Saturday, June 29, 2013

Beck to Nature: Designer, Eco-Friendly, Natural Products!

Beck To Nature
Beck to Nature is a US based family owned company that specializes in designer, eco-friendly, natural products. Since its launch by a Hungarian couple, it continuously seeks opportunities to introduce the market to a collection of innovative, green products from their home country. The product line exemplifies luxurious design, durability and appealing combinations of form and function. The modern, handcrafted, wooden furniture collection with fine joinery is designed to last for a lifetime.  The use of natural materials and organic forms make this type of furniture rare.  My Urban Child is proud to offer these products!
Beck to Nataure Sixkid Rocking Horse - Maxi
This breathtaking beautifully designed wooden rocking horse is a must have item for any child. It will definitely be treasured and is sure to become a trusted and reliable family friend! It’s safe and smooth lines and unique style makes it a good fit anywhere in the home. It makes for a safe and enjoyable ride with its ergonomically shape, functional design, and fine joinery with no loose pieces. The surface of the Sixkid Rocking Horse is treated only with natural materials, wax and oil, so no paint will wear out during usage. 
Beck to Nature KOKO Eco Crib Mattress with Wool Layer
The KOKO Eco Crib Mattress with Wool Layer is firm and resistant to dust mites, bacteria and mildew. It is made from a 4 inch thick layer of coco coir and is coated with natural latex from rubber trees. There is a layer of lamb's wool on both sides for increased comfort and natural climate control to prevent your baby from overheating. The KOKO Crib Mattress is 100% breathable and anti-allergic.  It  is recommended by the Hungarian Chiropractors Association and the Hungarian Spine Therapeutics Association.

Friday, June 28, 2013

Naturepedic: The First and Only Company to Create Mattresses Especially for Infants and Children!

Naturepedic is the first and only company that creates mattresses especially for infant and children. Their products are made from organic and natural materials with a non-toxic designs and fire-safe materials. Naturepedic mattresses are designed with the help of pediatricians, chemists, orthopedic specialists, and engineers, coordinated by G.E.M. Testing & Engineering Labs. Aside from mattresses, Naturepedic also have Organic Cotton Fitted Crib Sheets that are made from 100 percent organically grown cotton. Its fitted design has a 250-thread count sateen or soft flannel and is readily machine washable. They come in a variety of sizes to fit cribs, cradles, and portable cribs. All Naturepedic mattresses are manufactured with high quality materials and workmanship. Extensive research and studies have been done in order to create the perfect sleeping environment for every child. This ensures that the child will get and enjoy a healthy and comfortable sleep all the time, without being exposed to the risks brought about by synthetic materials.
Naturepedic Organic Cotton Full Quilted Deluxe 2-Sided Mattress
The Organic Cotton Quilted Deluxe features comfortable support and a luxurious finish. Available as a one-sided no-flip mattress design or as a two sided flip-able design. Offers a more natural, healthy and comfortable sleep environment. Great for kids of all ages, but a waterproof protector pad is required for bed-wetters. Matching foundation available.
Naturepedic 2 in 1 Organic Cotton Ultra 252 Crib Mattress
Baby and Children's mattresses typically use materials such as vinyl/PVC and polyurethane foam which release questionable chemicals over time. These materials and chemicals have been eliminated in the No-Compromise Organic Cotton Crib Mattress. Babies in particular spend up to 70% of their early life sleeping and playing on a crib mattress. Your baby's health and safety should not be negotiable.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Aunt Bucky Bedding: Bumper Sets, Crib Sheets, Quilts, Twin Sheet Sets, Pillowcases and More!

