Sunday, October 21, 2012

Getting Your Toddler’s First Wheels by Airflow Collectibles

Your toddler may still be a long way from legal driving age, but he’s definitely not too young to get his first car.

Introduce your kid to a whole new world of transport with the Pink Speedster Pedal Car by Airflow Collectibles. The car is powered by the sheer power of toddler pedals, for which there are three positions that allow your child to use the car even as he or she grows. The Pink Speedster Pedal Car features a comfortable padded seat that offers plenty of support. The exterior is coated in lead free powder coat paint and is non-toxic to your child.

The Pink Speedster Pedal Car offers a more vintage feel, and is a nod to the classic cars of the early to mid 1900s. However, if you’d like a more modern kind of play car, then you could opt for the Vintage Red Sport Racer Airplane Riding Toy.

The Sport Racer Pedal plane is pretty nice eye candy, and its bright red exterior is sure to draw your child’s attention even from the onset. The plane sports a red and cream finish complete with racing graphics painted all over the outside. You’ll need to do a bit of assembling at first, but once you’re done you’re all set for the years of enjoyment your kid will get from this. It features wheel pants, a custom padded seat (for maximum comfort), and a front engine cowling, not to mention custom decals. The pedal car was built to be safe and long-lasting, passing the necessary U.S. safety and quality tests with flying colors.

For better motion, the pedal car includes a sealed ball bearing drive, high traction tires, a moving spring loaded propeller, non-slip pedals, and long lasting lead free powder coat paint – now that’s a sweet ride if there ever was one.

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