Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Cool Outdoor Lounges for Kids

The outdoors just got a lot more fun with a couple of Fatboy accessories that you can take camping with you, either to the lakeside for the summer or the front yard for a night.

First off, the Fatboy Buggle-Up Lounge Bean Bag is the epitome of packing up both comfort and practicality into one handy bag.
The Fatboy Buggle-Up Lounge Bean Bag is a play on the design of the Fatboy Original, though the former was specifically designed for the outdoors. The Lounge Bean Bag is much larger, and can hold from two to three people at once. The bag also includes straps that help pack up the bean bag or move it along from one place to another.

The Lounge Bean Bag is made up of ballistic nylon material designed to keep the elements at bay, so you have less to worry about after setting it up under the sunlight. The bean bag’s water-resistance is also a handy plus. In addition, the bean bag features extra UV protection on the surface, significantly reducing the chances of the material’s color fading over time. Fatboy offers the Lounge Bean Bag in a characteristic array of bright, hard-to-miss colors: red, orange, taupe, lime green, turquoise, black, and white.
Also by Fatboy, the Headdemock Hammock will do excellently indoors or outdoors. The hammock is relatively larger than most hammocks, and will definitely feed your child’s imagination during play time.

While the Headdemock Hammock looks like it might take a bit of effort to maintain, the material is actually quite easy to clean. Fatboy also throws in a water and stain resistant coating that helps mom and dad pick up after any potential messes. The hammock is also built around an internal frame that supports the whole structure very well. The whole unit can be folded up and packed in a bag when you need to take it somewhere outdoors, or when you simply need to put it in storage.

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