, a memory foam mattress keeps your child comfortable, featuring a modern plush dual layer velvet cover and a DuPont Active Layer that provides the right comfort and support for an infant.

The Dreambur Bassinet is easy enough to assemble—all you need is a sturdy point from which to hang the bassinet. One of its main advantages, however, is its portability. The unit can be detached by removing the hanging points, making it much easier to take your baby with you to the kitchen, the livingroom, or any part of the house with minimal effort.

The Dreambur Bassinet is held up by Ianco’s Baby Growstand, a free-standing, multi-function hanging stand. The stand is made of heavy-duty tubular, stainless steel hardware, with an eco-friendly powder coating that’s both safe and offers durable support for the bassinet. The Growstand is also designed to hold a baby seat or swing, so you can still make use of it once your baby outgrows the Bassinet.

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