Thursday, December 27, 2012

Adorn Your Baby’s Crib with the Baby Barnyard Musical Mobile

It is always important to start them young. This includes educating your baby even before they start walking and talking. No, this isn’t about teaching them math or the names of the presidents of America; it’s starting with the basics. Eye tracking and sound perception skills, to be exact.

Looking for that thing that will teach these to your precious one? Here’s the Baby Barnyard Musical Mobile by Trend Lab. Yes, there are generic ones in the market today (that you can probably buy at cheaper prices). But why should you settle for the conventional (and possibly low quality) ones when you can give your baby the best there is?
The mobile canopy features a soft yellow and white polka dot print that comes framed with a plaid print in chocolate brown, vanilla, powder blue, burnt orange and sage. This beautiful interplay of colors would be good enough to get your baby acquainted with the beautiful colors of the world, along with getting their attention to take a look at the animals that hang from it.

And speaking of animals, this musical mobile will introduce your baby to baby farm animals. All soft, plush and colorful, the mobile suspends a baby cow, baby puppy, baby pig and baby lamp in decorative white ribbons. And if this is not educational and attention grabbing enough, these animals slowly rotate to Brahm’s Lullaby.

Measuring 18 inches tall and 20 inches wide, the Baby Barnyard Musical Mobile coordinated with the Baby Barnyard collection. Perhaps it would even be neat treat for your baby if you bring in the entire Baby Barnyard collection to the nursery. This mobile easily attaches to most cribs so there’s no need to get a new crib that will fit it.

Protect Your Most Precious Cargo with Scandinavian Child

Travelling is a joy for couples – the excitement of being able to explore a new place all free and away from your busy job. But this is not exactly the case for couples who have babies. They could not just leave their precious bundle at home, right? When they take their baby to travel with them, it is important that he is kept safe and snug all throughout the journey.

If you are one of these parents, perhaps a cradle carrier would make the whole feat of travelling much easier for you. Take a look at the Lilebaby EuroTote Carrier. Made to fit the American Lifestyle, the marriage of stylish Scandinavian design with the American safety and functionality, this tote eases the transition from home to car to stroller and whatever is in between.
Hard carriers pose negative effects on babies which makes travelling uncomfortable and even unhealthy. Letting babies spend long periods of time seated in their car seat can increase risks of them suffering from colic, neck injury, bad posture and other baby health problems. You wouldn’t want your baby to suffer from any of these, don’t you?

This versatile carrier make it the perfect travel companion. It is able to easily convert from a cradle carrier to a bunting bag to a toddler stroller bag. You can even transform it to a play blanket or a travel bedding. One great feature of this carrier is its interchangeable covers, allowing year-round usage. You can use the cool mesh for summer then change it to warm microfiber and flannel for winter.

Great for both indoor and outdoor use, the Lilebaby EuroTote Carrier directly fits in most strollers and car seats. It is light and convenient (only weighing 1.5 pounds!) which should give you better stability and balance. Machine-washable and non-toxic, this is perfect for any travelling baby.

Easily Clean Up After You Baby with Babyletto

Cleaning up after your baby sure is a very tedious task that even the most experienced parent would pass up on the job when they have the choice to do so. Who would want to deal with all the soiled bedding and clothing? And while this is a task that parents cannot turn their back on, possibly the only remedy would be to get all the possible tools that will make this task a little easier or manageable.

Here’s a great changer pad to the rescue. The Babyletto Contour Changer Pad is a big step of innovation from world-renowned baby brand Babyletto. With its vinyl and waterproof cover, cleaning up after the baby will never be easier for mom and even for dad.
The pad measures 34 by 16 inches, offering you a spacious working area to change diapers, powder and even feeding them right before retiring for the night. And because it sports a surface that is easy to clean, this changer pad can definitely be your ultimate working area in the nursery. the pad also comes contoured with baby-friendly safety strap, giving you the peace of mind that your baby will not fall off the changing station even when they are being particularly restless (of course, you still need to keep a hand on your baby at all times to ensure safety).

The Babyletto Contour Changer Pad comes with extra firm padding made from polyurethane foam for all combo dressers. It also has a vinyl wet proof that is made of Polyester with PVC. This makes the pad water repellent by nature and not require the need for any other additives. Plus, it comes with fresh additive formulated into the vinyl for an anti-bacterial surface, giving your precious one added protection.

