Thursday, February 21, 2013

Give Your Child’s Playroom a Great Addition with CedarWorks

A child’s playroom is more than just a place for them to run around and tinker with their toys; this is also a place for them to widen their imagination and hone their skills. This is exactly why, as parents, you need to make sure that you provide as much learning and stimulation to your child. This can be done by adding toys and other educational elements.

Over the years, CedarWorks has consistently done a great job in providing children with enjoyable and educating toys and play sets. From the simple add-ons to the gigantic creations, they offer a variety of play sets that is proven to be a bit hit among the kids.

If installing a big play set is not a practical move for your small house, or if your child already has a play set and is just in dire need of an addition or update, fret not. CedarWorks gives you the perfect solution for such a problem with the Rhapsody 1 Indoor Playset. This play set might seem very insignificant because of its size, but it is a great example of what CedarWorks can provide you and your child.
Featuring all the basics in a small footprint, the Rhapsody 1 Indoor Playset can easily be nestled into practically any corner of your home. With its clean look, this indoor slide will definitely be a perfect in any home décor. This play set is completely customizable, allowing you to add or remove accessories as you please.

It is made from furniture grade solid hardwoods and premium multi-ply Baltic Birch laminated panels, ensuring stability and durability all the way. Also, its colored stains exceed all state and federal VOC emission regulations. It also is earth-friendly and contains no plastic components.

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