Monday, April 1, 2013

Pkolino: Simple yet Functional Design with Bright Colors!

PKOLINO - P'Kolino 
P'kolino (pee-ko-lee-no) was founded by passionate parents to improve play time in the home. They teamed up with friends, family and a global network of designers to create products that are loved around the world for their playful style and smart functionality.
This innovative line of play furnishings and décor offer children of all ages playfully smart solutions to enhance play. P’kolino is always designing new products and expanding into new markets so that everyone will know what it means to have a playfully smart home.
 Pkolino Little One's Table and Chairs Set - Fuchsia
This activity table and chair set is perfect for all little ones. It is both playful and practical. The table has a large surface so that even the most imaginative children have plenty of space to create their masterpiece. The table comes with stylish chairs that are the perfect size for small children.  This set includes two chairs, but you can always add more by purchasing individual chairs.  Also available in other bright colors!
Pkolino Duck and Ostrich Chairs

 Pkolino Duck and Ostrich Chairs

Let’s be honest, the entire P’kolino Safari Collection is awesome!  What child would not want bright colored animal furniture in their bedroom?  The collection is ideal for little ones ages 3 to 6 years.  These chairs offer a balance of playfulness and sophisticated design!  They are suitable for playrooms, bedrooms, day cares, or wherever your child needs to take a seat!

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