Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Stylish Rugs for Your Modern Kids

In decorating your child’s room, you must not only have the right furniture pieces, but you must embellish it with the appropriate accessories. Depending on the theme of your child’s room, you can decorate it with furniture and accessories that he can use even up to his adolescent years. If you want to buy a rug for your child’s room, make sure that you will be practical enough in your choice. At My Urban Child, you will be amazed by their collection of kids room rugs and other kids products that your child can enjoy even up to his teenage years.

Their collection of kids rugs have a variety of colors, patterns and prints. You could opt for geometric or funky or floral or circular prints. These rugs are from Chandra Collection of India. It is a known fact that Chandra rugs are respected producers of high-quality rugs. They are also known for their traditional rugs that reflect their Indian heritage. They produce traditional hand-made rugs that have modern and contemporary designs. The company makes rugs that are not only beautiful and stylish, but they are made of durable and safe materials, and the buyers are assured that they will last long.

The rug will definitely create a fun and colorful atmosphere in your child’s room. At the same time, as a practical mother, you want to invest on something that your child can use even if he is already a grown up. The Chandra rug will be a wise and practical investment for you. You are assured that these rugs are not only non-toxic but they make your child’s room inviting and trendy. Give your child’s room a modern flair with a Chandra rug.

Shopping for these rugs, you can purchase them at You can choose from their well-detailed catalogues for kids room rugs as well as other baby and children’s products. All of their items passed either US or international standards. Make your shopping more memorable and fun with these products that are not only beautiful, but are modern and trendy.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Trendy Furniture for Modern Teens

As parents of a modern teen, you will find it a bit difficult to furnish his or her room in this transition stage. You need not fret; you can now browse thru the internet for teen bedroom furniture and get great ideas on how to add that sophisticated look to your kid’s bedroom with a slightly adult look. Wooden beds are available in walnut, maple or white finish. They could come as bunk beds, or the convenient trundle bed that would come in handy during sleepovers. There are box-type beds with drawer chests beneath, for storing all those knick-knacks and treasures accumulated from childhood. Match the bed with a dresser in the same finish, with a trendy-looking lamp, and you will create a room that your child will proudly show off to friends.

You can create a slightly grown-up look with the right accessories such as striped window shades, modern designer wallpaper, plump cushions, and color-coordinated bed linens for a harmonious effect that your child will love. . Create a theme such as a sailor or princess motif, and add to this the furniture and furnishings for a touch of child’s whimsy. Provide him with enough storage space for school supplies and personal accessories to avoid a cluttered look. You can find available in the market, accent pieces and wall art that come in bold colors that kids love. Enhance your teen’s bedroom with lamps in different shapes and colors, book-ends, matching study tables and chairs that are now available in the market to add to the contemporary look.

Delightful modern children furniture and bedroom accessories not only come in funky, cool colors, they are also crafted in different designs and shapes such as the acrylic chairs, bean bags in smooth leather or vinyl covers in warm tropical colors, modern geometric patterned rugs, and other accent pieces to brighten up your child’s room. Today’s modern parents would also appreciate the designer furniture for kids that are built with eco-friendly materials, lead-free paint finishes, non-toxic plastic and formaldehyde-free fabrics to ensure your kid’s health and safety.

Monday, April 25, 2011

The Best Footwear for Your Kids

Kids would usually brag about their shoes. You want them to have the most comfortable, soft, quality and durable footwear. You want that their feet will be protected while these are developing naturally. Aside from making their feet comfortable, they must go out with style and they will be proud of what they wear. Talking about the best shoes in town, there is only one and it is called, “Pedoodles.”

For your pretty little girl, you can buy her the “BlueBelles Mary Janes.” This dainty footwear has Pedflex rubber soles that will provide the right traction for your kid’s feet. Your kid does not have to worry about his shoelaces since it comes with a Velcro closure. It has a breathable design to promote a healthy condition for the feet.

Your pretty little princess can also wear a “Wild Flower” sandal. It will complement her capris pants and her summerdress. The perfect summerwear and they are great for the outdoors.

For your child’s camping, he needs “Happy Campers” shoes. It is made of durable canvass and suade. It has comfortable footbeds that help in proper foot development. It is not only for camping, but fit for casual dressing.

Your kid can also go outdoors wearing stylish boots. There are boots for little girls that are embellished with hearts and pink furs. These boots will surely make her look sassy. There are also boots for little boys. It has a cozy fur lining with designs of bones and paw prints. It has zippers on the sides and your kid does not have to tie shoelaces anymore.

Aside from boots, your little one could also try on the “The Reef” footwear. They are very comfortable and colorful footwear, great for outdoor activities. It has a contrast stitching and comes in different color combination.

Pedoodles Shoes” are trendy and fun footwear. They are stylish and comfortable to the feet. Your kids will definitely a great time wearing them. Not only that, your kids can show to their friends that they have style and character, just like you!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Fun, Interactive and Educational Toys for Your Kids

Your kids will soon have their school break and you would want them to have fun and at the same time learn while enjoying their break at home. You do not want them to experience boredom the entire school break, or just eat and watch television at home. That is why, you have to buy them toys that will not only give them enjoyment, but make them learn and improve their mental and physical skills. There are girls toys or toys for your boys that will only give them fun and enjoyment. But there are also toys that were made to give kids additional knowledge and learning, at the same time make them happy.

Training your kids at a young age to have the thirst for knowledge will help them when they grow up. Instilling in their minds the importance of learning and enhancing their creative mind will make them well-rounded, smart and confident individuals. That is why it is important to teach them and providing them with the right things while they are still very young.

In choosing the right toys for your children, shop for toys that can help them practice their mental and physical abilities. These kinds of toys will encourage them to think and use their imagination. An example is a wooden puzzle. This will make them choose the right size and shape of each of the puzzle pieces. They can even play with chalkboards wherein they can practice their writing and drawing skills. They can even play with a magnetic maze that will enhance their decision-making skills.

