Wednesday, October 31, 2012

New Modern Crib Design by Cranial Pod

Granted, the Pod Crib Mattress by Cranial Cradle doesn’t look like the conventional crib mattress you had in mind, but hear us out for a second.

The Pod Crib Mattress stands out from other traditional crob mattress because of its revolutionary pod design. The mattress is made of six inches of high-density foam, featuring its trademark contoured shape right in the middle. Part of the mattress was contoured to provide maximum support and comfort for a growing infant. The mattress features interior contours that safely cradles an infant’s head and body without increasing the chances for suffocation, thus creating a safe and controlled environment that’s good enough for infants to sleep in.

The hollowed out pod removes most of the pressure placed on the baby’s head, which is usually a downside for firm flat spaces. Some parents might invest in sleep positioners for their baby’s cribs, which is actually not recommended by experts and fortunately becomes unnecessary with the Pod Crib Mattress.

Aside from the obvious benefits to your child, the mattress also sports a moisture resistant cover to help with easy cleaning, making things a lot easier for the ‘rents. It also weighs a very reasonable 5.8 lbs to facilitate convenient sheet change and regular flip overs.

The Cranial Cradle Crib Twin Mattress is a variant of the Cranial Pod Crib Mattress, and can accommodate not only one, but two infants in one. This is a rather prudent investment if you have twins, as the mattress features two hollowed out contours, providing support and safety for both your infants. If you have one child, the Cranial Cradle Crib Twin Mattress can also be used to reposition your baby after some time in just one pod, increasing air circulation and allowing your child a change of scenery.

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