Make taking care of your baby easier and safer with the Babyletto Contour Changer Pad!

Educating Them Young with the Cariboo Activity Gym

The mind of our babies are like a blank slate. Overtime, as they grow old and explore the world, they will be able to fill their brains with all the knowledge that they will need to survive life once they grow old. Starting them young is very important, since it is at this time that their brain is best molded. Because of this, teaching them the basics early on is of the essence.

There is a reason why we hang mobiles, post colorful pictures and give educational toys to our babies. Among all these, it is the mobiles that are deemed as the very first toy and educational tool for babies. There are so many of them in the market today. But why should you settle for something generic and conventional when you have the Cariboo Activity Gym?
This Cariboo product makes for a practical accessory to your baby’s Classic Cariboo Bassinet (Folding Bassinet or Gentle Motions Stand). But this is more than just a mobile. Aside from being able to secure itself on top rails of all Cariboo bassinets, you can also make this your baby’s activity gym when placed on the floor. It can also be used in conjunction with the Cariboo Baby Lounger. This extends its life even when your baby has grown and is long out of the bassinet.

The Cariboo Activity Gym comes with an elegant design, allowing this activity gym to be sit well along with adult furniture – it will never look out of place! It comes with double action straps to offer a safe and secure place to hang toys and comes complete with soft Cloud B toys.

Just what else can you ask from a baby mobile and activity gym? It seems that this Cariboo product has given you all there is to ask for!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Fun Ways to Tell Time

Clocks are often overlooked pieces of furniture, not unless a room is actually missing one. They can be both functional and decorative, and maybe even both. Teach your kids how to read clocks with these interesting time telling devices.

The Tempo Wall Clock by Magis Furniture comes in a set of four. It’s an undeniably modern clock, with a strong resemblance to the tiny clock icons you see on computer screens or mobile gadgets. In fact, this was what designer Naoto Fukasawa was going for when he created the Temple Wall Clock.
Featuring rounded contours and clean, solid colors, the Tempo Wall Clock is available in a number of colors in one set, and you can have fun choosing which one to hang in specific rooms of your house. The clock comes in brown, black, gray, and orange. Despite the different colors, the hour and minute hand remain the same color and size as the numbers, ensuring that even kids can make out the time on a clock from a reasonable distance.

On the other hand, if you’re feeling a little more whimsical than modern, consider getting the Dr. Seuss The Lorax Wall Clock by Trend Lab. This is especially bound to be a hit if your kids are familiar with the Dr. Seuss stories, or at least has seen the recent Hollywood release of The Lorax. In any case, Trend Lab’s Lorax Wall Clock is a delightful novelty that could brighten up any nursery.
The Dr. Seuss The Lorax Wall Clock features a wood grain finish, and is made of natural bamboo. In addition, the black numbers make it easy to read the time from far away. Across the face, the words “Save the earth for me!” are printed, a reiteration of The Lorax’s environmental message.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Cool Outdoor Lounges for Kids

The outdoors just got a lot more fun with a couple of Fatboy accessories that you can take camping with you, either to the lakeside for the summer or the front yard for a night.

First off, the Fatboy Buggle-Up Lounge Bean Bag is the epitome of packing up both comfort and practicality into one handy bag.
The Fatboy Buggle-Up Lounge Bean Bag is a play on the design of the Fatboy Original, though the former was specifically designed for the outdoors. The Lounge Bean Bag is much larger, and can hold from two to three people at once. The bag also includes straps that help pack up the bean bag or move it along from one place to another.

The Lounge Bean Bag is made up of ballistic nylon material designed to keep the elements at bay, so you have less to worry about after setting it up under the sunlight. The bean bag’s water-resistance is also a handy plus. In addition, the bean bag features extra UV protection on the surface, significantly reducing the chances of the material’s color fading over time. Fatboy offers the Lounge Bean Bag in a characteristic array of bright, hard-to-miss colors: red, orange, taupe, lime green, turquoise, black, and white.
Also by Fatboy, the Headdemock Hammock will do excellently indoors or outdoors. The hammock is relatively larger than most hammocks, and will definitely feed your child’s imagination during play time.

