Monday, December 17, 2012

Perfect Little Easels by Anatex

Anatex indulges the artist in every child with the Anatex Easel Tabletop in Natural Wood. It’s time to stop worrying about getting a full-sized easel for your kids, as this one is a better (and more parent-convenient) fit for the nursery.
One of this Easel’s strengths is its compact design, making it extremely easy for you to move from one spot to another. Your child can while the hours away seated at the playroom table, with the Easel Tabletop propped up nicely in front of him. Or if he prefers, you could also place it on the floor or on a shelf—basically wherever the artistic inclination strikes. What’s more, you can conveniently store away the easel after being used.

The Easel Tabletop is constructed out of high quality birch plywood, so you can be pretty sure that it will last a long while even after regular use. It is also rather versatile, with a dry-erase board on one side of it, and a chalkboard on the other. In addition, the easel can hold an eighteen-inch paper roll (that’s already included upon purchase). The easel is ideal for children aged three years and older.

On the other hand, the Anatex Easel Standing is a wonderful alternative to the Easel Tabletop. The difference between the two is obvious in the name: the Anatex Easel Standing is propped up on its own four legs. While it is much less compact than the tabletop version, the Anatex Easel Standing offers more space and storage.
The easel features the same dry-erase board and chalkboard on either side, plus a dowel to place an eighteen-inch roll of paper. However, it also has more space to store two storage cups on each side, and there are three plastic storage bins at the bottom of the easel.

Like the Anatex Easel Tabletop, the Anatex Easel Standing is made of high quality birch plywood, and is ideal for kids aged three and older.

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