There are a lot of other educational toys around. These girls and boys toys are affordable and can be bought online. So you do not need to drive to a local store, especially if you are a very busy person. Just make sure that you read the details for each of the product that you are going to buy. Read the descriptions of the products and their manufacturers. Make sure that they are non-toxic, chemical-free and safe for your kids.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Affordable Accessories for Your Baby

Parents should always bear in mind that in buying accessories for their babies, safety must be their utmost priority. It is not only making your baby and the nursery look stylish and modern, but at the same time they are guaranteed safe. Nursery accessories would help provide the baby comfort and happiness while growing up. Aside from that, it will be an added help for parents who are taking care of them since these accessories are not only trendy but multi-functional.

My Urban Child has the accessories that you will need for your baby. Aside from they are pleasing aesthetically they have the right products that are not only safe but practical as well. Shopping for your baby’s needs will be easy and fun because you are at the right place. My Urban Child has a well-detailed catalogue so that you will find all the information that you will need.

They have the best accessories for your baby’s crib. They have a crib set with fun and unique designs perfect for your baby’s room. Aside from that, they have a cool collection of baby bath products. They have colorful hooded bath towels with cute designs for your baby to make bath time comfortable and fun. The store also sells trendy, modern and eco-friendly diaper bags. These bags make mom and dad stylish while carrying the baby’s essential stuff. Not only that, there is a wide selection of baby’s burp clothes, bibs and blankets. They come in unique and stylish prints with various colors. There are also colorful potty chairs that have fun designs and can be personalized by putting you baby’s picture on it. Your baby would enjoy travelling with you even at a young age. In order to do so, you need to put him or her in a car seat. My Urban Child sells car seats that keep your baby safe and at the same time comfortable.

The store had a lot of affordable accessories for babies to choose from. You are assured that these products will make you and your baby happy.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Transporting Babies in Style

Modern parents on the go tend to bring along their babies with them without the help of expensive nannies. They look for ways of transporting their kids safely and securely, with necessities like bassinets, infant car seats, strollers, and strollers accessories. Armed with these conveniences, contemporary moms and dads venture to the park, library,grocerystore or across town to visit Grandma and Grandpa.

You need not worry when Baby comes along; there are modern accessories designed with safety features to protect your child from accidents or allergies. Just browse through the internet or walk through your nearest department store to check out these items. Be sure to select carefully and thoughtfully those items with quality craftsmanship, non-toxic material, lead-free paint, hypo-allergenic mattresses, and non-corrosive metal fittings. There are strollers with anti-bacterial seat covers and storage space for extra diapers and towels. There are even those that come with a portable changing mat for emergency diaper changes. Invest in items that you are sure would transport your baby comfortably and without mishaps. Find a sturdy stroller with sun shade and flexible seating so your baby can either face you or face forward.

Practicality and durability need not sacrifice style and beauty. The baby stuff out there in the market today are constructed in adorable materials of neon colors, cool stripes, cute plaids, and pretty floral or jungle prints that would please any trendy mom or dad. You would be delighted to transport your kid in a stroller with a matching, color-coordinated backpack to contain bottles and lunchboxes. You could also dress up in matching mother-and-daughter frocks or dad-and-son T-shirts. Grandparents, aunts, uncles and curious neighbors would be delightfully surprised to see your stylish and fashionable appearance.

Parenting chores would become fun times for you and your kid if you have the proper accessories to make life easy. Hassle-free and easy-to-maintain baby accessories, car seats and kids strollers are the answer to a busy parent’s prayers. Your bundle of joy deserves to be transported in a feel-good and look-good conveyance suited for a cool and chic kid.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Shopping for Your Baby’s Furniture Needs

The arrival of your baby changed everything in your life. Your baby has now become the center of your life, the apple of your eye. You want your baby to be happy and comfortable while growing up. Thus, you will provide your baby the best things that the world has to offer. That is why you have to shop for the best baby nursery furniture in town.

At My Urban Child, shopping will surely be memorable since the store has the complete line of baby furniture and accessories fit for the urban and trendy baby. Not only that their products are from reputable designers and manufacturers all over the world, so your baby will have safe and quality furniture and accessories. The store has a great customer service department ready to assist you with what you need and will give you shopping advice.

Doing your shopping at My Urban Child, you will be overwhelmed by the complete range of baby and kids products that they have. For your baby’s needs alone, you will be amazed with their sophisticated, urban and chic pieces that you would want to buy everything in their catalogue. They got cribs, from classic designs to the modern ones. A modern crib can be converted into a bed, when your baby becomes a toddler. Aside from cribs, they have the changing tables that have modern and chic designs. These changing tables have extra space for storage below it. So they are really functional and at the same time provide your baby’s nursery with additional accent. Aside from that, the store offers baby dressers with stylish designs. No more boring baby dressers that make your baby’s nursery dry and dull. The store gives you baby dressers that make your baby’s room trendy and sophisticated. They also have bassinets and baby hammocks to give your baby comfort and at the same time, make them happy.

Your baby deserves all the comfort and happiness in the world. Thus, My Urban Child is the perfect store for modern baby furniture and accessories. Have fun shopping!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Brighten Your Child’s Life with Designer Accessories

The arrival of a new baby into the household somehow changes the lifestyle and habits of the rest of the family. Wise parents plan ahead for this new bundle of joy by preparing a nursery that blends into the decor theme of the rest of the house. You need not worry; you can find exactly the right style of baby furniture and toddler accessories just by browsing through the internet or visiting any trendy department store.

Stylish nursery and toddler furnishings as well as young teens’ furniture are now available in the market in a vast array of designs. Modern trendy and delightful pieces by contemporary designers have totally changed the realm of baby and children’s home decor. As you browse through the internet or walk through any local department store, you will find that new look in furnishings and accent pieces for baby’s nursery or and toddlers’ room.

Aside from modern cribs and playpens, you can now find play sets, kid-sized tables and chairs, potty chairs, lamps, rugs and wall decor perfect for your child’s room. You can even find outdoor play sets, doll houses, and sand boxes in amazing and creative designs. They come in funky and cool candy colors, durable and washable material, chic and trendy designs in prints, plaids, and stripes that would wipe away every frown from your child’s face.

As your baby grows into a toddler, you need not change all the furniture and accents; just buy additional pieces in the same motif or design. Modern cribs may be transformed into toddler’s day beds or play pens, although your baby’s bassinet or hammock may be stored or given away. You can use a similar motif or continue the same theme while keeping the durable and useful accessories and accent pieces.

