Thursday, February 14, 2013

Fun and Whimsical Chairs by Magis Furniture

Chairs will always be a staple in any area, whether indoors or outdoors. And while there are those who will settle for even the simplest chair just so they can sit down; there are people who would want to show off their unique personality with their furniture design choices. In other words, they want chairs that are far from the shape and design of the ordinary.

Still, despite their one-of-a-kind looks, you also need to make sure that you pick those chairs that offer a comfortable place to sit in. And if you are on the lookout for such a piece of furniture, the Julian Chair by renowned brand Magis Furniture is definitely one great pick.
True to their philosophy, Magis Furniture takes you to where most furniture manufacturers have not risked going into. Designed by Spanish designer Javier Mariscal, the Julian Chairs represents the whimsical designs of Mariscal. Taking inspiration from the intelligence and imagination of a child, Mariscal created the chairs so that it will be both a chair and plaything in the eyes of a child.

Made of rotational molded polyethylene, these useful, functional and tasteful chairs are essentially simple pieces of furniture, but with a unique and unexpected twist. They will be a perfect addition to any home design, adding happiness and colors wherever needed. They are great for both indoor and outdoor use and are available in colors yellow, green, white and red.

The Julian Chair, along with all the products of Magis Furniture is a result of sophisticated industrial design that posses the elements of familiarity, user-friendliness and cheerfulness. They will add attraction to any domestic landscape. Indeed, the Julian Chairs has the personality and friendly look that will beckon anyone to sit on them.

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