Tuesday, April 21, 2015

My Urban Child is excited to now offer some truly unique, functional and fun items guaranteed to add some punch to your décor from the Shiner line of custom furniture and accessories.

For instance, their very stylish chair, made of removable and adjustable wooden slats.

Check it out right here

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Gliders You Will Love for Years to Come!

DwellStudio Thompson Glider

The modern glider is welcome evolution from the old glider that you would never use outside your baby's nursery.  You now can choose a stylish option to enjoy in any room in the house for years to come.  After the crib and changing table, a good rocking chair or glider is the next essential item for any nursery.  The precious moments spent rocking your baby to sleep and those middle of the night feedings in your glider are ones you will never forget.  Beautiful bonding time is spent in this chair.
My Urban Child features a wide range of glider options to fit any décor and taste.  One of our favorites include the DwellStudio Thompson glider (pictured above).  The Thompson glider is offered in a multitude of fabric options for you to choose from.  We also love the Nursery Works Empire Rocker.  The classic style of this rocking chair would look great in a home office or bedroom after you baby grows up.
Nursery Works Empire Rocker
For a clean modern look My Urban Child features the Oilo Penelope Glider.  In faux leather with a coordinating pouf stool and piping detail, this glider has a tall back for added comfort.


Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Indoor Playroom Fun From CedarWorks


Have a room in your house that you want to make into a great playroom?  Look no further than CedarWorks.  For the ultimate - envy of the neighborhood - playroom, we like the CedarWorks Rhapsody 4.  Lots of climbing, sliding and hanging available with solid Earth friendly construction.


Now not everyone has the room or budget for the a big indoor play set, but CedarWorks also offers this sturdy playroom rocker.  A classic toy with a sleek modern look.  So fun and built to last!


The CedarWorks Seesaw is a modern indoor version of the classic playground seesaw. The thrill of going up and down keeping your kids active and entertained.

Add some blocks, books and bean bag chairs to your playroom and your kids will never want to leave!  Giving you some much needed time to do the things you need to around the house...or better yet, join them in the fun.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Modern Mobiles

We love mobiles!  My Urban Child offers some beautiful modern mobiles to hang in your baby's nursery.  For all the time you baby is going to be laying on their back and staring up at the ceiling, shouldn't you make it interesting for them?  The color and the movement of a well designed mobile does not have to cost a lot. The mobile above is the Breeze Mobile by Flensted.  With easy curves and easy motion, we find this mobile to be very relaxing.  As the name suggests, it is like a gentle breeze.

The Themis mobile by Artecnica is a colorful option for your nursery.  Using neon and muted colors, it is sure to work in many nursery color palettes.  So many colors, angels and lines for your baby to look at.  By the way, don't just think about a mobile for over the crib.  We love them over the changing dresser.  Keep your little one happy and entertained while you change their diaper.

Our third pick is the Aeromobile by Flensted.  We see this in a more traditional boys room.  Every little boy I know loves airplanes.  How great to have them flying in you nursery!

Friday, May 9, 2014

Modern Design, Just Their Size

Your child will love having a chair made just for her.  You will love having this fun modern design in your home.  Just because a chair is made pint size, doesn't mean it have to clash with your decor.  My Urban Child loves this new mini chair for the mini you in your house.  Chevron is still hot and why not.  It looks fun, modern and crisp.  The Babyletto Pop Mini chair comes in chevron turquoise and grey.  The two hottest color in decor for 2014!
If you are looking for options in  matching your child's special chair, look no further than the Ava Toddler Chair by Jennifer Delonge.  The chair can be ordered in many different prints, solids, linen, microsude or velvet.  A sure fit for any decor and color scheme.  A classic design with sleek modern legs.  A perfect addition to your child's room, the playroom or family room.

Friday, April 18, 2014


Kids always seem to come up with the rainy day “let’s make a fort” idea the day AFTER we’ve just washed and folded all the extra linens - AKA fort building supplies. But now with the Lucy and Michael Play Tent, fort construction (and de-construction) just got a lot easier.

Inspired by two mothers who were tired of bulldozing tents made of blankets, boxes, and bed frames, the Lucy and Michael Play Tent will save a ton of washing, drying and folding post fort de-construction.

Designed for indoor play, this fun and fully functional play tent allows kids the excitement of a secret fort while keeping the linen closet fully intact. With 5x5x5 foot dimensions, the play tent takes up a minimal amount of room allowing the fort to stay up even when there aren’t any more bad guys around to hide from.

Available in almost a four different prints and patterns, the Lucy and Michael Play Tents can accommodate any sort of event whether it is a tea party, an adventure to the Wild West, or an afternoon lost in pillows and books. Sounds like a perfect rainy day for anyone.

Wake Up with Ascaso Dream UP Espresso Machines

Love Is In The Air Ascaso Dream UP v2.0 Espresso Machine
Why does My Urban Child have Espresso Machines?  Every household with a baby in it knows the value of caffeine!  We love our espressos and we love the new Ascaso Dream Up espresso machines.  The fun designs and color will brighten your day as much as the caffeine will.  The new improved design has lots of improvements and is easy to use.

Two of our favorite colors are featured here but there are many colors to pick from to compliment your kitchen.  They even have a black and white cow pattern!  So if you have an espresso drinker, make sure you check out the Ascaso Dream Up machines at My Urban Child.  They are sure to make you happy and wake.