Modern toddlers’ furniture and accessories are safe, sturdy, and come in bright tropical designs that any kid would enjoy. Even toilet training becomes fun with the cute potty chairs thoughtfully designed to entertain your child through this important phase of life. High chairs, car seats and strollers come with matching accessories such as bibs and burp cloths, stroller blankets, backpacks, lunchboxes, bottle holders, and diaper bags that can be harmoniously mixed and matched to blend with your color motif. Trendy moms and dads can also find t-shirts and aprons that match with their toddlers for a fun day outdoors or in the kitchen.

All these carefully-crafted toddlers’ stuff and cool accessories for babies add fun to your parenting days and make this a stress-free and enjoyable phase of your life. Precious moments shared with your babies and toddlers will become cherished memories as the years go by.

Chic and Trendy Accessories for Babies and Toddlers

The realm of babies’ and toddlers’ accessories has totally changed with the contemporary designer items out in the market today. Modern moms and dads, explore your options through the internet and in local department stores. You will find a wide variety of toddler accessories, nursery accessories, and baby furnishings to delight every stylish parent.

Not only are they good to look at, they are made of sturdy and non-toxic material that are safe for your baby or toddler. Cribs, bassinets, strollers, high chairs, potty chairs and car seats now come in creatively inspired designs with adorable accents and bright colors that would surely delight your kid. Most accessories are washable and sturdy, flexible and lightweight, for ease and convenience in transporting. This will surely catch the interest of modern parents who love to travel or take their kids to parks, playgrounds or picnic areas. Your child’s accessories should be easy to fold, carry, and stuff in your trunk. Modern urban homes have a dearth of space, hence, children’s accessories should be foldable and easy to store away into a small closet space. Baby’s or toddler’s accessories are now made of washable vinyl or acrylic, sturdy fabric and non-corrosive metal to avoid hazards and accidents.

You will find in the market today the most amazing and imaginative designs for toddler’s play sets, tents, or play houses. There are also high chairs and potty chairs in adorable designs that make it easy to toilet train or feed your small child. For outside excursions, you can choose a durable and safe car seat with the matching accessories like diaper bags, bottle holders, lunchboxes, and bibs or burp cloths in harmonious designs and colors. You can even find for yourself and baby the cutest matching t-shirts, or even aprons for bonding time in the kitchen. Make parenting a fun time for you and your child with these cool and funky accessories that are geared for safety and convenience.

Even visits to grandparents become a pleasant experience if your baby has these adorable and stylish accessories for travel. Strollers now come with leak-proof seats, changing mats, and diaper bags to make it easy for mothers to change soiled nappies. Bottle holders and backpacks come in matching designs, whether in plaids, stripes, dots, or playful animal prints in bright colors preferred by kids. Modern moms and dads would proudly show off their toddlers in designer outfits and accessories that reflect the modern styles and trends. They would also love the chic and stylish accessories for babies, like cribs, bassinets, and car seats in trendy designs, high chairs and potty chairs with cartoon characters to make every baby happy.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Modern Urban Flair for Your Nursery or Kids’ Room

Young, modern parents look forward to the arrival of a new baby, excitedly preparing a nursery to welcome him or her home. With excitement, they plan out the room decor that would reflect their lifestyle while affording the required practicality and convenience of parenthood. With careful planning and wise spending, you can achieve a nursery for your baby that is non-traditional, trendy and chic. The decor and style of your modern, contemporary home should be able to flow into this child’s area. Browsing through the internet or walking through the nearest department stores, you can find available today a vast array of modern baby cribs, furniture, play sets, lamps and kids wall decor. Simply pick out the pieces that you can mix and match to achieve your theme or motif of choice.

Aside from the contemporary furniture and accent pieces, you can have your choice of rugs, lamps, and wall art that come in amazing designs. Well-chosen wall art or wall coverings can enhance any drab and lifeless room, providing a lively backdrop for your child’s bed or sofa. Stylish and trendy parents will marvel at the creative and imaginative art work painted on canvas and mounted on wooden frames, which are ideal for hanging in your nursery or toddler’s room. These have designs of big, bold cats, howling dogs, giraffes, and other cartoon characters that would provide your child with much-needed “friends” throughout his or her growing years. Toddlers would love these adorable companions during the times they are alone. Easy to peel and paste decals are also available for nurseries, in pretty bird, flower and leaf designs to amuse your baby.

You may opt for wallpaper to enhance your baby’s nursery. Wallpaper art has come a long way from the traditional patterns: they now come in a variety of tropical garden and jungle prints that bring in a warm, summer look into the room, regardless of the weather outside. You can further carry out the tropical theme with matching rugs in grass or leaf designs, jungle printed cushions and bedding's. You can also create a soothing, calming effect with minimalist prints, stripes, and checks in smaller designs. Modern teens prefer the op-art look with geometric, concave or illusion designs that add character to their private space. These smooth and sleek wall coverings are durable, washable, and easy to maintain. They are also easy tor replace as your baby grows into teen hood. You need not go far to create the modern urban nursery or kids room with flair. You can browse through the internet for design ideas or tips complete with pictures of baby furniture, furnishings, and nursery wall art.

Contemporary Lamps for a Trendy Nursery

Modern moms and dads enjoy planning and designing a stylish nursery for their first baby or toddler. This enjoyable aspect of parenthood can sometimes be stressful, especially when you have a particular color motif or theme in mind. You need worry no more; now available in the internet or even in the local malls are an amazing array of kids furniture, accent pieces, bedding's, contemporary wall decor, kids lamps, and rugs that will please any choosy parent.

Lighting fixtures and lamps play an important part in providing a calm, soothing ambiance to a child’s room. Aside from the practical aspect of providing brightness during evenings, lighting fixtures and lamps can be used to create an effect suitable for your child’s rest and sleep. Night lights are recommended to soothe a nervous child who is afraid to be left alone in total darkness or prone to nightmares.

