Friday, June 17, 2011

Trendy Baby Cribs for Trendy Babies

If you're a trendy mother that has today's taste, you would rather decorate your baby’s nursery with trendy baby nursery furniture. You'd look for baby items that would come with infant cribs, night stands, sleeping sacks, altering tables, cradles and much more. Apart from searching for items which are trendy and modern, it is advisable that you ought to know when they are safe and chemical-free. Your baby’s health insurance and his safety will not be jeopardized.

For modern and trendy baby cribs for babies, My Urban Child offers quite a bit to provide. You could discover the famous label, Babyletto using its Harlow 3-in-1 Crib. It features a two-tone Navy and Whitened finish which are non-toxic. It features a metal bed mattress support also it can be modified into 4 levels for the growing baby. It features a toddler rail. It is simple to convert it right into a toddler mattress because it features a toddler guard rail package. The crib consists of a brand new Zealand Pine. It's safe for the baby since it is lead free.

The DwellStudio Century Crib includes a solid European Beech wood. This Canadian made crib comes with an optional toddler gate for transition right into a toddler mattress. It's adjustable sides with 3-position bed mattress support. Most of all, it features a non-toxic finish.

The Litto Kids Manhattan Crib includes a stylish and striking European contemporary design. It features a Zebra wood stained finish. It arrives with a 3-position bed mattress support and glued rails to have an added stability. It features a guaranteed polished steel frame that's rust protected. Additionally, it includes a non-toxic whitened discomfort.

You can choose the Maclaren Nursery Louis Crib Collection Created by David Netto. It offers a variable bed mattress platform and glued side-rails. Additionally, it includes a non-toxic and non-VOC giving off finishes. This contemporary crib is ideal for your modern nursery as well as for your trendy baby.

The various brands and designs of trendy and modern baby cribs you could find in the online shop, My Urban Child are perfect. They're guaranteed safe for the child.


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Foam-By-Mail said...

These are some beautiful pieces. With all the big-box stores selling cookie-cutter stuff that's basically disposable, it's nice to see some stuff that looks like it's built to actually last. Even if the mattress isn't the best, you can replace them with a foam or latex mattress too.