Monday, April 4, 2011

Fun and Safe Furniture for Your Active Children

Time will come that a child will no longer need a crib and is starting to crawl and explore new things. Providing your kid with the space that he needs and decorating it with furniture products that are not only functional but playful. There are great selections of kids furniture to choose from in many stores and you just have to get the right pieces that your child needs.

Stores such as My Urban Child, sell furniture, perfect for a child’s or a toddler’s room. They sell linens, bath products, dressers, lamps, beds, desks, benches, tables, chairs, storage, room accessories and many more. These great pieces are not only useful and functional ones, but they provide a fun environment for the children’s room. The furniture products have great designs such as animal prints and shapes. They also are made of cartoon designs, so the kids will surely enjoy using them. Aside from that, they come in a variety of colors. There are the typical white and pastel colors, however, with today’s modern trend, the store sells bright and funky colors such as orange, lime green and purple colors. These colors will surely attract the toddlers as well as the bigger kids.

The store do not only sell trendy pieces that make children’s room funky, fun and attractive, but they sell products that are guaranteed and tested safe to the kids. My Urban Child ensures that their collections come from the best manufacturers of the world that sell products with safety as their top priority. The furniture and accessories are non-toxic and chemical-free. Most of the paints being used for their furniture are water-based and the toys and other products are lead-free. The store has a policy that they do not only sell, but ensure the safety of the children and their parents patronizing their products.

Children as they grow are becoming more active and curious. It is the responsibility of the parents to make sure that they provide a safe place for their children to grow in and a place for them to develop their motor skills. Providing them with a fun and interactive environment is essential, however, safety must not be compromised. Parents should allow their children to interact with new things and make them learn through toys and other interactive items in their bedroom or playroom.

Shopping for these furniture pieces and accessories are all available at My Urban Child. It is the best store that sells toddler furniture and many more. Not only that, your children will be safe and secure with their products. You do not have to worry. You, as a parent, will sleep soundly at night.

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Great post! Safety is such an important issue when choosing furniture and it's so wonderful that your store places such a central emphasis on that.

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