Contemporary lights and lamps can provide the perfect finishing touches to a modern stylish room following your chosen theme or design, whether it is a flower garden, jungle-inspired, or under-the-sea theme. You can create an ambiance with imaginative lighting such as colored bulbs and shapes. Create a calm, serene atmosphere enhanced by soft music, and a thick and soft rug to avoid noise. The possibilities are endless; you just need to browse through the internet to pick up ideas on the perfect trendy furnishings for your child’s room.

Overhead lights or wall-mounted types are the usual choices for babies’ nurseries since these are out of the child’s reach. As your toddler grows, however, you can have stylish table lamps that are heat-free and made of non-toxic, odorless plastic. Look out for eco-friendly bulbs that conserve energy. Check out for safe electric cords to prevent accidents. You will be amazed at how the designers of today keep in mind the safety and well-being of children.

Modern children’s lamps are not only sleek and stylish, they also come in cute pet shapes like dogs, ducks, cats, or teddy bears. These pieces provide your child’s room with a warm, amber glow that is comforting and soothing especially during the evenings. Your toddler will never outgrow these adorable pet-like objects. Their safety and durability can withstand the wear and tear as part of the growing years of your child. Not only for practical purposes, you can invest in these pieces to provide the right accent and create a unique and modern growing space for your child. With the right choices of modern nursery lamps and other accessories, you can transform a drab and traditional nursery or child’s room into a bright and trendy space to match the rest of your contemporary home.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Lamps and Lighting Accents for your Nursery

Lighting fixtures and lamps are a wonderful addition to a modern room’s decor. When dressing up a baby’s nursery or a child’s room, modern moms and dads take great care in choosing the proper lighting fixtures and kids lamps. To harmonize with the rest of the furniture in your nursery, opt for trendy and contemporary lighting fixtures that are out of reach and safe for the baby. There are a wide array of safe and eco-friendly table lamps and night lights for your child’s room. They are made of heat-proof material and some are impact-proof to prevent breakage even when tilting over.

As accent pieces to enhance the room, you could never go wrong with the beautifully designed table lamps or light fixtures available in the market today. Their modern and sleek designs will help you create the right ambiance in your child’s room, reflecting your good taste and sense of style.

Your baby’s nursery should be in keeping with the rest of your contemporary home’s decor and style. You can blend in the accent pieces and accessories to create a theme or motif of your choice. For a jungle theme, you can install a green carpet to enhance and soften the floor, and add animal printed cushions, bedding's, and curtains. Lamps in blues and greens create a cool, restful look even at night, when your child is ready for bed. Lamps can be brightened for reading bedtime stories, or dimmed when it’s time to sleep. To add a creative touch, buy pet lamps that come in animal shapes, like dogs, cats, ducks or teddy bears. Your child will love these lights that are heat-proof even when touched.

Night lights also help soothe a nervous child who is not ready to sleep alone in the dark. These can be found in all shapes and sizes; just select one that blends best with the room décor.

Keeping your baby happy even in the evenings can be easily achieved with the right lighting fixtures and nursery lamps. These sturdy accent pieces are durable enough to last through their growing years. Even as toddlers, they will not outgrow their appreciation for these important elements of their rooms and will keep away the nightmares that often distress many small kids. Wise moms and dads would be happy to note that the well-designed and well-crafted lamps and night lights for children today keep in mind the safety aspect to avoid burns and fires. With your frequent inspection and proper placement, these fixtures and lamps will enhance your baby’s nursery or your child’s room and create a comfortable living space where he or she can spend many happy evenings.

Kids Lamps Add a Finishing Touch to your Nursery

When furnishing your baby nursery or child’s room, you look for accent pieces to enhance the basic furniture. There are many ways to add that finishing touch to a room – wall art, curtains, cushions, rugs, or kids lamps. Lamps or overhead lighting are important to brighten a room, and should be bright enough at night time for extended playtime or for reading your bedtime stories. Lamps also set a soothing mood for bedtime. When choosing lamps for your nursery, look for the safe and impact-proof type that won’t break when taking a tumble. There are also heat-free lamps that are safe to touch, good lamps that have bright or dim lights, and come in many designs and colors to suit your theme while harmonizing with the rest of the decor.

Night lights are a must-have for babies or nervous toddlers who are not ready to sleep alone in the dark. Available in the internet or in furniture stores today, are a variety of unique night lights for your nursery, like pet lamps shaped as animals. They keep your child company when alone at night, as they are shaped like adorable teddy bears, dogs, ducks, or cats.

These imaginative and well-designed pieces are eco-friendly and heat-free, therefore, your curious toddler may touch them without discomfort. Eco-friendly bulbs are also a must, since these will give you lower electricity bills. Impact-proof lamp coverings are preferred by wise parents who don’t want accidents to happen to their active toddlers. It is always important to consider a safe and stable place for your lamps, while keeping electric cords away from the baby’s reach.

Lamps can set the mood at bedtime with their soft glow that induces a comfortable drowsiness in your kid. Coupled with soft music and proper ventilation, your child will tumble into dreamland in no time at all.

You will be amazed at the wide variety of children’s lamps available in the market today. Aside from animal shapes, you will find many contemporary shapes and styles to suit your modern taste. They come in cool hues of blues and greens for a calming and soothing atmosphere, or bright reds and oranges for a bolder color effect that adds warmth to a cold room. It would be a good idea to alternate these shades to suit the seasons, and your child’s nursery will not only be a trendy part of your home, but it will also earn rave comments from your visiting relatives. Nursery lamps are not only a practical addition to your baby furnishings, but they add a chic glow to create the overall effect of a contemporary nursery for your modern baby.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Enhancing Your Nursery and Kids’ Room Floors

Designing and decorating a nursery or kids room has never been so much fun. Now available in the market are a fantastic array of kids’ furniture, furnishings, wall decor and baby nursery rugs that would suit the taste of any stylish mom or dad.

Baby furniture and furnishings are so lovable in modern sleek looks, or in cool and funky tropical colors. Bedding's, mattresses, blankets, cushions and bath towels now come in trendy floral, aquarium or jungle prints, stripes, plaids or dots. Wall art or decor, window shades or curtains in bold stripes or tropical colors provide the right backdrop for your child’s furniture and stuffed toys. Even floor coverings have come a long way. They not only come in plain colored carpets, but also rugs in stripes, plaids, checks, floral designs, and bold, geometric patterns. Some have amazing designs that look like works of art that would delight any contemporary urban parent. They would match and harmonize with any theme or motif of your choice, whether you want to achieve a trendy, funky look or a jungle-inspired motif.

