Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Organizing the Playroom with Context Furniture and Magis Furniture

The Truss Library Desk & Desk Shelf by Context Furniture are playful and sophisticated, with just the right amount of quirk to pique your child’s attention without compromising its inherent functionality. The library desk and desk shelf are made of durable, high-quality wood, and are both available in red, white, espresso brown, or moss grey. The seat itself is made of birch multi-ply and plastic laminate for extra protection over the years.
Designed by Scott Klinker, the Truss Library Desk & Desk Shelf were designed to inspire imagination, as well as serve as a little beginner’s learning environment. Here, your child can spend several hours at work, drawing, writing, or engrossed in a book. The desk and desk shelf were also intended as part of the Truss collection, so if you prefer you can add on similar furniture to match these in the playroom.

IF you’re looking for a great playroom organizer, check out the 360 Office Container by Magis Furniture. Made up of ten whole units, the 360 Container offers another level of order, as they are basically ten storage containers on wheels. It’s a fun way to teach your kids to put their things away, and the wheels make them really easy to move around the playroom as needed.
Designed by Konstantin Grcic, the 360 Office Container is part of the former’s 360 collection (you can check out the other furniture pieces included in this collection). The 360 Contrainer features a polished aluminum tube that connects all the drawers, as well as allows them to turn 170 degrees outward—pretty nice for convenience. If you’re particular on how big these containers ought to be, the 360 Office Container is available in two sizes that you can choose from. The drawers are made from glossy ABS and come in six fun colors for your child’s playroom.

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