Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Activity Tables by Anatex

The Anatex Building Block Activity Table exceeds expectations for your regular playroom or nursery table, and provides endless hours of entertainment for your child. The table features four colorful DUPLO compatible panels on the top of the table that allow kids to build away to their heart’s content. The bottom part of the table contains four plastic storage bins that can be easily removed to store all sorts of play items, like blocks and toys. The table is ideal for kids aged two years and older.

The Anatex Building Block Activity Table is made of the best quality wood and was especially built to be sturdy. It’s a great investment if you want a table you can get the most out of in terms of creativity, functionality, and storage. This table will be right at home in your child’s room, the playroom, or even classrooms.

Another cool product from Anatex is the Flip Top Dry Erase and Chalk Table is an all-around art table that also serves as a major storage area for drawing utensils, art supplies, and accessories. The table is built for kids ages three and older, and features a natural wood finish that is safe and non-toxic. It also comes with a bench that allows kids to sit at an appropriate height while at work on the table.

The main draw for the Flip Top is its chalkboard top, which allows your child to draw on to his heart’s content. The Flip Top also contains four whole storage compartments underneath the chalkboard, where it’s easy to access art materials when you need to.  Made of high quality plywood, the Flip Top Chalk Table is a nifty investment in playroom furniture, and it can still be used as storage when your kid outgrows the bench and table.

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