Friday, February 22, 2013

An Updated Version of the Classic Playhouse by CedarWorks

We all remember that time when we played house with our friends back when we were little. What joy was it to pretend cooking, grocery shopping and caring for your baby dolls? Those playhouses that we once played are not already around these days but you can definitely get your child to experience the joys of pretend play today.

With CedarWorks’ Modern Playhouse, your little girl can once again dream of playing house together with her little friends. Such kind of play can be a big help in not only enhancing their imagination but also to build camaraderie and build friendships with their playmates.
The Modern Playhouse comes equipped with a full wall chalkboard, inviting breezeway, sneaky entrance and exit circles, and a roof held together with holes. This should give your child and her friends all the activities that they will need to go on playing for hours on end. The great thing about this – as well as all other play sets from CedarWorks – is that you can get this custom figured to match your space and the things that your kid likes to do.

For your peace of mind, this playhouse is designed with optimal materials, finish and scale. This means that it is made from furniture grade solid hardwoods and premium multi-ply Baltic Birch laminated panels, colored stains exceed all state and federal VOC emission regulations, and natural stains are water based for added safety. And because it has no plastic components, this product is earth-friendly.

Pass along the excitement of playing house with friends to your kids with the Modern Playhouse. So when your kids cannot play because it’s raining outside, this playhouse will give them a great area to play and learn in together with their friends.

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