While the Headdemock Hammock looks like it might take a bit of effort to maintain, the material is actually quite easy to clean. Fatboy also throws in a water and stain resistant coating that helps mom and dad pick up after any potential messes. The hammock is also built around an internal frame that supports the whole structure very well. The whole unit can be folded up and packed in a bag when you need to take it somewhere outdoors, or when you simply need to put it in storage.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Guidecraft Organizers

The New Year is right around the corner, and nothing says a new leaf better than a well-organized house—starting, of course, with the playroom.

Say goodbye to having to deal with scattered crayons, paper sheets, building blocks, string, and heaven knows what else with the Guidecraft Deluxe Art Center.
Clearly built with the intention to take organization to whole new level, the Deluxe Art Center is a tabletop measuring 47 by 30 inches, which is relatively large, especially as far as most playroom tables go. The art center features a number of cubbies in top storage, not to mention a couple of canvas storage bins. It also has its own paper roll holder, ensuring that work can go on uninterrupted once your kids have sat down. The art center also comes with two stools, six storage bins, and even a starter roll of paper. To sum up the Guidecraft Deluxe Art Center perfectly—a place for everything and everything in its place.

The Guidecraft Deluxe Art Center is made of birch plywood, with a UV-coated tabletop. Because of the many compartments, you might need to do a bit of assembly once your unit arrives, but a manual is included and it doesn’t take very long to put together. Plus, the extra effort is worth it once readily assembled.
For extra storage options in the playroom, consider getting the Moon and Stars – See, Store and Take-Along by Guidecraft. This handy collection of storage bins on wheels is an excellent and highly convenient addition to any nursery or playroom, and perhaps even a school room.  Each storage bucket features handles and locking lids for easy convenience, and the wooden frame that holds the bins runs on casters that make it easy to move from one spot to another.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Perfect Little Easels by Anatex

Anatex indulges the artist in every child with the Anatex Easel Tabletop in Natural Wood. It’s time to stop worrying about getting a full-sized easel for your kids, as this one is a better (and more parent-convenient) fit for the nursery.
One of this Easel’s strengths is its compact design, making it extremely easy for you to move from one spot to another. Your child can while the hours away seated at the playroom table, with the Easel Tabletop propped up nicely in front of him. Or if he prefers, you could also place it on the floor or on a shelf—basically wherever the artistic inclination strikes. What’s more, you can conveniently store away the easel after being used.

The Easel Tabletop is constructed out of high quality birch plywood, so you can be pretty sure that it will last a long while even after regular use. It is also rather versatile, with a dry-erase board on one side of it, and a chalkboard on the other. In addition, the easel can hold an eighteen-inch paper roll (that’s already included upon purchase). The easel is ideal for children aged three years and older.

On the other hand, the Anatex Easel Standing is a wonderful alternative to the Easel Tabletop. The difference between the two is obvious in the name: the Anatex Easel Standing is propped up on its own four legs. While it is much less compact than the tabletop version, the Anatex Easel Standing offers more space and storage.
The easel features the same dry-erase board and chalkboard on either side, plus a dowel to place an eighteen-inch roll of paper. However, it also has more space to store two storage cups on each side, and there are three plastic storage bins at the bottom of the easel.

Like the Anatex Easel Tabletop, the Anatex Easel Standing is made of high quality birch plywood, and is ideal for kids aged three and older.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Sleeping and Cuddling with KidKraft

Your little one spends most of their time sleeping, tucked under the covers. And because you always want the best for your child, you buy them all the best clothes and toys in the world. Of course, this also includes ensuring comfort and warmth while your baby is heading off to dreamland. A way to do this is to give them the best covers and blankets out there.

The Puppy Pillow and Cuddle Blanket Set by KidKraft is the perfect set for any baby. It comes with a pillow and blanket that any baby would love to hug and play and cuddle. So while your baby is sleeping, he has a pillow for his head and a blanket to hug and cuddle.
Made from high quality 100% polyester, these will make for the best sleeping companion for any child. It also ensures that it will last for as long as your child will need – and even last long enough for it to be passed down younger siblings. Aside form the blue one for young boys; this is also available in pink for young girls.
The pillow comes with a cute puppy design that will also be perfect as decoration for the nursery. You can even personalize pillow with the name of your precious one and even with their birth date. Just email customer service with your personalization request once you have ordered this item. It will then be shipped to you, complete with the personalized design and name that you asked for.

