Monday, February 11, 2013

Create the Best Nursery with Spot on Square

Any parent would want the best for their baby, from their clothing down to their toys. When it comes to creating the perfect nursery for them, it is not only about the color scheme or decorations; it is also about furnishing it with the right pieces to ensure that your baby is safe and comfortable in their little sanctuary.

This is not only about their safety and comfort, of course. This is also about your peace of mind, knowing that your precious kid has the right kind of furniture for them. And speaking of furniture, there is that one brand that has famed itself in manufacturing and selling furniture for babies and children. For your baby, Spot on Square just has the right set for you: the Hiya 3 Piece Crib Collection Set.
This set is composed of a crib, dresser and changing tray. Available in colors White or Birch/White, this collection set will be a great addition to any contemporary nursery. It is made from recycled MDF or sustainable hardwood so you will not have to feel guilty about contributing harm to the environment.

In the Hiya 3 Piece Crib Collection Set, the crib has three position adjustable mattress height while the dresser comes with two drawers. Sitting on top if the dresser is the changing tray through two removable hidden brackets. The tray is able to accommodate the standard changing pad.

With its modern and stylish look features clean lines that will definitely be a big hit to fashion forward parents everywhere. This line is eco-friendly and has non-toxic paint that is completely safe for your baby. Spot on Square is definitely your one stop shop for all the basic needs of your baby and his nursery.

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