Friday, October 12, 2012

Food at the Perfect Temperature for Your Baby Every Time

Save for cold food items and delicacies, we all want to eat food when it is warmed just right. Besides, microwaves, toasters and stoves were not made for nothing. With this in mind, it would be rather logical to say that our babies would also want things warmed up, especially that they still lack the faculties to tolerate anything that is too cold. Famed children’s brand Scandinavian has the perfect solution for cold milk and baby food.

The Beaba Bib'Secondes Bottle and Food Warmer will effectively do the job of putting things in the right temperature in record time. This ultra-fast warmer can heat bottles in under 2 minutes and food jars in under 5 minutes. It comes with a precise time so you know it has the right temperature that is safe for your baby. It is also able to heat baby bottles as well as baby food jars.

Such ability comes from the Bib'secondes’ dual programming that will allow you to pick the starting temperature of the food (either based on room temperature or refrigerator temperature) along with the amount of liquid that you are looking to warm. Its quantity selection corresponds to the quantity of milk or food being warmed. This warmer also comes with a temperature maintenance feature so once the bottle or jar is heated, it will safely keep them in the same temperature for up to 10 minutes.

Whether you are using plastic or glass bottles and baby food jars, the Bib'secondes’ will still effectively warm them up. It comes with a BPA-free bottle adapter to ensure safety for your little one. Another great feature about this is that this virtually runs silently so you and your baby will not have to deal with annoying noises while warming their milk or food.

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