Nursery or kids’ room floors should be basically clean and safe for your child as he or she begins to crawl and learn to walk. Smooth polished or laminated wood or bamboo is a good choice. Soft floor coverings like wall to-wall carpets are nice but expensive. Modern woolen rugs are an alternative; they are slip-proof, soft and comfortable enough as crawl space, and also can minimize noise caused by footsteps. Modern parents would appreciate the different piles of rugs to choose from, the easy-to-care types and hypo-allergenic features that make life easy for everyone. They should be easy to shampoo in case of spills, and durable enough to outlast the growing years of your child.

It is every modern mom’s dream to have easy-to-maintain children’s furniture and accessories that would minimize the hassles of housekeeping. Most busy moms today cannot afford maids to clean up for them; hence, they prefer homes that are easy to maintain. They go for kids’ furniture and furnishings that are durable, stain-proof and pet-proof. Not only that, they should also be chic and stylish, just right for the lifestyle of the kids of today.

With an eye for the cool and hip furnishings and decor in the market today, you can create your kids’ living space that could blend in with the rest of the modern, contemporary home. There is now available a wide array of designer wall decor, accents and kids area rugs to choose from, so one need not sacrifice style for practicality; they can both come together with the wise choices that fit your budget.

Nursery Furnishings and Accent Pieces

Trendy urban parents love to dress up their homes in contemporary decor that suit their modern lifestyle. This also goes for their baby’s nursery and their kids bedrooms. Baby nursery rugs are a fun solution to dress up your baby’s nursery. With beautiful, bold designs these floor accents and coverings are the perfect way to enhance your nursery floor. It creates a warm and comfortable crawl space that your baby would love. Made of wool, the thick pile would also muffle your footfalls and give your kid undisturbed sleep, while you walk around to tidy the room. The bright, geometric designs create the impression of modern art to please the most discriminating taste.

Chandra Rugs Avalisa AVL-6128 Modern Childrens Rugs 2x3 Contemporary Wool Area Rug

There are a variety to choose from: they come in small sizes as accent pieces, or large sizes to cover a wider crawl space. The designs also come in different patterns like stripes, plaids, checks, dots, flowers and leaves, which any child would love. Even school-age kids would enjoy having these floor coverings in their rooms, to brighten their space and create an ambiance to suit their imagination.

Now available in the market, you can browse through the various internet sites, such as, or walk through the nearest furniture store to see these amazing floor coverings to accent your child’s room. If you wish to create a serene, minimalist look, you can choose the muted sand colors or pastels. If you wish to create a bold look, such as a jungle motif, you could opt for the flowers and leaves designs in bright, tropical colors. This would transform any drab and lifeless room into an interesting and lively area that would provide your kid with a space to unleash his or her creativity and imagination. With thoughtful planning and careful matching, you can put together the furniture pieces in cool and funky colors that would harmonize into your chosen theme. Just add an artful touch of wall decor, curtains or window shades to create an interesting backdrop. With brightly colored cushions, bedding's, and pillows, your child’s room would indeed have a designer look that would impress their
friends and playmates.

Wise parents choose sturdy and durable pieces of basic furniture, such as beds, dressers, night tables and chairs that would last through the child’s growing years. They insist on lead-free paint, smooth and sleek finishes, tarnish-free and rust-free metal fittings, and hypo-allergenic pillows and mattresses. The safety and well-being of your child should come hand-in-hand with style. The room’s floor area should be clean, smooth and slip-proof to avoid accidents. To enhance the floor, trendy, designer kids area rugs are a good investment as accents to brighten up the whole room.

Chandra Rugs Dharma DHA-7501 Modern Childrens Rugs 2x3 Contemporary Wool Area Rug

Friday, April 8, 2011

Indoor Play Tents are Cool Stuff for Kids

Active, growing children need a space of their own where they can unleash their creativity while playing. Modern parents recognize this need and would appreciate the wide array of children’s play accessories for indoors. An indoor play tent, for example, can provide your child a space during bad weather or when playing outside becomes tiring. With a play tent, he or she can pretend to be a cowboy or cowgirl, and spend many hours inside it.

These tents come in sturdy fabric with wooden frames, and are built to last. Some are around five feet tall and just as wide, to provide enough room for two or three children. This can be set up inside their room, or in the patio. They come in a variety of plain colors, or in stripes and rodeo prints. Any mom or dad would appreciate the care and planning in the construction of these durable tents, providing a safe play space for kids. The non-toxic materials, and the smooth finish of the wooden parts, are guaranteed to give your child accident-free play hours.

It is easy to find and buy these tents; they are available in the internet, or even in local department stores. Their versatility is an important factor to consider; they can be easily opened and set up, or folded and stored in your closet. Kids would appreciate the comfortable and safe interiors, complete with windows and lined door flaps. While playing cowboys and Indians, they can utilize their creative imagination, and while away the hours with very little supervision required.

The safety aspect of children’s playtime is important to working moms and dads who sometimes leave their kids with nannies or baby sitters. Every item of children’s furniture has to be guaranteed safe and maintenance-free. Investing in sturdy and durable playsets need careful planning and wise spending, especially for growing families. When moms and dads go out to buy stuff for their kids, they should go for the eco-friendly, non-toxic, hypo-allergenic and non-corrosive play furniture that are built to last.

Kids tents also come in outdoor types; hence these should be weather-proof, easy to maintain, and durable. These tents can be set up in the patio or on the lawn, where your kids and their playmates can play safely. They should be able to withstand rough playing, and even pets who join in the fun. With a bunch of active and energetic children in your hands, the tent would be the perfect solution to keep them entertained for hours. All you need are some pillows and blankets for them to play with inside the tent, dressed in some cool cowboy and Indian costumes.

