Monday, September 10, 2012

Classic Baby Furniture from AFG and Green Frog Art

Ever since the advent of convertible children’s furniture, less parents are opting for single-use cribs. While we have nothing against cribs that, well, remain cribs after years of use, there’s a lot of value in cribs that also serve as rockers or toddler beds. Convertibles rule the crib industry today, and there are plenty of reasons why.

The especially large Jordana Lia 3-in-1 Convertible Crib by AFG Baby Furniture offers plenty of space for your baby to explore in the early developing years.  Aside the bold, classic design that harks back to the traditional crib, the Jordana Lia sports a modern functionality, and can convert itself into three different formations, depending on what you need. From an ordinary crib, you can easily change it into a toddler bed, and later, into a full-sized bed for a small child.

It also features a mattress that can be adjusted to three levels, adapting accordingly to your child’s changing height. In addition, the Jordana Lia is made of hardwood, and sports a non-toxic finish that keeps your baby safe.

A similar convertible crib, the Convertible Cradle Rocker by Green Frog Art is a bit smaller than the Jordan Lia, but nonetheless functional. This model comes in a sleek, dark Chocolate Mist, although there are other shades available as well.

The cradle rocker looks like an ordinary crib rocker, but it also doubles as a loveseat rocker. The rockers are paddle-styled, giving it a balanced, reliable rocking motion that doesn’t compromise safety. In fact, the Convertible Cradle Rocker exceeds safety standards for kids’ product, specifically the ones that ensure safety and quality for bassinets and cradles. The rocker also features a brake mechanism that allows it to make the transition from a rocker to a stationary crib—an excellent plus for safety’s sake.

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