Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Dress your Precious Little One with DwellStudio Baby Clothes

Dressing up your baby properly is very important to keep him or her safe and comfortable. Comfortable gear will keep your baby fuss free and happy. Sometimes, parents will dress their baby with clothes that look cute just to make a statement and forgo the baby’s comfort level.

Parents should stop dressing their babies with uncomfortable clothes but instead choose DwellStudio’s Cars Grey Playsuit. DwellStudio has created baby’s clothes that are both stylish and super comfortable. Your baby will look very cute while crawling and exploring his or her environment.  DwellStudio playsuit is made from luxurious 100% organic cotton grown in Portugal to keep your baby from experiencing any allergic reactions that can be caused by other materials. This playsuit is designed with ribbed cuffs, lap shoulders and with snap closures. Since it is designed with long sleeves and long pants, it will keep your baby warm and keep the skin safe from scratches while he or she explores the environment.
When it is time for bed, try out DwellStudio’s Galaxy Dove Night Sack-Flannel. This adorable baby clothes for sleeping is designed with shooting stars and galaxy bursts that can inspire wonderful dreams. It is made with 100% comfortable cotton and its lining is made with the softest flannel material to help keep your baby sleep in utmost comfort.

DwellStudio baby’s playsuit and night sack flannel are easy to clean and maintain. Just throw them in the washing machine and tumble dry low. Do not use bleach though as it will damage the fabric.
DwellStudio continues to make things that are safe, comfortable and stylish for your baby. They adhere to the standards of safety and quality for every child’s needs. Share the wonderful products of DwellStudio to your family and friends who have babies of their own.

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