Indoor and Outdoor Play Tents for Children

Thinking of buying cool playsets for your active toddler? If a playhouse is too heavy or occupies too much space, consider buying an indoor play tent. Play tents are the answer to a modern mom’s prayer to provide the perfect space for her kid to play indoors. When the weather is rainy or too hot, or playing outdoors is just too boring, he or she can hang out in this cool little space right inside the child’s room or the living room.

Play tents nowadays come in just the right sizes for your child, usually five feet square in area and 5 feet high. They come in sturdy fabric and smooth durable wooden frames. They are also in an amazing range of colors; in solids, plaids, or stripes. Some have leaf or flower prints, or even in adorable rodeo prints. Some have small paned windows to peek through, and lined door flaps for added accent. Any urban child would love this wonderful stuff, where he or she can while away the hours with or without playmates. Take a step further and buy him or her cowboy or Indian costumes, and let his imagination run wild as he camps inside the tent for hours on end.

Whether for indoors or outdoors, modern playsets nowadays are made with the safety of children in mind. They come in a wide range of designs for active children, like playhouses, sandboxes, and jungle gyms. While suited to every child’s whimsy, parents need not worry too much about accidents. These kids’ furniture are of durable eco-friendly and non-toxic materials with lead-free paint. The outdoor types are weather-proof with non-corrosive metal fittings. Indoor furniture and playsets are also sturdy with smooth edges and paint finishes, washable and easy to maintain. Play tents are easy to unfold, assemble and enjoy; they are also easy to fold up and store in your closet. This feature is important if you live in small apartments or condos where space is a precious commodity.

If you are fortunate enough to live in a single-detached house or duplex with a backyard, the outdoor tent is a wonderful item to install in the patio or on a grassy patch of lawn. On fine sunny days, spread a colorful blanket on the floor, and throw in some pillows for the comfort of your child and his playmates. They can imagine and pretend they are cowboys and Indians camping out in the wilds. This will help foster the children’s creativity while playing. While remembering some of their bedtime stories of the Lone Ranger or Pocahontas, they will surely have hours of fun and adventure in their little kids tents.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Outdoor Furniture for Modern Kids

Modern moms and dads want to raise healthy and happy kids even in urban areas. They would like their kids to develop physically as well as mentally. It would be good to provide your kids with opportunities for active and energy-filled playtime, whether alone or with the neighbors’ kids. The most practical thing to do is to invest in outdoor furniture or a backyard sandbox for your toddler. This will entertain your child for many hours each day, playing with a small plastic pail, shovel, and an array of small toy animals and people, with no need for you to participate.

Modern sandboxes no longer come in just plain squares or rectangles; they are now available in amazing designs and themes like pirate-boat designs or gazebo shapes with matching sails or canopies to provide your child with shade. This all-weather feature can protect your child from sunburn or the sudden rain. With a sandbox, he or she can pretend to be a pirate on a beach, or other creative fantasy of the imagination.

Other outdoor furniture to stimulate children’s creativity include playhouses or small picnic sets with matching colorful umbrellas, where little girls would surely enjoy playing with their dolls. Setting this up in your backyard or patio, your child will surely be occupied for hours while under your watchful eye. There would no longer be any need to transport your kids to the park, mall or beach to have this recreational activity. Right in your backyard, you can set up Gorilla playsets or even jungle gyms, from the simplest to the most complex types, depending on the size of your space. These sets consist of an array of slides, tubes, ladders, ropes, hand rails and rings where your child and his or her playmates can dangle from like little monkeys. They even come with protective mats in case someone falls.

The materials used in these modern playsets are sturdy, weather-proof and eco-friendly, with non-corrosive finishes, non-toxic plastic or metal fittings, and smooth, lead-free paint. You can rest assured that your child will be playing with accident-free equipment. .Moreover, they come in a variety of attractive tropical colors that would grace your backyard, and come in handy when entertaining your child’s playmates. Even during kiddie birthday parties, your small guests would enjoy many energetic and delightful hours while their parents can sit around, watch, enjoying drinks and conversation.

Indeed, modern outdoor playsets are the perfect solution to a parent’s problems of how to keep an active kid happily occupied. It is a relief to know that despite your stressful and hectic lifestyle, you can raise and rear happy and healthy kids in your urban home.

Safe and Durable Playsets for Your Kids

Your kid would definitely want a playset with a backyard sandbox in your home. Having a playset will prevent your kid from going out in the street and in the neighborhood alone and unsecure. As a parent, you would want your child to enjoy being a child, at the same time you want your child to be safe and secure.

My Urban Child is a store that sells every item your child needs. From baby furniture, toys, strollers, sandbox, linens and the best playsets for your child, the store has it all. Most of the playsets are from a manufacturer called, “Gorilla.” The company is known for its ready to assemble playsets. A Gorilla Playsets is durable, rot-resistant, decay-resistant and insect-resistant. It has a solid framing and playdeck. It also has a 4 x 6 swing beam and a rope ladder.
It has a rock wall that comes with a climbing rope and rocks. Aside from that, it has a wave slide and a durable vinyl canopy. It also has swings with chairs that are plastic coated. It has a trapeze with rings, telescope, flag kit and tic tac toe panel. Most importantly, it has safety handles for the kids.

Aside from playsets, your kids would want a sandbox in your backyard. A sandbox is great for kids in making sandcastles and digging treasurers. The sandbox must be weather-resistant and that includes a mesh cover to protect the sand from bad weather. A well-known brand that makes sandboxes is from KidKraft. KidKraft sandboxes are made of reinforced wood that prevents it from warping. They come in UV protected canopy. They are made of Sanmu wood that are guaranteed durable and will last longer. Each package comes with detailed instructions and is easy to assemble. These sandboxes are sturdy enough and can accommodate multiple children at the same time.

Your children will definitely enjoy their playset and sandbox. Not only that, they can even invite their friends over to play and enjoy these outdoor items. Having fun need not be in the parks and beaches, but right in your own backyard. You can even check on them just by peeking at your window and not worry of their safety. These playsets and sandboxes can also enhance their skills physically and mentally. They will learn new things and become interactive through these outdoor products.

