Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Pkolino: Children Learn and Grow Through Play!

P'kolino (pee-ko-lee-no) was founded to improve play at home by two dads with a passion for creating great products. With the help of friends, family and a global network of designers, P’kolino has created play products that are beloved worldwide for their playful style and smart functionality.

At Pkolino we believe children learn and grow through play. That is why creating a home that nurtures and encourages play is so important to us. Pkolino is an entirely new concept in play furniture! Smart, multi-purpose products designed to be fun, functional and stylish.

Pkolino Tree Table with Giraffe and Zebra Chairs

Pkolino Little Reader Sofa

Pkolino Kube Set - Storage Cubes and Drawers


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Every parent wants their newborn to be as comfortable and peaceful as they can in their nursery, and the decoration and baby nursery furniture are essential for this purpose. My Urban Child has a great selection of must-have items from our modern baby furniture collection which both you and your baby will absolutely love. Our Hushamok Hammocks will provide your baby with deep sleep and you the ability to take a much deserved break! Not only will these be a necessary part of your baby nursery furniture, but you can even accessorize with them. The Baby Star Bassinets come in different colors and patterns for boy or girl, and are formaldehyde-free making them safe for both the baby and the environment. The Gentle Motions Bassinet will allow parents to rock their child back to sleep easily, and even rocks with the baby’s own movements to ensure a lasting rest.

Baby Nursery Cribs

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Magis Furniture: The Me Too Collection!

In 2004, Magis launched a new collection of objects and furniture for children, between the ages two and six years old, called Me Too Collection. Magis took nine top designers for twenty-something objects. These pieces of furniture are not a scale reduction of the adult furniture. The purpose of these designs was to stimulate the little ones imagination and change the perceptions of children's furniture. Its a token of love and an intelligent welcome to the smiles of tomorrow. Me Too the collection from Magis deserve passionate curiosity of adults for children, and also from careful research. Because you can play with children, but you cant fool them.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

FATBOY USA: Fatboy Bean Bags

Designed in Finland in 1998 as the Fatboy Bean Bag for the 21st century! They are water resistant, stain resistant, and easy to clean. Fatboy Bags are filled with virgin polystyrene beads to allow for the ultimate lounging experience! Fatboy USA distributes all over the United States for all ages (kids and adults!)

Fatboy Original

It used to just be a bed, dresser, and maybe a rocking chair for furniture in a child's bedroom. This wasn’t very versatile, but simply the typical options available for your little one. The choice was either the traditional or modern design options for children’s furniture in the bedroom or playroom. So along came the Fatboy Original Bean Bag - a perfect all-purpose chair, lounge chair, fun lounger, etc. for a certain change in what we used to consider comfortable and stylish seating. The Fatboys are good for bedrooms and playrooms as well as perfect for all ages - don't let Dad get on yours or you will never get him up! They are perfect for relaxing in front of the TV, laptop or even your favorite book. Fatboys can even be used as a spare bed - they are simply huge and ultra snugly.

Fatboy Junior

The stylish Fatboy Junior Bean Bag is the perfect addition to any child’s room. Coming in an assortment of bright colors, the Fatboy Junior bean bag will surely light up your child’s face after a long day at school. Fatboy forms to the contours of the user's body, allowing for natural support and comfort in a vast range of positions. Napping, studying, eating, and relaxing are always better when you have a Fatboy around! The Fatboy Bags are not just for children anymore, they fit in perfectly with any decor and are both comfortable and stylish in any room of your home.

Fatboy Point

The Fatboy Point Ottoman was made for mini rears or daddy feet! The Point was designed in Finland as the new alternative to the "bean bag" from the past. Grab a book and plop down with your mini. This little bean bag will surely become your mini's favorite spot to read, play, jump or do just about anything! The smallest Fatboy can be used as an ottoman, a child's seat, or another lounge chair anywhere in the house! The Fatboy is filled with virgin polystyrene beads for the most comfort and versatility. They are a new modern alternative to the "bean bag" from the past. These comfy cushions are ideal for lounging and relaxing, while at the same time making a stylish addition to any kid's bedroom setting! We love the cylindrical design of the Fatboy Point, which allows children to sit atop a lofty perch like kings and queens.