And this is not only something that parents can exclusively buy. The The Puppy Pillow and Cuddle Blanket Set will also make for a great gift for expectant mothers and fathers. So if you are joining any baby shower or birthday party, this would be a great gift to show up with to the event.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Sleeping in Style and Comfort with Ela Sleeping Bag

The time that your baby sleeps is the time for their body to rest and grow, getting them ready for the next day ahead. It is not a wonder than that their sleeping time is much longer than adults – there is still so much for them to learn and grow. In fact, you might find that babies do spend majority of the day sleeping. Because of this, you need to make sure that they get their fix of sleep.

So that they do not end up waking in the middle of the night uncomfortable and crying, get them a sleeping place made especially for them and their small and fragile bodies. The Ela Sleeping Bag by Novela should be perfect for your little girl – not to mention very cute!
This sleeping bag by Novela cuddly wraps your baby up, keeping them warm and comfortable as they take their rest. When naptime comes, just tuck them in this sleeping bag and they will be on their way to dreamland in no time. This sleeping bag comes with big pink damask, making it just as comfortable as the blanket and modern crib bedding set. Fitted to the US standard, this bag is made from 100% organic cotton with a 204 thread count and polyester filling, ensuring you that your baby will not suffer allergies of any kind while tucked under its lush fibers.

One great thing about the Ela Sleeping Bag is that it is very handy when compared to the typical blanket. So when you are on your family trip and the baby takes a quick nap as you make your way home, just take out the sleeping bag, fasten it to your baby, and you are all done. Your little girl will never be as snug!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Potty Training Made Fun with Teamson Design

Once your child reaches his toddler years, one of the things that you will have to teach him is going to the toilet. Now, this might seem like a very easy thing to do but many parents actually have a hard time potty training their babies. You need to have the patience to deal with your child as well as the understanding that it is okay to have accidents sometimes. Also, you need to properly reward them for a job well done.

Of course, you can always use and exercise these traits. After all, they are the ones that will make potty training much easier. To make the entire process of training much easier and enjoyable for your little one, get him with a potty that’s fun and colorful. If you are looking for one, there definitely is no better choice than Kids Bug Themed Potty Chair by Teamson Design.
Just like the typical toilet for adults, this potty has everything that your child will need. It comes with a toilet paper holder and a magazine holder. So you can leave your child to do his business and he will have all the things that he needs right beside him – his favorite book to keep him entertained and then the toilet paper to use once he’s all done. In no time, he’ll master this task and that will be another milestone achieved.

One interesting thing about this potty is that this can be turned into a rocker. So, that’s two uses for one piece! Made from high quality wood, this hand painted and hand crafted masterpiece can both be functional and decorative. What else can you really ask from a potty? Make potty training manageable and enjoyable for your little one with the Kids Bug Themed Potty Chair.

Be Equipped in Style with the Rodeo Princes Tulip Tote

Baby day outs laden both mothers and fathers with enormous amounts of stuff to bring along. Aside from their own things, there are also the baby essentials that they need to have with them in a travel outside the home. Some of the things that a baby will need are feeding bottles, extra clothing, toys, snacks, extra diapers, baby wipes, and so many more others. Because of this, a heavy duty bag that can fit all these things is a must for every parent.

The problem is that most baby bags today are all plain and simple, with functionality more of a priority than style. And if you are like any trendy parent, you would look for something that is both functional and stylish. The Rodeo Princess Tulip Tote by TrendLab should be perfect.
This laminated bag features a cowgirl-themed scatter print in lovely colors of violet, cream, maple and chocolate. It also comes with touches of orange and caramel on a soft orchid background throughout its outside body with maple, banana, violet and chocolate print on the inside. Such a design would not only be appreciated by any parent; it should also be appealing on the eyes of your little one as well.

What we just mentioned is to stylish part; now let’s head on to the functional aspect. The outside of the bag comes with two side bottle pockets, a wide Velcro closure pocket and a front zippered pocket. Inside, you will find four pockets and a large mesh divider that will keep all your baby’s things organized. It comes with a snap closure to make sure that all the inside contents are secure. And if this is not enough, the bag has a removable, coordinating changing pad.