Having the best for your kids is what you would always want. Investing on outdoor playsets and sandboxes would be a wise choice for you, as a parent since it gives your children a lot of benefits. They are not only play things but are also learning tools for your kids.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Cool Strollers for Cool Kids

You, just like all moms, would want to provide your kids with the right things. From furniture to gadgets, you want your kids to have everything that they will need. At the same time, you would want them to be comfortable and safe. My Urban Child has a wide selection of strollers, such as lightweight baby strollers which can be folded and unfolded and easily be brought anywhere.

There are a lot of modern strollers for babies and toddlers today. But not all of them are guaranteed safe for your baby. At My Urban Child, strollers come from great manufacturers all over the world that make child safety always be the top priority. Aside from that, these manufacturers produce strollers that are innovative and modern, at the same time, convenient to parents and children.

There are a lot of designer brands of strollers found in the store. An example is the 6.4 kilogram lightweight stroller from Scandinavian Child. It is called, “Micralite Fastfold Superlite.” An ergonomic stroller, it has the ability to maneuver all types of terrains using one hand. The seat can easily be reclined that will allow your baby to enjoy the view.

Another brand of stroller is by Englacha. The “My Englacha Easy” is an innovative stroller that has convertible seats. It can be used as a bassinet and a car seat. It is a good investment for parents since it is multi-functional.

Another cool stroller you should check out is from Baby Bling Design Co. It is an all-terrain stroller that comes with a first aid kit, rain cover, diaper bag, seat belt covers, head support, UV sunscreen and a carry bag. It is made of brushed aluminium frame and has unique designs and colors. It also has a dual direction seating so the baby can sit facing either in or out.

Another innovative stroller is called, “Abiie Good-to-Go Babydeck.” It functions not only as a stroller, but it can also be a place for changing the baby’s diaper. This changing platform is waterproof and can easily be cleaned and kept after using it. It also comes with a washable and removable diaper pad. It also has a child tray and a wide angle canopy to protect the baby against the sun and the rain. It has adjustable handles for different heights and comes with a large pouch ideal for books and magazines. This stroller indeed has interesting features.

In choosing baby strollers, aesthetics and functionality are not only the components needed. It is important that your baby is guaranteed safe and comfortable. Some strollers only look good, but are not durable and safe enough. Do some research first before buying.

Lightweight Baby Strollers

Any urban parent would agree that mobility is essential when you have a baby or toddler. If you would like to take the baby outdoors, down the neighborhood or to the park on a beautiful day, you need a contraption that is safe and convenient for your kid. Lightweight Baby Strollers are the ideal conveyance for babies when going out for a breath of fresh air and sunshine. Parents would consider this a solution to transporting their small kids comfortably and easily without causing them too much stress.

Strollers now come in a variety of designs that would suit your particular need or discriminating taste. There are those that are designed for different sitting positions, those that come with all-weather shades, or carry first-aid kits. For newborn babies, there are strollers in Scandinavian designs that can accommodate bassinets, with diaper-changing features and sturdy frames that are safe and stable for your infant. The safety aspect is important to parents, who must check for lead-free paint, sturdy eco-friendly material, anti-bacterial seat pads that are washable, and the proper head support for your baby. It is also wise to check on the portability of the unit; it must be easy to fold, lift, and pack into the back of your car. This could mean a lot if you are headed for a mall, grocery, or park some distance away from your home, and you have no other adult to help you out with the baby.

What mothers need most are light-weight and convenient strollers that are functional and pretty as well. You can have your pick nowadays, with different chic looks, like those in bright fuchsia or lime green, plaids or cheetah prints and stylish backdrops to make your kid look cool and trendy. There are strollers with different accessories like diaper carriers, head supports, and convertible to let your baby face in or out. These versatile models will get nods of appreciation from the fond grandparents, uncles and aunts as well. They are the perfect gift for the little bundle of joy. They are also a good investment for modern parents who want to spend wisely and look for convenient, easy-to-maintain baby accessories that suit their hectic lifestyle.

Even visiting grandmothers, godmothers and doting aunts would love to take your child for a stroll in these easy-to-use, light-weight and weather-proof modern strollers that are a far cry from those in the olden days. The carefully-crafted baby strollers of today have sturdy, non-squeaky wheels, sleek designs, all-weather and safety features that are made to last. You will feel confident that your baby can safely and comfortably enjoy his or her trip to the outside world, in whatever climate conditions.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Fun and Safe Furniture for Your Active Children

Time will come that a child will no longer need a crib and is starting to crawl and explore new things. Providing your kid with the space that he needs and decorating it with furniture products that are not only functional but playful. There are great selections of kids furniture to choose from in many stores and you just have to get the right pieces that your child needs.

Stores such as My Urban Child, sell furniture, perfect for a child’s or a toddler’s room. They sell linens, bath products, dressers, lamps, beds, desks, benches, tables, chairs, storage, room accessories and many more. These great pieces are not only useful and functional ones, but they provide a fun environment for the children’s room. The furniture products have great designs such as animal prints and shapes. They also are made of cartoon designs, so the kids will surely enjoy using them. Aside from that, they come in a variety of colors. There are the typical white and pastel colors, however, with today’s modern trend, the store sells bright and funky colors such as orange, lime green and purple colors. These colors will surely attract the toddlers as well as the bigger kids.

The store do not only sell trendy pieces that make children’s room funky, fun and attractive, but they sell products that are guaranteed and tested safe to the kids. My Urban Child ensures that their collections come from the best manufacturers of the world that sell products with safety as their top priority. The furniture and accessories are non-toxic and chemical-free. Most of the paints being used for their furniture are water-based and the toys and other products are lead-free. The store has a policy that they do not only sell, but ensure the safety of the children and their parents patronizing their products.

Children as they grow are becoming more active and curious. It is the responsibility of the parents to make sure that they provide a safe place for their children to grow in and a place for them to develop their motor skills. Providing them with a fun and interactive environment is essential, however, safety must not be compromised. Parents should allow their children to interact with new things and make them learn through toys and other interactive items in their bedroom or playroom.

Shopping for these furniture pieces and accessories are all available at My Urban Child. It is the best store that sells toddler furniture and many more. Not only that, your children will be safe and secure with their products. You do not have to worry. You, as a parent, will sleep soundly at night.