Aunt Bucky - Aunt Bucky Bedding
In the year 2007, sisters Rebecca and Whitney decided to pursue their passion for sewing and creating things and founded Aunt Bucky. Given their wide professional experience in the field of art therapy and architecture, this feat did not seem to make it very hard for them at all. The sisters applied their love for bold colors, mid-century design, and vintage fabrics in order to come up with Aunt Bucky bedding for twins and cribs as well as quilts, hats, apparel, and other décor to provide the little ones with fun and comfortable pieces specifically tailored to meet their specific needs.
Aunt Bucky Crib Bumper Set - Toopie Teacups
The Toopie Teacups Crib Bumper Set is a reversible crib bumper set in 100% cotton twill with purple colorway of retro Carnival/Fair graphics on one side and 100% cotton twill in bright shades of turquoise mod/retro circles-like print on the other. This adorable bumper set is definitely a great choice for a little girl who loves her county fair excursions. The Aunt Bucky bedding collection is truly one-of-a-kind.  You get to mix-n-match what bumper set/sheet you want for your baby's crib. This is not another "bed in a bag" choice that is so limiting on how you can decorate your baby's nursery.
Aunt Bucky Mod Cat Gig Twin Duvet and Pillowcase Set
The Mod Cat Gig' Twin Duvet and Standard Pillowcase Set is embellished with the signature ribbon tape, 'made with love Aunt Bucky'. The Twin Duvet Sets are part of Aunt Bucky’s new Twin Bedding Collection. This darling Twin Duvet Set would look adorable in a room with their signature Aunt Bucky Crib Bedding collection. It especially goes well with the coordinating crib collection: 'Mod Cat Jive' Bumper Set and 'Tomato Dots Cotton' fitted crib sheet. It is also a great choice for a shared room with toddler and baby.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Its Potty Time with Levels of Discovery and Teamson Design!

Baby Potty Chairs – Potty Chairs for Boys – Travel Potty Chair
It is potty time here at My Urban Child brought to you by Levels of Discovery and Teamson Design! Both of these respected designers carry a variety of Potty Chairs and Travel Potty Chairs.  Every parent knows how difficult it can be to potty train your child.  It is certainly a process with many accidents along the way.  It makes the whole process a lot easier when you have a potty chair with amusing designs and vibrant color schemes.  Your child will be much more interested and have much more fun learning the art of using the bathroom on their own with the potty chairs we have to offer.

Levels of Discovery It's Potty Time Potty Toddlers Chair
Our collection from Levels of Discovery makes potty training fun for you and your baby. Your baby will learn to do the deed while sitting on this beautiful potty training chair.  The It's Potty Time Toddler Potty Chair is universal for both boys and girls.  There is a special message that reads "Time moves slow when you want to go!"  It includes an actual working timer and a removable plastic container easily lifts off the seat for easy clean up. There is an insert that can be replaced with a wooden lid for use as a regular chair.
Teamson Design Kids Potty Chair with Music
The Music Potty Chair is great for potty training.  It has a beautiful hand painted color scheme with a picture frame holder. The ability to play music is a great additional feature! Your child just has to pull the string and will enjoy music while they use the chair!  Teamson Design features hand painted and hand carved products.  This particular item is multifunctional as both a potty chair and a rocker.  It also includes multiple features such as a magazine rack and toilet paper holder.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Plush Play Toys for Your Baby to Remember!

KIDS UNIQUE TOYS - Plush Play Toys - Soft Animal Toys
Most people remember their first teddy bear.  A lot of people hang on to them throughout the years.  And some pass them down to their children.  So why not purchase a Plush Play Toy that will hold up after years of cuddling.  My Urban Child offers the highest quality plush play toys from respected designers such as Bobles, Ferm Living, Green Frog Art, KidKraft and Smart Gear Toys.  From teddy bears to baby dolls, and alligators to elephants, we have it all!
Ferm Living Octopus - Cushion
Ferm Living originally introduced their owl play toy.  They decided the owl needed a friend so now we have the Octopus Play Toy!  It is yet another adorable animal toy that your child can dance around with or give a hug.  The outer cover is made from 100% cotton and the inner filling consists of polyester beading.
KidKraft Boy Naptime Teddy Bear
This Boy Naptime Teddy Bear is a perfect cuddle buddle for your young boy. It is a great gift idea for birthdays and holidays. This plush bear can even be personalized by KidKraft with your child's name.  It is dressed in cute pajamas, 18 inches tall, 1 pound and perfect for your son to cuddle with!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

We Carry Mirrors for Children as Well as Adults!

