Thursday, February 28, 2013

Perfect Crib for your Little One by Spot on Square

Preparing for a newborn baby’s arrival into the world is a very exciting time for parents to be. Some of the things a newborn baby will need are feeding bottles, diapers, baby clothes and his or her very own sanctuary, a crib. As parents to be, you want the best crib for your precious one that is sturdy, functional and at the same time safe. Are there any cribs that cover these concerns?
Look no further than the Spot on Square Roh Crib. It is made with the best materials for your baby’s needs. Its modern design with high siderails will look good in any room as time passes. Most importantly, the Roh Crib ensures that there are no toxins in any part of it. It is 100% recyclable acrylic, non toxic, baby-friendly, BPA and phthalate free. Your mind may rest easy as all Spot on Square products have met and even exceeded the safety standards developed by ASTM in the US. Your baby will sleep comfortably and be in perfect health in his or her own Spot on Square Roh Crib.
Spot on Square designs their cribs to grow with the child. So instead of buying a new toddler bed for your growing baby, you can just update the present Roh crib to a Roh Toddler Bed Conversion Kit. By using this kit, you can save a lot of money and home space. The conversion kit will have lower siderails that will still keep your toddler safe but will allow more freedom for exploration for him or her. You can even remove the siderails to transform it into a day bed! How flexible and functional is that?

Decide to choose a quality crib for your infant now! Choose a Spot on Square crib!

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