Thursday, September 20, 2012

Shelves VS Entertainment Centers – or both?

Most parents have to choose between the necessary storage furniture to place in their children’s rooms, and the numerous entertainment options available to a growing child.

These pieces of furniture solve your dilemma for you by throwing both storage and play in one convenient item.

If you’re looking for a good bookshelf to stick in the playroom, consider skipping over the conventional standing shelf and go for the Fly Boy Revolving Bookcase by Levels of Discovery. Unsurprisingly, the Fly Boy Revolving Bookcase is just that—an unconventional bookshelf that will fascinate young children as they spin the unit around to get to their favorite books.
The bookcase measures either 12 or 10 inches (depending on what you prefer) was designed with a vintage airplane motif. It was made to complement the Airplane Rocker (also by Fly Boy), but if you already have your own rocker, the bookshelf does just fine. The bookshelf’s revolving action is pretty smooth, easy enough for a child to manipulate on its own. Its ingenious design assigns a “control tower” as storage compartment.

On the other hand, the Center Stage Floor Puppet Theater by Guidecraft will provide hours of endless fun as your kids exhaust their imaginations with all kinds of puppet adventures.

While you’re not going to be able to store books or heavy items in the Puppet Theater, its appeak lies in its versatility. Changing the marquee signs transforms the theater into a store, or a post office—anything your child likes depending on what he writes on the blank chalkboard sign. The theater has front curtain slides that open and close seamlessly for the puppet master and his showing times. If you need to make an open counter appearance, they can be placed aside with Velcro loops. A dark rear curtain provides the necessary privacy and mystique necessary for a puppet master’s performance. The Center Stage Floor Puppet Theater is made of a combination of cloth and non-tip construction hardwood that’s safe and environment-friendly.

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