Modern Mirrors - Oversize Mirrors - Large Wall Mirrors
Girl or boy, young or old, everyone could use a mirror from time to time.  Little girls will use them to check themselves out while playing dress up.  Little boys will use them to playfully flex their developing muscles.  And adults will use them to attempt to maintain their appearance while being a busy parent.  My Urban Child is proud to offer a variety of sizes and styles from designers such as Guidecraft, KidKraft, Magis, Nuevo Living, Powell, Teamson Design and Zuo Modern.  Visit us today and check them out!
Every little princess needs a mirror, that is why it is called the Princess Mirror!  Your little girl needs to make sure that she is looking good in her outfit. This free standing mirror is kid safe and features hand-painted elements and appliques. Although it is kid friendly, adult assembly is required.  It is 20 inches wide, 17 inches deep, and a generous 51.5 inches high.  If you already have a princess themed room for your little girl, this Guidecraft mirror will be a perfect fit!
Zuo Modern Bang Mirror
This is not your typical mirror.  You probably wouldn’t find it in your grandma’s house.  It is very modern with many facets and many angles.  The Bang Mirror is handcrafted with a solid back and dual wires for multiple hanging positions.  Zuo Modern produces many other mirror, but quite frankly this is one of our favorites.  It is a rather large size measuring 47 inches by 47 inches.  This mirror is perfect for your foyer entry way, living rooms, dining rooms, bedroom and more!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Englacha Strollers and Stroller Accessories!

Englacha was established in 1986 and has continued to prove itself to be a competent company that supplies high quality baby products. The company’s name is the Taiwanese word for “stroller” which is exactly what they offer to their customers. Originally home-based in Taipei, the company has since then opened offices in Shanghai and Los Angeles, constantly coming up with new innovations for the expediency and comfort of both the baby and the parent. They base their new products on safety, innovation, and convenience which make them a perfect partner for My Urban Child.
Englacha My Englacha Easy - Black
The My Englacha Easy is a 3-in-1 top-swiveled stroller with a convertible seat/bassinet and car seat frame. Englacha offers the most innovative baby carriages designed for your baby's safety and comfort. The free swivel feature enables you to adjust this stroller easily with your baby on board. With the unique feature of extra 90° and 270° sitting positions, your baby will explore the world with different vision angles.
Englacha 2-in-1 Junior X Rider
The 2-in-1 Junior X Rider has a seat connected with this special rider. This exclusive Englacha accessory can fit any stroller as long as there is a horizontal tube/axle on the stroller which can be connected with the adapter of the rider. Some of the features included are as follows: A Universal 2-in-1 (Seating and Standing) board for children that will attach to almost any stroller, baby carriage, on and off connector makes it easy to use, height and width adjustments, saddle with comfortable backrest and safety belt, handle bar with extra-soft grips, and cushioned wheel for extra comfort.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Bobles Tumbling Animals!

bObles - Bobles Tumbling Animals
Bobles, the brainchild of Danish sisters Bolette and Louise Blædel, offers a series of multifunctional furniture that children can play with and adults can furnish in their sitting rooms. The result today is a variety of fixtures, called Bobles Tumbling Animals, each with their own unique shape and many functions.

The Tumbling Elephant by Bobles, for example, offers a rocking function to provide stimulation to the child while sitting. Later, the child can start to stand on the feet of the Elephant, practicing their balance. This can also be used lied on, both on the stomach or on the back. Finally, it can function as a chair to sit on for adults.

bObles Tumbling Crocodile - 6 Layer  

bObles Tumbling Crocodile - 6 Layer

Another one of the Bobles Animals is the Tumbling Crocodile, functions foremost as a staircase, perfect for enhancing the balance and strength of the child. Once turned upside down it can function as a see saw. It is able to seat 2 to 3 children all at the same time with its seating levels. 

Friday, June 14, 2013

Area Rugs Can Easily Transform a Room or Tie it All Together!

MODERN CHILDRENS RUGS | Baby Nursery Rugs, Kids Area Rugs, Childrens Rugs
My Urban Child is pleased to carry a very wide selection of area rugs from top rug designers such as Chandra Rugs, Dalyn Rug Company, Koko Company, notNeutral, nuLOOM Rugs and Twinkle Living.  Area rugs make a great addition to any room.  A rug can easily transform a room as a focal point.  Alternatively, they can also tie a room together.  Find the perfect color, style and design to match your personality and match your existing décor. 
Dalyn Rug Company Childrens Rugs 4Ever Young FV4 - Pink
The 4Ever Young Collection by Dalyn Rug Company features the latest in kids designs, ranging from peace signs to tie dye, from stripes to zebra designs, and from hearts to guitar theme, offering looks for both boys and girls. The construction is 100% nylon.  Also, this rug us available in three different sizes to meet your needs.
Twinkle Living Milan Rug Modern Childrens Rugs
Designer Wenlan Chia incorporates her beloved French Bulldog, Milan, into her designs with an adorable cut-out doormat replica of the black and white pooch. Twinkle Living rugs, throws and pillows  are whimsical, quirky, sophisticated and accessible home designs for the contemporary collector who appreciates fashion.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Sitting Bull Bean Bags Come In A Variety of Sizes And Styles!