So why settle for other diaper bags when you have the stylish and functional Rodeo Princess Tulip Tote?

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Arrr! Let out Your Kid’s Inner Pirate with the Pirate Sandboat

Playing make-believe seems to be any child’s forte, like the mind is programmed to take on practically any character that they wish and execute it properly. As parents, it is our duty to make sure that their imagination is fostered and be allowed to blossom. After all, this is one of the many things that will help them know themselves more and learn about the world around them.

There are so many toys available today that will facilitate the imagination of any child. It can go from a simple doll to a humungous playhouse. KidKraft is one of those companies that make the best toys for children – toys that will allow them play and enjoy as well as learn and gain new knowledge. One of their top toys to date is the KidKraft Pirate Sandboat.
Perfect for your little pirate, this dreamy little sandbox comes with a colorful and eye-catching pirate-themed artwork. It has a big enough storage for buckets, shovels and all the other toys that your child would and can play with in the sand. And when the sun it is too hot, you can set up the shady canopy that will keep your little one protected when he wants to play out in the middle of the day. Plus, the sandbox has a size that is big enough to allow many kids to play at once. So along with all the things that your child will learn while playing in a sandbox; he will also be able to know cooperative play and learn how to properly interact with his peers.

The KidKraft Pirate Sandboat is made with the high quality Sanmu wood. Along with its sturdy construction, you are assured that your kid will have many fun years to come playing, learning and interacting in it.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Take Your Child Biking with the iBert Safe-T-Seat

Taking a biking trip with your child – or even just a typical bike ride around the neighborhood – is just one of the many ways to let your child enjoy the outdoors. It is also one of the many ways that you can bond with them. The problem is that parents have a problem with the visibility, biking balance and safety concerns of their children. Tired of the seating options that are available for your little one?

In response to the long withstanding problem of parents on taking biking trips with their family, a mom and dad tandem created the iBert Sate-T-Seat. It allows parents to interact with their child while they are riding the bike and gives the child a better view of his surroundings and the trails that you are treading. Its constructions ensure that no dirt, dust, water or rocks will be thrown into the face of your child.
This is the new model for 2012 and is made 2 inches longer than the original. It comes with a new padded steering wheel so your child can be your co-pilot and help in the steering. This feature also doubles as a nap pad for your tired passenger. Like all the 2012 models, it comes with a padded seat, T-bar, ring pin and clip, and hex key for easy installation.

Its design is similar to that of rear-mounted seats but it uses a patented “Stinger” system that allows it to attach to your bike in only 2 minutes. And in just 15 seconds, the seat instantly attaches to the stinger. Plus, taking it off from the bike is just as quick.

Give your little one the chance to enjoy nature as much as you would while on biking tricks. To do this while ensuring their comfort and safety, use the iBert Sate-T-Seat.

Levels of Discovery Tables and Chairs Fit for Princesses

Furniture is an important part of any children's room. Because of they are still growing, it is important that they are given their own tables and chairs that are made exactly for their size – and imagination. This is not only about novelty; it is also about ensuring that they are safe and at ease with whatever they are using. In comes Levels of Discovery, the creators of innovative and appealing furniture for children. Each of their creation offers various pieces to turn any child's playtime into a time of delightful surprises.

Take for example this Princess and Table and Chair set. Any little girl would of course want to look like and feel like a princess. The thought of wearing puffy dresses and crowns and meeting their prince charming some day are just a few of the things that most little girls dream of. Why not allow her to live her dream with these pieces?
The table is hand-painted with a pink top with decorative elements all around its perimeter colored in gold, cream and purple. It also has a secret compartment, revealing a hiding place for your little princess where she can stash her tea sets, crown and other trinkets along with a music box that plays Pomp and Circumstance.

The chairs come with a heart-shaped backrest and a removable padded cushion for utmost comfort as she is enjoying tea with her best friend. A special message on the back says "Always a Princess", something that they will remember and hold true for as long as they can. The purple and pink chairs come with gold tassels and gold accents.

Let your little girl (or girls) feel the elegance and sophistication of being a princess with the Princess and Table and Chair set. Later on, this is one happy memory that they will fondly look back, reminiscing on the time when they were once a princess.

