Friday, October 23, 2009

Mother Nature's Favorite Dollhouse

Being green is in - this is nothing new. All the coold kids are doing it, right? Now get your kids to be green too with the Smart Gear Toys Eco Playhouse. This environmentally themed dollhouse is constructed to educate children on the importance of recycling, saving energy, and being friendly to our environment.

The doll house embodies an environmentally friendly theme with a windmill and solar panels on the roof, a bicycle rather than a car, and a recycling bin next to the house. The house comes complete with room setting as well as a three member family.

Wanna know the best part? Drum roll please...the entire playhouse and all its parts are made from environmentally friendly rubberwood and non-toxic water-based paints. That will earn you some serious brownie points with Mother Nature

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Yes You Can Get A Puppy....

Bedtime is often a struggle and so is the “mommy can I get a puppy” phase – both are nothing new to parents. Alleviate some of the resistance to bedtime by killing to birds – or should we say dogs – with one stone. Allow us to introduce you to “Glow” the new family nightlight Dachshund puppy from Offi and Co.

This perfect puppy not only casts just the right amount of light at bedtime, but he also comes potty trained!

Need another reason to sell the little one on that fact that there are no monsters under the bed? Because Glow the guard dog scared them all away...

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Vacation During Nap Time

Being lazy never felt so good. Looking for the perfect place to put up your feet and relax? Look no further than the Fatboy Headdemock. Brought to you by the same company that manufactures the original Fatboy – a 21st century alternative to the old-school classic beanbags – this hammock is the ideal place to just chill and take a baby break.

The free-standing hammock is big enough for one, two or even three to sprawl out and relax indoors or out. The Fatboy Headdemock is made with a special water and stain resistant coating on the filled mattress – comfortable AND practical – how much better can it get?

So spread the news: couches are out, hammocks are in. Blend up a frozen drink, put a little umbrella in it and relax in your Fatboy Headdemock while you pretend you’re on a tropical vacation. A vacation that will last until your little one wakes up from nap time!

While you’re at it ditch the couch – when you’re swaying in the breeze on your hammock, you won’t even miss it.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Sleeping Beauty Meets Her Match

The Problem:
With the novelty of a new school year wearing off, snooze buttons across the country are getting more and more worn out. A heavy sleeper who abuses the privilege of a snooze button is a bad way to start any day. “Just a few more minutes” means just a few more intolerable times you have to listen to that alarm going off down the hall (funny how much louder it seems when it is someone else’s alarm going off rather than your own). Now there’s something to help get them out of bed – and potentially adds a bit of humor to the morning.

The Solution:
The Nanda Home Clocky Alarm Clock gives sleeping beauties only one chance to wake up before, jumping off the nightstand in order to get them out of bed - literally. Give them an inch and they’ll take a mile!

Not with this sneaky time piece – they’ll have to chase the Nanda Clocky Alarm Clock around for that mile! With its smiling face on the front, the Clocky Alarm Clock will wheel around the room, looking for a place to hide while constantly beeping.

Possible Side Effects:
The amusement of watching your groggy children chase a little rolling alarm clock around the room might be such great entertainment you’ll end up waking up early enough just to witness the debacle. Just make sure whoever uses this alarm shuts their door at night to avoid rogue clocks!