Furniture That Make Your Kids Happy

As a parent, you show your love and care to your children by giving them with the best things in life. It does not mean that you are spoiling them, but you just want to make sure that they will live comfortably and enjoy their growing up years. One way of making them happy and comfortable is buying them kids furniture from My Urban Child. Growing up with these furniture pieces around them will surely create fun and happy childhood memories.

Furniture and fixtures that will match your contemporary home does not have to be boring and dull. There are furniture items that are modern pieces, yet have a chic and fun appeal. Kids would love bright colors and fun prints. These could be in the walls, bed linens, bed covers, pillow cases, blankets, comforters and cushions. There are also custom-made upholsteries that have prints that are of cartoon characters, animal prints and a lot more.

Aside from the prints and designs of furniture, parents can buy their kids with bedroom accents and accessories. These things are not only embellishment in the children’s room, but they can be utilized for storage, chairs or stools. Children can have their bedrooms or playrooms decorated with colorful lamps, mirrors with fun designs, bean bags and rags with unique patterns. There are also fun and interactive toys that you can put in your children’s bedroom such as alphabet blocks and you could also provide them with books and pictures to help them learn how to read and spell. You could also buy digital video and audio systems for your kids so that they can listen and watch educational materials to improve their knowledge and learning.

To improve your children’s motor skills, you could provide them with playhouses, trapeze, mini slides and swings. Exploring these things will help them grow mentally and physically and at the same time will give them fun and happiness. Children must learn to interact with new ideas constantly as they grow. Not only that, they must also interact with other kids so that they will not grow up shy and aloof. Being protective to your kids is not a bad thing, but confining them inside your home as they grow will result in low self-confidence, low self-esteem and they will become a loner. Encourage them to be involved with physical and outdoor activities. It is also important that they mingle and play with other kids to help them become outgoing.

Making your kids happy does not only involve with providing them with things, such as kids and toddler furniture. Their happiness means joining indoor and outdoor activities. Let your children play and have fun!

Making Your Home Safe for Your Toddlers

Buying things for your children is easy to do. There are a lot of online stores and local stores in your area that sell kids furniture, accessories, fixtures, clothing, linens, etc. They look very attractive and enticing in catalogs and in displays. But the danger is, some of these stores focus more on the aesthetic side and do not prioritize child safety. As a mother or a parent, you want the things that you buy for your kids and in your home that are guaranteed safe, durable and worth your investment. You do not want to put your kids at risk.

Starting with child-proofing your home is the best way to begin with. There are a lot of companies who specialize in child-proofing. Aside from that, buy the right furniture and fixtures for your home and for your kids. If you are looking for a bed for your son or daughter, choose something that is durable. Check the bed’s structure and check if there are cracks and splints. If you have a modern crib at home that can be converted into a bed, just make sure that it is still in good condition or don’t need repair. If you have electrical equipments in your home, check on the wiring's, since most fires start with faulty electrical wiring's. Also, avoid placing electrical appliances and equipments, as well as other hazardous materials within reach by your children. Check also your children’s toys if there are hazardous to them. Some toys can choke children or some of them can tangle your children and will cause strangulation. Avoid putting jars and other heavy objects that are unstable or might fall on to your kids and cause them injury. Avoid leaving your kids near a fountain, pond or near the swimming pool because they might fall in the water and drown. Do not leave your kids unattended with your pets. Your pets might get irritated and bite them. Do not leave your windows, doors and fire exits open because your toddler might crawl outside and might fall down.

Manufacturers and stores today, especially in the United States are complying with government and international safety and quality standards. Furniture products are now tested safe and will last longer. Materials used are mostly recycled and eco-friendly. They are also made of non-toxic, lead-free and chemical-free materials that are not harmful to humans and the environment. So, the toddler furniture items and accents that they sell do not only protect toddlers physically, but they are risk-free health-wise. Not only that, it removes the feeling of anxiety on the part of the parents. This will help them sleep soundly especially at night.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Designer Furniture for Your Baby

It is every modern wife’s dream to have a beautiful nursery for her first baby. As she gets pregnant and wait for that little bundle of joy, planning for the baby’s picture-perfect nursery should be an exciting activity for both would-be parents. Modern parents can easily appreciate the designer nursery furniture and modern cribs available in the market today. Instead of getting frazzled nerves, they should both enjoy shopping for baby items, whether on-line or in local stores. Today’s cribs are a far cry from the traditional cribs, bassinets and cradles of yesteryear's.

Babyletto Newhaven Canopy and Full Size Conversion Rail Kit in Dark Chocolate

Today’s baby furniture are designed with the clean, sleek look not only in traditional white, but in trendy black, cappuccino, or chocolate brown. The no-frills mattresses come with comfort in mind, and are hypo-allergenic, with bedding's that come in all colors of the rainbow. The crib sides come with toddler rails and can be converted into playpens. There are models with attached changing tables, drawers, and adjustable platforms. There are others that can be converted into toddler daybeds.

The creativity and imagination of today’s children’s furniture designers are indeed amazing. They take into consideration the safety features of each furniture piece, hence, paints are of the non-lead kind, the plastic and metal fittings are non-toxic, the finishes are smooth and edges are rounded for safety.

Every trendy urban mom can pick the right furniture for her kid without sacrificing the contemporary and stylish look that she desires. As she tries to fit the nursery decor with the rest of the house, she can easily find in the market each piece of furnishing or accessory suited to the theme of choice. Gone are the days of crude and purely utilitarian nursery cradles and cribs. Today’s nursery furniture blend in with the chic look that capture the style of the modern home. Colors are bolder, motifs are more interesting, and even rugs are bold pieces of art. Wall decor and window shades come in bright and colorful jungle and animal prints, flower garden patterns, and even aquarium designs of many hues.

Parents with artistic taste can readily express their ideas as they design their kids’ rooms. Mixing and matching interesting pieces to achieve the desired theme is now within easy reach. Any designer or home-decorator wannabe can find in the internet or in local furniture stores the accessories or furnishings required to complete the designer look for the nursery or toddlers’ room of her dreams. Available in the market are a wide variety of baby nursery cribs, bassinets, hammocks, dressers, or strollers to suit every discriminating taste. You need not go far to unleash that hidden talent to decorate the nursery of your dreams.