Monday, December 3, 2012

The Perfect Activity Center in Anatex Fleur Table

It is during childhood that the mind of the child is in the best position to be molded – to be taught with all the things that they will find helpful at a later life. This is why it is important that we squeeze in learning as much as we possibly during these years. Anatex has been doing this, priding their selves on creating instructive toys for children that will keep them entertained and educated at the same time. What might be their best product to date is the Anatex Fleur Table.

The Fleur Rollercoaster Tables that will serve as wonderful activity for children. This toy has all the functions that will let the children know more about color recognition, counting, and eye-hand coordination, keeping them playing for hours on hand. And because it comes with 4 attached seats, this play area will also let their play with their friends and learn cooperative play. The seat comes in various primary colors so they can sit comfortably while they are playing, learning and interacting. The table is made from high quality wood that will ensure years of use and enjoyment for you child and the following children after.
And not only is the Anatex Fleur Table perfect for any home. This can also be installed in play areas, schools, doctor's offices, waiting rooms and practically any place where there is about to be kid. This colorful and durable toy is definitely a child magnet that will fill their time with fun and learning.

Anatex has been honored by the Parents' Choice Classic and has been acknowledged with their educational toys. Even when their creations are made with basic materials – a far cry from the offerings of today's technology – its function gives any child everything that they need for learning and enjoyment.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Desk and Table Sets by Levels of Discovery

Add a scholarly feel to your child’s nursery or playroom with the Activity Desk Set by Levels of Discovery. This activity desk serves more than a simple table on which kids can write and draw. In fact, Levels of Discovery designed it to be more of a creativity station than a desk. The Activity Desk Set can be opened to reveal spacious storage underneath, and is equipped with a metal safety hinge on the desktop. The hinge was designed to close slowly too, to prevent any sore fingers brought about by inadvertent slamming.
The Activity Desk Set exudes a color wheel design, featuring a wide array of shades that can be visually stimulating to a developing mind. The compartments can hold anything from crayons, colored pencils, to extra sheets of paper, depending on what your kid usually needs to get his creativity going. Even the seat offers some extra storage space, perfect for coloring or drawing books.

If you have more than one child, an excellent choice for a desk set is the All Star Sports Table and 4 Stool Set, also by Levels of Discovery.

The All Star Sports Table is an extremely colorful desk set, and even the stools follow the sports motif with different ball designs for each stool and baseball bat legs. The table itself is a fascination, and features a table-top soccer game, keeping kids entertained even after study time or arts and crafts. Each table corner has inset spinning balls, with a number of bright pennants and sports ball accents as well.
Because of a few small parts, the All Star Sports Table and stool set is recommended for kids aged three years old and up, each weighing up to 50 pounds.

Imaginative Playsets by Cedarworks

The CedarWorks Rhapsody 3 Indoor Playset is sure to keep your kids’ play dates something to look forward to. The playset has a number of highly imaginative features that will offer an awesome adventure for all the kids on the block.

Cedarworks equips the 3 Indoor Playset with a climbing wall, ramp, fire pole, and even an entire secret hideaway underneath the playset. For the Playdeck 30 option, the playset has a climbing wall with four handles for extra grip and security, with stripe panels on top and nook panels below. For the Playdeck 45 option, on the other hand,  keeps bubbles panels below deck, as well as a door and ladder.
The entire playset is made of furniture grade solid hardwood, and the panels are laminated, made of premium multi-plywood Baltic Birch. The set features Rhapsody-colored stains, all of which are natural and water-based, and not in the least toxic for your kids. The playset also contains no plastic components.

While the Cedarworks Rhapsody 3 Indoor Playset has a manual outlining the standard way of assembly, one of the playset’s distinct advantages is that it’s also fully customizable. Cedarworks also accepts special orders for playsets, and you can specify whatever customizations you’d like for your own.

On the other hand, the CedarWorks Rhapsody Bed 2 combines the comfort of a cozy sleeping space and the awesome-ness of a whole playset. The Rhapsody Bed 2 is quite feminine, with flower deck panels on the top and bottom. The Loft Bed 30 features a series of flower panels, while the Playdeck 30 offers a climbing wall with handles, a ladder and nook, and polka circles for the above and below deck panels.
Similar to the Cedarworks Rhapsody 3 Indoor Playset, the Rhapsody Bed 2 is made with natural water stains, has no plastic components, and is earth-friendly.