Thursday, September 6, 2012

Unique Seating Options by Nuevo

Swivel chairs are often fun; too many of us have spent time spinning around in office chairs as children, or maybe even as adults, when we thought no one was looking. Nuevo gives you two swivel chairs that would look good in any home or office.

Spice up the furniture in your home with the Simone Lounge Chair by Nuevo Living.
The chair combines sophistication and comfort in one classy-looking lounge chair. The fabric finish and the high polish stainless steel base make it an excellent chair for either traditional or modern décor, though most individuals might think it is best suited for the latter. Given its 360-degree swivel function it would look and feel quite at home in an office waiting area, or in a lounge. Although it won’t provide a particularly high backrest, the chair provides adequate support for the arms and the lower back. The chair’s lush cushion is comfortable to sit in, and features 70% cotton and 30% nylon.

If you like your chairs with more form, the Orbit Lounge Chair is a striking vision in white and red. The back of the chair is completely circular, and nearly engulfs the whole chair.  The interior of the chair is bright red, a deep contrast against the stark white of the outside. Throw a pillow or two in if you want, although the inside of the chair is comfortable enough.

While it was intended to be a lounge chair (hence the name), the Orbit Lounge Chair would look great in any office, adding a dash of color, as well as serving its purpose for both functionality and comfort. If you like a little more character in the office place, the Orbit Lounge Chair serves that aspect well.

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