Thursday, February 7, 2013

Creative Desks for the Playroom

Put a unique spin on ordinary playroom furniture with these tidbits from Anatex and Levels of Discovery.

Anatex nails both organization and creativity in this one handy piece of playroom furniture. The Anatex Easel Desk Combo with Bench was designed to be every kid’s ultimate art center. Made completely of high quality birch plywood, the desk consists of two sides, one featuring an easel with a reversible chalkboard, as well as a dry-erase board. To make holding paints and other art materials easy, there are two storage cups that can be found on the easel, making artsy endeavors just a tad bit more accessible.
On the other side of the Anatex Easel Desk, you’ll find an art desk that has even more storage options for any and all art supplies your child may have. Included on purchase is a kid-sized bench that matches the desk perfectly, so your kids can comfortably spend hours engrossed in their work.

The Anatex Easel Desk Combo is designed for kids aged three years and older.

Another great desk set is Levels of Discovery’s Race Track Activity Desk Set. If your child is a fan of race cars, this will make the perfect gift. The desk set sports eight garages, with four of them on each side of the desk, holding 1/64th scale cars. It’s a great way to motivate your kids to do some art or writing, with their favorite toys to serve as inspiration.
Aside from being utterly novel in its design, the Race Track Activity Desk Set features plenty of storage options as well—from the “pit” to the space beneath the chair. For safety, the metal hinge on the desk was designed to be kid-friendly, slowly closing to prevent any stubbed fingers. Made of high quality wood, the Race Track Activity Desk Set is sure to be in a playroom favorite for many years to come.

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