Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Classic Children’s Desks by Guidecraft and KidKraft

Looking for that old, vintage study feel you used to have? Recreate the experience in your child’s playroom.

There’s nothing quite like a dark brown, official-looking desk to study at, and Guidecraft captures this sentiment perfectly with its Guidecraft Jr Roll-Top Desk. Looking just the right amount of fancy without overdoing it, the Roll-Top Desk provides a number of handy features, including a pull-out writing board, a lap drawer, and two file drawers. The writing board feels quite sturdy, and offers a smooth enough surface for writing, drawing, and other similar activities.
If you’re not satisfied with just the two file drawers, you’ll find that the roll top interior has a handful of storage compartments as well, featuring a couple of pigeon holes and a pencil drawer. Another big plus? The chair is included with the desk upon purchase. It might take a bit of assembly, but it’s not at all difficult, and you’re kid will have a new workstation by the time you’re through.

If you’d rather go with more contemporary playroom décor, consider getting the Kidkraft Avalon Desk instead. While the Avalon Desk may come in other colors, the one in white finish is especially aesthetic, with clean lines and a very nice minimal look to it.
The KidKraft Avalon Desk is made of high quality rubber wood, and only the best construction. The  desk provides additional storage above the table top, and there is also a central drawer at the bottom of the desk that makes storage extremely convenient after your child is done working. The central drawer is an ideal place to store crayons, pencils, art paper, and other similar materials. While the KidKraft Avalon Desk is out of stock for the meantime, it’s still a great desk to put on your list of furniture to get the playroom. There are only a couple of weeks left before it comes right back on the market again.

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