Let’s be honest, everyone loves Bean Bags.  I don’t care if you are 7 years old or 70 years old.  Although at 70 it may be a little more difficult to get up and out of the Bean Bag, it is still pretty awesome.  Sitting Bull is proud to offer a variety of sizes and styles, and My Urban Child is proud to offer these products.  The sizes are Bull (large), Medium Bull, and Mini Bull.  The styles range from solid colors to sophisticated designs.  Children, parents and grandparents will all enjoy these bean bags in comfort and style!
Sitting Bull Fashion Bean Bag - Stars and Stripes
Show your American patriotism with the Stars and Stripes Fashion Bean Bag by Sitting Bull.  The dimensions are 75 inches by 51 inches by 12 inches which is perfect for any adult and will swallow up any child.  The fabric is 100 percent polyester and is water resistant and breathable.  This fashion bag is more than just an ornamental piece.  It is an individual piece of furniture that can be seamlessly integrated into interiors that exude character.

Sitting Bull Mini Fashion Bean Bag - ABC
The ABC Mini Fashion Bean Bag by Sitting Bull is perfect for your child.  They can lounge in comfort and learn the alphabet at the same time!  The outer cover is removable and washable due to the presence of an inner bag.  Also, there is a 4 inch wide Velcro zipper closure which is extra strong and childproof.  This is the first collection of beanbags to cater for different interior design styles, even for your kids!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Wallpaper From Ferm Living, Graham & Brown, and Tempaper Designs!

TEMPAPER DESIGNS | Wallpaper - Childrens Wallpaper - Wallpaper for Kids
My Urban Child is proud to offer a variety of Wallpaper options from designers such as Ferm Living, Graham & Brown and Tempaper Designs! Some people may think of wallpaper as more of an 80’s and 90’s thing.  It did go away for a while but it is machining its resurgence.  Wallpaper is a great way to quickly add some flair to any room.  Painting is quick and fairly easy but typically plain and boring.  Wallpaper may be a little difficult to hang without experience, however we offer several easy to hang adhesive backed wallpaper options.
Ferm Living Animal Farm Wall Smart Wallpaper
The Animal Farm Wall Smart Wallpaper by Ferm Living is printed on non-woven fleece paper. Wall Smart wallpaper is a new generation of non-woven wallpaper that is easier and faster to hang. When hanging the wallpaper, apply the paste to the wall and then hang the sections by butting the edges together.
Graham & Brown Checkered Wallpaper
The Checkered Wallpaper by Graham & Brown adds a classic style to your kitchen or bathroom for a look and feel of real tile, without the hassle or commitment! It is only available in the Black & White color option. This wallpaper includes one double roll that measure 396 inches by 20.5 inches.
Tempaper Designs Honeycomb Temporary Wallpaper - Deep Blue
The Deep Blue Honeycomb Temporary Wallpaper by Tempaper Designs is self-adhesive "peel-and-stick" temporary wallpaper that can be applied and removed easily. To apply, simply peel off the back layer to expose the adhesive. You can then press the paper onto a smooth, primed and painted surface. Tempaper is repositionable during the application process and is removed by simply pulling it off.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Kids Play Tents For Your Little Cowboys and Indians!

Play Tents - Kids Tents - Indoor Play Tent'
Kids Play Tents create a new space for your kids to play in and explore, while being easy to assemble. The options are no longer bulky and hard to put together, but instead are quickly folded and stored or opened up and enjoyed. Piling up the pillows and blankets to create a tent is a fond memory of childhood, but My Urban Child play tents are a quick and adorable way to enjoy whatever game is about to begin!
Ferm Living  Kids Tent
The Kids Tent by Ferm Living is a super fun and cool tent for your child’s room. Go camping in any room! The material is 100% cotton with a wooden frame.  It is easily foldable and comes in a bag. This tent also has a cute little window with curtains! The dimensions are 100 cm. x 100 cm. or 40 in. x 40 in. 
Lucy & Michael Play Tent - Sophia
The Sophia Play Tent by Lucy & Michael has a pink and white buffalo check pattern with turquoise and canary yellow accents. It also has multi-colored and embroidered trim around the door. This is a fun and fully functional play tent. When the tent is open the dimensions are 5' H x 5' W x 5' D and when it is closed the tent is 6’ H.