Monday, October 29, 2012

Chillin’ on The Sofa with TrueModern

If you want a sofa to serve as the focal centerpiece for your living room, the Hamlin 130 Sofa with Chaise by TrueModern will be a sure hit.

The Hamlin 130 Sofa, also known as simply the 130 Sofa, exudes both simplicity and elegance, and is large and visually striking enough to draw the eye to it. The sofa features a down and feather-filled kidney-shaped back pillow that provides optimum comfort. It’s the perfect option for a comfortable sofa, the kind you laze around in on easy Saturday afternoons in front of the TV or with a good book.

The entire sofa features a classic baseball stitch that criss crosses over the sofa’s back pillows as well as the back rest. The sofa comes in six different colors, ranging from Mouse, Charcoal, Chocolate, Dolphin Grey, Ivory, and Sea Blue. The 130 Sofa is made of 100% polyester, with legs made of steel tubes, and sporting sleek brushed nickel. For those of you looking for a modern yet playful sofa with a lot of character, the Hamlin 130 is one of the top of the line options, and it’s pretty sturdy too.

Another large sofa by TrueModern Dane Corner Sectional Sofa. The sofa features a bumper, for extra space and flexibility. While it’s mainly marketed as a sofa, the Dane Sofa makes an excellent lounge, sporting a good, sturdy pair of Danish legs and extra comfy back cushions. The back cushions, in particular, feature top stitching, and were designed to slant gently back, contouring to the sitter’s body shape. A single slim arm provides a nice finishing touch to the whole piece. The chaise can also be arranged to face the left or right, adding to flexibility. The Dane Corner Sectional Sofa is available in Chocolate, Dolphin, Mouse, Ivory, Wheatgrass, and Charcoal.

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