Thursday, December 20, 2012

Fun Ways to Tell Time

Clocks are often overlooked pieces of furniture, not unless a room is actually missing one. They can be both functional and decorative, and maybe even both. Teach your kids how to read clocks with these interesting time telling devices.

The Tempo Wall Clock by Magis Furniture comes in a set of four. It’s an undeniably modern clock, with a strong resemblance to the tiny clock icons you see on computer screens or mobile gadgets. In fact, this was what designer Naoto Fukasawa was going for when he created the Temple Wall Clock.
Featuring rounded contours and clean, solid colors, the Tempo Wall Clock is available in a number of colors in one set, and you can have fun choosing which one to hang in specific rooms of your house. The clock comes in brown, black, gray, and orange. Despite the different colors, the hour and minute hand remain the same color and size as the numbers, ensuring that even kids can make out the time on a clock from a reasonable distance.

On the other hand, if you’re feeling a little more whimsical than modern, consider getting the Dr. Seuss The Lorax Wall Clock by Trend Lab. This is especially bound to be a hit if your kids are familiar with the Dr. Seuss stories, or at least has seen the recent Hollywood release of The Lorax. In any case, Trend Lab’s Lorax Wall Clock is a delightful novelty that could brighten up any nursery.
The Dr. Seuss The Lorax Wall Clock features a wood grain finish, and is made of natural bamboo. In addition, the black numbers make it easy to read the time from far away. Across the face, the words “Save the earth for me!” are printed, a reiteration of The Lorax’s environmental message.

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