Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Imagination will Run High with bObles Animal Furniture

Playing is an important part of a child’s life because it develops a child’s motor, emotional, intellectual and social skills. It is through playing that a child can let their imagination run wild and create their own little world where they can unleash their creativity and practice their decision making skills, leadership skills, interaction with other kids and exercise the freedom to do anything that they set their mind to do.

bObles multifunctional furniture aims these things to achieve with their child. bObles’ Table and Chairs set 3 pieces is a colourful set furniture that contains a purple snake as a table, one 6-layer turquoise fish and one 6-layer lime green fish. The furniture set can change into a play set by making it as an obstacle course or turning the purple snake table into a boat or rocking chair. Let your kids’ imagination run freely and allow them to use the furniture and turn it into anything they want it to be. These three pieces of furniture are colourful and fun to look at, make no noise, do not damage the floors or walls of your home and most importantly, they are toxic free. These fun pieces of furniture are also very easy to clean and do not absorb water.
If you want to give your kids extra fun, take a look at bObles’ Large Obstacle Course set 8 pieces. Aside from the fact that these can be used as your kids’ furniture, this large set obstacle course will challenge the motor skills of your kids. This set includes one 6 –layer turquoise fish, one 3 layer turquoise fish, 1 purple elephant, 1 purple crocodile, 1 purple chicken and three lime chickens.
Let your kids romp up and down the furniture without worry! Get a bObles animal furniture today!

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